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How to Feed Yourself (eBook)

EPUB (Adobe DRM)

Copy protection: Adobe DRM
Adobe DRM is a copy protection that is supposed to protect the eBook from misuse. The eBook is authorized to your personal Adobe ID when it is downloaded. You can then only read the eBook on devices that are also registered with your Adobe ID.
Adobe DRM details

File format: EPUB (Electronic Publication)
EPUB is an open standard for eBooks and is particularly suitable for displaying fiction and non-fiction books. The running text is dynamically adapted to the display and font size. EPUB is therefore also well suited for mobile reading devices.

System requirements:
PC / Mac: You can read this eBook with a PC or Mac. You need an Adobe ID and the Adobe Digital Editions software (free). We advise against using the OverDrive Media Console. Experience has shown that problems with Adobe DRM occur frequently here.
eReader: This eBook can be read with (almost) all eBook readers. But it is with the Amazon Kindle Not compatible.
Smartphone / tablet: No matter if Apple or Android, you can read this eBook. You need an Adobe ID and a free app.
Device list and additional information

Buying eBooks from abroad
For tax law reasons we can sell eBooks just within Germany and Switzerland. Regrettably we cannot fulfill eBook-orders from other countries.