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The advantages of the Y model

Better chances on the job market

The Oldenburg students receive the necessary profile to meet the challenges of an intertwined European economy. With their international skills (flexibility, mobility, language skills, ability to integrate) and their German and French qualifications, they offer French and German companies excellent additional qualifications.

Studies by the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris, the Institute of German Economy in Cologne and the French Foreign Ministry show that German is the most requested language on the European market after English and that numerous German and French companies have qualified French and German employees with language skills and intercultural skills in the German-French area.

Increasing the chances of participating in the master’s programs at two universities 

After completing the bachelor's degree, the Y-structure offers participants the opportunity to apply for numerous master’s programs. Through the international competence she has already acquired in the context of the Franco-German study program double your chances, in one of the various master’s degree programs recorded to become.