What are the personal online reputation strategies

Online reputation management: in 5 steps to 5 stars

Reviews are ubiquitous on the web these days. They play an elementary role in the purchase decision and are now critical not only for e-commerce, but also for brick-and-mortar stores. Companies should therefore take their online reputation into their own hands and control it in order to fully exploit their sales potential. Reputation.com will show you how to do this in a 30-minute webinar on December 4th.

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Why ratings and service quality often do not match

Whether in Google search, in digital maps such as maps or social networks - evaluations can be found everywhere that reflect public opinion about companies. According to a study by BrightLocal, 85 percent of customers trust online reviews as well as personal recommendations. Anyone who does nothing and does not build up credibility on the Internet must expect negative consequences, because the stars and comments are not only effective eye-catchers, but have also long been a strong sales factor and a decisive aspect of competitiveness.

Reviews stand for the service quality of a brand, i.e. to a certain extent for the customer experience. The problem with this is that online reputation doesn't always match reality. Classically, we often only evaluate a product or service after we have had a negative experience.

The reputation that a branch enjoys on Facebook, for example, can therefore show a discrepancy in relation to the actual service quality and lead to fewer potential customers being convinced of a visit. It is important to use the right strategy for managing online reputation.

Online reputation as a sales factor - the recipe for success for location-based companies

Christopher Grohmann, Online Review Specialist DACH from Reputation.com, uses best practice cases to demonstrate in the webinar what makes online reputation for a company and which strategies and tools online reputation management offers. With customers like BMW, Mini Germany, Ahg, TUI Switzerland or Voets Gruppe, Christopher knows what he's talking about.

Among other things, Grohmann demonstrates how review sites can be monitored and potential for a better customer experience can be identified at an early stage. The participants of the webinar thus get an insight into comprehensive and customizable solutions for more engagement, customer loyalty, satisfaction and sales.

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The webinar starts on Tuesday, December 4th, at 10.30 a.m. Registration is free of charge.