Why don't ski resorts use topographic maps?

Ski or snowboard tours? these online maps will help you prepare

When touring, we can't do without good maps. In the Alps, these are often sold on the spot, for example in a supermarket. But how do you prepare for a weekend tour at home? How do you find good routes?

We have been creating numerous freeride routes on wePowder for a number of years.
A constantly growing database with almost 1,000 beautiful lines in the vicinity of the ski areas. But sometimes you don't want to use a lift and find your own lines. Good preparation is just as important. But how do you do that at home without paper cards?

More and more good online cards

Increasingly, national geographic services are making their maps available, with the ability to prepare you well at home. Okay, they certainly cannot replace paper maps, but they have improved a bit over the past few years. Here are some tips for online maps to help you prepare.

1. Switzerland: Online touring ski routes
Schwisstopo has already put the so-called 'snow sports' maps online. A map with many touring ski routes, but also useful things such as slope inclination, wilderness areas, etc. The maps are available here.

Or see for yourself:

2. France, online touring routes
The French topographic service also has nice online maps with well-known ski routes. On Geoportail you can find the right maps in the menu at the bottom left. There you can also see the specified ski routes (blue lines). Compared to the Swiss maps, there is no slope here. However, there is an option to choose the profile of the route. However, there is no really good French alternative for slopes. The best maps are on skitracks.fr, but these are pretty rough. It's best to measure the slope yourself. You can find the geoportail here.

Slopes steeper than 30 degrees are marked with red spots on skitracks.fr.

3. Austria
The Austrian topographic service has quality online maps. Unfortunately no ski routes or slopes. You can find them on the maps of the state of Tyrol

4. Germany: Bavaria
Germany (Bavaria) also has an online map available. This shows a lot of similarity with the Swiss maps. Unfortunately, I have not yet found any game rest areas or slopes. But who knows, this will be added in the near future. You can find the online map of Bavaria

5. Italy
Italy made an online viewer, but to be honest, I never actually use it. In contrast to the Piemonte map, I use it regularly. However, I haven't found a slope yet.

Do you have any good tips for online maps and maps for planning a ski tour? Good preparation is very important. You can find good knowledge and the right knowledge at http://wepowder.de/academy). Every year, many winter sports enthusiasts are involved in avalanches. Good preparation helps you to be safe on the road.


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