How often does Netflix add new content?

What time do new episodes start on Netflix?

By Marlene Polywka | February 24, 2020, 6:17 p.m.

On Netflix, the new episodes of a series and new films often appear at the same time. TECHBOOK reveals when that is.

Anyone who has ever completely stepped into a series knows it for sure: The nervous, jittery wait for the next episode. With Netflix, it is usually known a month in advance when which new content will appear on the platform. But those in Germany who have noted the day in red on the calendar and are ready to go with popcorn and caffeine at midnight will mostly be disappointed. So what time exactly do new films and episodes start on Netflix?

New episodes and films often come at the same time

Anyone who thinks that the content should be available from midnight on a fixed publication date is not so wrong. This is the norm at the streaming giant Netflix - but starting from California. The company has been based in the warmest state of the USA, more precisely in Los Gatos, since the company was founded in 1997. Since many Netflix productions start on the same day in different countries and thus in different time zones, there must be a uniform time of publication . Otherwise, users would be at a disadvantage if they could, for example, only see the long-awaited new season of "Stranger Things" with a delay.

For German users, the Californian start at midnight means a time difference of nine hours. In this country we have these nine hours more or less ahead of the people in California. This means that new episodes and films can be seen on Netflix in Germany in the vast majority of cases from 9 a.m.

Netflix shows when content can be seen - and when it disappears again

Depending on your own preference, major Netflix news will be announced in advance. For example, if you have postponed your series by adding it to your wish list, you will receive a notification via the web version of Netflix at the top right next to the alarm icon when there is news. Otherwise, you also have the opportunity to find out more in advance from us here on TECHBOOK.

Also interesting: Netflix will discontinue these series and films in March

If you want to see how long a film or series will be shown on Netflix, you can only do so if the corresponding title is removed from the offer within the next 30 days. Then the expiration date can be seen on the title's detail page.

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