What is the function of the space bar

Every mobile phone user should be familiar with this space bar trick

Meanwhile, smartphone users prefer to send text messages rather than make calls. Quite a lot of messages can come together over the whole day via WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, etc. This, in turn, can take some time. But there is an ingenious trick that can be used to write messages faster.

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Space bar has a double function

With the virtual keyboards of iOS and Android, the space bar is not just a space key. It has a second function. If you quickly tap the space bar twice in a row, the smartphone inserts a period and a space. At the same time, the next word starts with a capital letter.

Thanks to Trick, you don't need to switch to the special characters area for the "point" on the iPhone.

Greater time savings with iOS

With Android smartphones, the time savings are not that great. Because here there is the "point" for the end of the sentence in the normal keypad. On iPhones, on the other hand, you can only find it with the "123" key in the special characters area. The savings potential is therefore significantly greater here. But no matter which smartphone operating system or keyboard you use, the function is so practical that most people who know it will always use it.

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