What kind of wood smells like

Every tree species has its own aroma, which comes out in different ways. The species-specific odor can be found in flowers, buds, bark, fruit, roots and wood. Linden, magnolia, cinnamon, oak, apple, service tree there are many different fragrances.

There is an extraordinary abundance of aromas in the wood in particular. Every tree has its own smell, shaped by location and even by the season. In coniferous woods, it is more pronounced due to the high resin content. But even deciduous trees can paint very intensely. The typical bitter scent of a walnut tree or fresh apple wood: once you've breathed it, you won't forget the smell.

This is how the woods also work in the invisible and exude vital forces.

Among the conifers, we can particularly recommend the Swiss stone pine (queen of the mountains) and Swiss stone pine.


Scent in abundance:

Juniper (various types)

Larch from the high mountains

Cedar species Himalaya - Lebanon

Fir species

Spruce species

Douglas fir





We can offer many of these woods, mostly growing in home gardens, as hand-flatterers and small sculptures. Please ask.

Deciduous trees have a finer fragrance. The fruit woods, oak maple, linden; all have their own character.

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