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Loop (German)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

Loop, Plural: Grinding
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈƩlaɪ̯fə]
Word meaning / definition:
1) loop; Link that is easily detachable; loose, artfully tied ribbon; node
2) garment, accessory
3) endlessly connected tape (film, magnetic tape)
4) strongly curved course (a trajectory, a river, a road ...)
5) Programming languages a control structure with which the same part of the program can be run through repeatedly
6) Graph theory an edge of a graph that connects a node to itself
7) place where something is dragged or where something or someone can slip, especially dialect, children's language: a smooth surface of ice that you can grind on
8) especially Grinder workshop (here tools made by blacksmiths are or were ground on grindstones)
Origin of the term:
from early New High Germandrag, Middle High Germansloufe, from Old High Germansloufa, Germanic *slaupja-; form loop spread through Luther since the 16th century
1) in Austria: mesh
Related terms:
1) bend, bend, bend, arch, turn, bend, curve, twist
Loop, noose
3) loop
6) noose
7) slide, sliding track
General terms:
2) clothes
8) workshop, building
Subordinate terms:
1) Hair bow, wreath bow
2) Double bow, neck bow, captain bow, tie bow, cross bow, velvet bow, silk bow, tuxedo bow
3) Induction loop, conductor loop, Möbius loop
Infinite loop
4) Kehrschleife, Landeschleife, Moselschleife, Rheinschleife, Saarschleife, waiting loop, turning loop
5) Counting loop, For-Loop, While-Do-Loop, Do-While-Loop
[*] Field loop, Atlas loop, core loop
Application examples:
1) You learn in childhood grind tie.
2) Aha, today you are wearing Loop.
3) The rest of the music came from the Loop.
4) At Boppard the Rhine makes a big one Loop.
4) “We wanted a big one that day loop Hike along the Moselle and take a break in Sankt Aldegund for lunch. "
5) When entering a repeatloop the content of the loop is run through at least once, with a While-loop on the other hand, depending on the repetition condition, possibly not at all.
6) The reflexive-transitive hull of an undirected graph contains a loop at every knot.
6) One loop starts from a node and leads back to the same node.
7) A lane in the forest sometimes serves as a loop for the trees felled there.
7) You rascals make yourselves here on the sidewalk Loop, and we old people slip on it and break our legs!
8) Up to the end of the last century there were 13 grind and two hammer mills in operation.
Word formations:
4) loop repetition
Nominative: singular loop; Plural grind
Genitive: singular loop; Plural grind
Dative: singular loop; Plural grind
Accusative: singular loop; Plural grind


  • English: 1) bow; 5) loop
  • Esperanto: banto; 5) iteracio; 6) buklo
  • French: 1) nœud (male); 5) boucle (Female)
  • Luxembourgish: Limp (male)
  • Italian: laccio (male); 3) nastro; ciclo (male), loop (male); 7) scivolo (male)
  • Norwegian: 1) sløyfe (male)
  • Polish: 1) cocarda (Female), pętelka (Female); 2) mucha (Female), muszka (Female); pętla (Female)
  • Swedish: 1) rosette (Utrum)
  • Spanish: lazo; 3) cinta sin fin (Female); 5) bucle (male)
  • Turkish: 1) kurdele; 3) döngü
  • Hungarian: 3) szalag
  • Saxon: 1) Twist, bend, ring
  • Southwestern East Franconian: Loop [ˈʃlaːfa̯], 7) Loop [ˈʃlaɪ̯fa̯], Schleifets [ˈʃlaɪ̯fa̯t͡s]

Similar words (German):Loop, tench, Schleime, Schleime, Schleie, Schleime

Anagrams:haggle, flesh, sleep, sleep

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

The Airbus transport plane turned one in the afternoon loop via Finkenwerder.
Mopo, November 14, 2018

The car was in the loop the A1 to the A4 carried out of the curve.
Kölnische Rundschau, May 15, 2019

"Russian Doll" in the loop the rebirth.
Frankfurter Rundschau online, February 27, 2019

A motorcyclist with a loop for the visually impaired caused frowns in Viennese traffic.
Today.at, August 05, 2019

Claudia Effenberg is still married. Still she wore them loop with her dirndl on the left - that shows willingness to flirt.
Day 24, September 24, 2018

The SPD Mülheim lays a wreath of flowers on the day of national mourning loop down and want to dedicate them to the victims of 'war and fascism'. Instead, the word 'Verschissmuss' is denounced on the loop.
n-tv.de, November 20, 2019

In Uncut Gems, Adam Sandler plays a dark version of his typical comedy characters: one in a turbo-capitalist one loop captured jeweler.
DiePresse.com, January 31, 2020

Citizens fear a possible loop the U4 to the university could erode the park. Demo on Wednesday.
Frankfurter Rundschau, February 03, 2020

In loop The new German-Sorbian school center in Upper Lusatia started operations on Monday. 220 primary and 250 high school students are now studying here.
MDR, February 24, 2020

Unknown people are on the premises of the substation in loop (Landkreis Görlitz) broke in and stole an undetermined amount of cables.
GMX, October 04, 2020

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Bend: the change in direction of a road, a curve; Linguistics, linguistics: German term for inflection
  • Kink: sharp bend of a wire-like or flat body with a negligibly small radius of curvature; Northern German: a hedge or a low earth wall covered with a hedge between fields
  • curvature: Deviation from a straight line or flat surface
  • Curve: Math line defined by a function; Part of a mode of transport that does not run in a straight line; plural only: paraphrase for the body shape of a woman; short for fan curve: part of the grandstand of a stadium
  • Fly
  • Tie bow
  • Mascherl (Austrian)
  • Bow tie
  • Final loop
  • Track loop
  • Sweep: Turning loop on a route; Loop on a railway line that was created to cope with vertical meters, i.e. to ascend or descend the route; Hairpin bend on a mountain pass; Sports exercise with your back to the device
  • Reverse loop
  • Reverse loop
  • turn: radical change, upheaval; History of the peaceful revolution in 1989 in several Eastern Bloc countries, especially the turning point in the GDR; History historical change to a new section; Technique of changing direction at the end of the pool; Jump in which the front of the body is facing the device; Figure in which an arc is performed back and forth on the same edge; Sailing maneuvers to change direction
  • Turning loop: Arch of a traffic route, through which it leads back to itself in the opposite direction in order to be able to turn vehicles without maneuvering

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money: ... toads, mice, money, moss, marbles, pennies, beeps, pinks, pinks-pinks, powder, bills, bows, gravel, stones, tacks, thalers, cash, tinder; more under: ...

gravel: ... Monets, moss, coins, ocken, flap, pen ounce, beeper, pinks, plates, powder, rubles, bills, grinding, lubricants, grit, grit, stones, pocket money, cash, tinder ...

Cash: ... it is derived from the word "saster" for iron. Synonyms: 1) cash, coal, gravel, grinding, crushed stone, tinder; for more see Thesaurus: Money General terms: 1) ...

grind:… IPA: [ˈʃlaɪ̯fən] Grammatical features: nominative plural of the noun loop genitive plural of the noun loop dative plural of the noun loop accusative plural…

Penunse: ... Ocken, flap, pen ounce, beeper, pink, pink-pink, powder, push replacement, rubles, bills, bows, grit, gravel, stones, sou, tacks, thalers, cash, tinder; more under: ...

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