What is epoxy waterproofing


for walls
made of epoxy resin, cement


Three-component epoxy resin for negative or positive sealing, to be used as a barrier plaster on walls against the ground, to encapsulate rising damp and to create vapor barriers on damp surfaces. Epoxy-based sealant with high pressure resistance (negative pressure). Ideal for use on tunnels, cellars, garages, cellar vaults, elevator pits, on walls against the ground, on damp surfaces or with rising damp. In contrast to traditional systems that require high thicknesses, the product guarantees maximum sealing by creating a layer of only 2.5-3.0 mm. Its versatility enables the product to be used as a vapor barrier on damp surfaces, as an encapsulation of rising damp and saltpeter and as a real sealant in counter-pressure. Applicable with a roller, brush or spatula. After the film has been formed, it can be coated with plasters, adhesives, smooth plaster, cladding, tiles or paints because it also acts as an adhesion promoter. Advantages Versatile in use Up to 9.5 ATM pressure (negative pressure) Up to 9.5 ATM pressure (positive pressure) It clings to every surface It enables sealing with a thickness of a few millimeters A bridge with clamps for every plaster, adhesive or cladding as a finish. Optimal resistance to salts. Can also be used in winter (up to + 5 ° C). Resistant to aging and does not require any maintenance
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