How does a hybrid water heater work

Function of the hybrid heating simply explained

Condensing heating + solar thermalThe solar thermal system provides warm drinking and / or heating water. If the solar heat is no longer sufficient, the condensing heating starts operating.Condensing heating + water-bearing fireplaceThe condensing heating always works. If homeowners light up the chimney, this feeds heat into the heating system and the control automatically reduces the output of the condensing heating system.Heat pump + condensing heatingThe heat pump (mostly air-water heat pump) extracts heat from the environment. If this becomes too expensive due to very low outside temperatures, the condensing heating takes over automatically. The resulting heating costs are decisive for the function of the condensing heating.Heat pump + solar thermalThe solar thermal system provides warm drinking water, while the heat pump supplies the heating system with heat. As a result, the flow temperatures of the heat pump are usually lower, which means that their efficiency is higher.Log boiler + condensing heatingIf there is enough wood in the wood gasification boiler, it supplies the house with heat. If homeowners cannot refill and the fire goes out, the control switches over to the automatically working condensing heating.Log boiler + pellet boilerThe combi boiler automatically switches from log to pellet operation when the logs have burned down.CHP plant + peak load boilerCHP or fuel cells work continuously with low power in order to generate a lot of electricity. If the heat demand increases, the control switches on a peak load boiler. Usually a gas or oil condensing boiler is used.