How is bioinformatics related to proteomics?

Humboldt University of Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Knowledge management in bioinformatics

Lecture in the summer semester 2011
Professor Ulf Leser

The lecture offers an introduction to bioinformatics topics. It imparts the necessary basic knowledge in molecular biology and then deals with a number of topics in bioinformatics, such as sequencing genomes, comparing and searching in DNA sequences, measuring and interpreting gene expression experiments, proteomics, analyzing protein-protein interaction networks, etc. It is fundamental conceives and rather introduces your topics.

The first lecture takes place on April 15th, 2011.

The lecture is accompanied by an exercise. This deepens selected methods of the lecture through their practical implementation.


Basic knowledge of algorithms and a good knowledge of Java are required for the visit.


Exams are oral. The possible exam dates are:

  • 25.7., 26.7., 26.8., 10.10. and 11.10.
  • Registration with Ms. Melchert (office hours daily 10 am-3pm) up to 2 weeks before the exam date
  • Deregistration also with Ms. Melchert up to 2 days or 1 week before the examination date (depends on the respective examination regulations)


The course (lecture + internship) can be credited for
  • Bachelor of Computer Science, compulsory elective, third semester or higher (5 SP)
  • Bachelor in Biophysics, compulsory lecture in the Bioinformatics module (5 SP)

Topics of the lecture