Why do we have communal unrest

Examples of communal cooperation between CDU and AfD

According to multiple statements by the CDU at both federal and state level, any kind of cooperation between the CDU and AfD is excluded. At least in some municipalities this is apparently seen differently, as many carefully researched media reports prove (see below under Sources).

Variety of examples [edit]

  • In response to inquiries to actors in almost 60 local parliaments in Saxony and Thuringia in September 2019, the SWR received information from two CDU parliamentary groups that they had already organized majorities together with the AfD - although the session had only just begun. Six other CDU parliamentary groups thought it likely that they would jointly acquire majorities with the AfD in the future. In total, the research revealed at least 18 places where cooperation or agreements between the CDU and AfD take place.
  • In Görlitz (Saxony), for example, in the first meeting after the local elections in 2019, a well-known right-wing extremist and known to be a gun fanatic candidate for a mandate as a knowledgeable resident in the Committee for Order was elected with 20 to 19 votes, although the AfD only 13 Has seats on the city council. The other parliamentary groups are convinced that some CDU council members have given him their vote. Lutz Jankus, AfD parliamentary group chairman, is quoted as follows: "The first meetings have shown that CDU and AfD can work together, at least at local level. That was shown in the form of the composition of the committees. We largely voted together . "
  • In the city council of Penzlin (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) the three CDU representatives formed a counting community with the only city council of the AfD for the composition of the committees. The CDU representatives were able to occupy more committees, the AfD representative is now a member of the audit committee and the school and culture committee.[1]
  • In Eilsleben (Saxony-Anhalt), AfD member Martin Ahrendt, who had been spotted during Nazi rallies and had come out on Facebook as a supporter of right-wing extremist music bands, was accepted as a member of the CDU parliamentary group. After inquiries from reporters, membership was officially terminated, but informal cooperation was not.
  • In Frankenstein (Kaiserslautern district, Rhineland-Palatinate), the CDU and AfD formed a joint parliamentary group in September 2019 - the two council members were married to each other. A few weeks later, this led to the CDU representative being expelled from her party.[2]
  • Nationwide it was noticed with particular attention that the local advisory board of the district Waldsiedlung (Altenstadt, Wetteraukkreis. Hessen) unanimously elected an NPD functionary to be the mayor. After nationwide protests, he was voted out of office a few weeks later.[3]
  • On September 3rd, 2019 in Radebeul (Saxony) Matthias Hoffmann, City Councilor of the AfD, decided on the choice of an "expert personality for the jury of the building owner's award"; he received six votes in the responsible urban development committee, the candidate of the joint parliamentary group of the Citizens' Forum, Greens and SPD only five. The majority in the committee suggest that the three CDU councilors also voted for the AfD candidate. Green City Councilor Martin Oehmichen told the "Tagesspiegel": "There are hardly any reservations in Radebeul between the CDU and the anti-refugee, ethnic and racist AfD party.". Even at the constituent city council meeting, the CDU had offered the AfD the cooperation without any need. "Regardless of loss, the blue-black bunch works together. It's just plain creepy.", so Oehmichen.
  • In the Saale-Holzland district (Thuringia), according to information from the district chairman of the Left, Markus Gleichmann, an AfD representative who had also appeared publicly for the right-wing extremist Thügida, in an open vote with the votes of the CDU, FDP, citizens' initiative and members of the Farmers' association against the Greens and the Left elected as a representative of the district in the association council of a supra-regional special-purpose association. He received 30 of 39 votes cast.[4]
  • In Chemnitz (Saxony), with the support of members of the FDP, AfD and the right-wing extremist local party "Pro Chemnitz", the CDU succeeded in preventing representatives of independent organizations or charities from getting seats on the youth welfare committee. AfD city councilor Lars Franke, formerly with "Pro Chemnitz", wrote on Facebook: "It is good that the conservative democratic forces in the Chemnitz city council work conspiratorially and not against each other." Christin Furtenbacher, Green City Councilor in Chemnitz, confirms to the broadcaster that with regard to voting behavior, "many discussions have taken place between the council members of the CDU parliamentary group and the AfD parliamentary group." However, the CDU parliamentary group denied such agreements in relation to Report Mainz.
  • In the municipality of Gohrisch (Saxony), two council members appointed by the CDU (but not CDU members), one from the Greens and one from the AfD formed a joint parliamentary group. The associations of the CDU and the Greens distanced themselves from this approach.
  • In the district council of the district of central Saxony, an AfD candidate received twice as many votes as the parliamentary group holds mandates in the election for a planning committee. SPD district councilor Dirk Neubauer suspects that several CDU members supported the AfD man.
  • When the board of directors of the municipal savings bank in Zwickau (Saxony) was appointed, the CDU parliamentary group withdrew its candidate in order to support the AfD man instead.
  • In Pirna (Saxony), the CDU, AfD, Free Voters and the »Pirna can do more« parliamentary group agreed in advance about the distribution of posts at the expense of the left, the SPD and the Greens.[5]
  • On September 24th, 2020 Reinhard Etzrodt (AfD) was elected chairman of the city council in Gera (Thuringia) in a secret ballot. He received 23 of 40 votes, the AfD has 12 seats in the city council. Of course, it is not possible to determine with certainty who received the additional 11 votes. However, the federal manager of the Greens, Michael Kellner, sees the CDU as responsible "to clarify what role it played in it". The CDU state chairman, Hirte, rejected corresponding allegations; As previously agreed, the CDU parliamentary group did not vote for Etzrodt.[6]
  • In December 2020, Der Spiegel published a research in which examples of cooperation between democratic parties and the AfD from around 40 municipalities were compiled. Most of the cases concerned the CDU, but examples were also reported with the participation of the FDP, the Free Voters, the SPD, the Left and the Greens; Der Spiegel saw a particularly high number of cases in Saxony.[7]
  • Magdeburg city council chairman Michael Hoffmann (CDU) showed no organized cooperation, but the content was close to the AfD when he approached Angela Merkel and the state corona policy in social networks with the SED government at the end of January 2021 and said, among other things, "Freedom instead of Merkel" demanded. The case led to party political disputes at the federal level. The CDU state chairman Tullner described Hoffmann's statements as "unacceptable" and at the same time protested against outside interference.[8]
  • Nationwide attention was also paid to the cancellation of the municipal subsidy for the "Alliance for Democracy, Tolerance and Civil Courage" in Plauen (Vogtlandkreis, Saxony) for the years 2021 and 2022 In the year 2018 played a role, the CDU parliamentary group in the city council pushed through the cancellation of the funds with the votes of the AfD and the right-wing extremist "III. Way".[9]

The cases listed, most of which are reported from eastern German federal states, have led to public discussions with and within the CDU. Mike Mohring confirmed for the CDU Thuringia that cooperation between his party and the AfD was also excluded at the local level. From the federal level of the CDU it was announced that measures according to the statute and party law would be implemented if necessary. However, this does not work if the people involved - such as the members of the CDU parliamentary group in Eilsleben - are not CDU members. The left in Saxony-Anhalt accused the state executive of the CDU for weak leadership. The parliamentary manager of the Greens in Saxony-Anhalt, Sebastian Striegel, called on Twitter: "The party must be measured in Saxony-Anhalt and in the federal government by its own decision-making."[10]

Examples from other parties

Far fewer examples of local cooperation with the AfD are known from other democratic parties, but some incidents have been reported:

  • In May 2020, the groups of AfD and Left, together with a local voter initiative, campaigned for the construction of a youth center in the Brandenburg forest and appeared together in front of the press. This caused public and within the party "Die Linke" to protest. In September 2020, the state arbitration commission decided to expel the Forster Left parliamentary group chairman Ingo Paeschke.[11]

Footnotes [edit]

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Sources [edit]

All events mentioned without a separate reference to the source are taken from one or more of the following sources:

  • Research by the SWR: Report Mainz: Include or exclude - How is local politics doing with the AfD ?, 09/11/2019, as well as tagesschau.de: CDU and AfD are approaching in municipalities, 09/10/2019. The main report here is on the events in Görlitz, Chemnitz and Eilsleben.
  • Der Tagesspiegel, How often do CDU and AfD cooperate in East German municipalities, 16.09.2019. The events in Radebeul, Chemnitz, Görlitz, Gohrisch, in the Saale-Holzland district and in Eilsleben are described here.
  • Tim Schulz / last stop on the right: CDU and AfD: handshake in the city councils, 09/08/2019. Here is a detailed report on the occupation of the youth welfare committee in Chemnitz, as well as the events in Görlitz, the district of central Saxony and Zwickau.
  • Berliner Morgenpost, cooperation with AfD in municipalities bring unrest to the CDU, 09/11/2019; here reports on the events in Eilsleben and in the Saale-Holzland district.

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