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German-English dictionary

I would like to ask urgently,date the press coverage [...]
in German as well as in English and
The French version is reproduced in full and also includes what the rapporteurs say.
I. would urge you to ensure thas press releases [...]
in the German as well as the English and French-language editions are published
in full and reflect what the rapporteur actually said.
It is about funds that are part of the election
[...] orientate the patient, undI would like to ask urgently,die two different systems [...] [...]
as certain amendments do.
It is about money following patients'
[...] choices, and I would urge people not to confuse the two different systems, as certain of the amendments do.
I would likeS.ieurgently ask for it,jedto reject a proposal that uses [...]
could be whaling for scientific
Purposes and legalize commercial whaling on the coast and elsewhere or allow international trade in whale products.
I. would urge yOu to oppose any proposal which might be used to legalize any whaling [...]
for scientific purposes and commercial
whaling on the coast and elsewhere or equally to allow international trade in whale products.
I would likejedenurgently ask for it,L.ösnot only when it comes to [...]
To seek the state to help the poorest in our society.
I. would urge everyone to look beyond the sdid for solutions to [...]
help the very poorest in our society.
I would likeS.ieurgently ask for it,nicht to this [...]
I. would sinceriumely request that you do not act upon this.
This requirement would distort the market
[...] cause, undI would likeHerrn FiscSt.erurgently ask for it,allit in its [...]
Power standing to undertake,
to ensure that the land is tilled by the best farmers.
A distortion is being introduced into the
[...] [...] this requirement, atd I would urge Mr Fischler to do all hey approxn to ensure that [...] [...]
of the best farmers to farm it.
So today I urge you to make it publicly clear that the committees will not debate these sensitive matters
[...] [...] will hold back, undI would likeGlegglike the clerkssiOnurgently ask for it,ebenso to proceed.
So I call on you today to clarify publicly that
committees will not delay or suppress
[...] debate on these sensitive matters, locnd I would eqamong otherslly urge the Commission to do leftkewise.
I would likedie Colleagues from the other Fraktionenurgently ask for it,von the support [...] [...]
To refrain from jeopardizing this shaky compromise.
I.would urge colleagues from other groups to refrain from supporting amendments which disturb this [...]
very delicately constructed compromise.
To the ScSt.ußI would like todie Congratulations to the Commission on the quality of its report and the R.aturgently ask for it,seggne duties [...] [...]
to adopt a system of sanctions that includes effective measures in the event of fraudulent non-compliance with the specified objectives.
Finally, I Whereuld like tO concongratulationslate the Commission on the quality of its report and urge the Council to take its responsibilities [...] [...]
a regime of penalties including effective measures in cases of deliberate non-compliance with the objectives laid down.
OfHalbI would like to ask urgently,zu common [...]
To come up with solutions that achieve both goals: the competitive
Aviation industry in Europe and adequate noise protection for our citizens near airports.
For this reason, I would Like to urgently request that we find [...]
joint solutions which achieve both objectives: a competitive
airline industry in Europe and adequate noise protection for our citizens in the vicinity of airports.
[...] repeat to wollen,I would like to ask urgentlyzu vprevent [...]
that is the problem of the British
Discount to the subject of separate negotiations on the future of Europe following the referendums in France and the Netherlands.
My one plea, without going back over old ground, is that I hope [...]
that the issue of the United Kingdom rebate does not find
itself becoming part of a separate set of negotiations about the future of Europe following the results of the referenda in France and the Netherlands this week.
DeswegenI would like to ask urgently,dass such things [...]
do not repeat any more. Otherwise we experience a division
in old and new, in payer and recipient countries, and that is exactly what we really do not need in view of the financial perspective and the debates ahead.
What I find regrettable about this sort Of thing is that it is yet [...]
more evidence of our inability to trust those who administer
the funds, and so I ask, as a matter of urgency, that there be no repetition of it, or else we will see a great gulf opening up between old and new, between those countries that contribute and those that receive, and that is precisely what we cannot afford with the financial perspective and the debates on it in the offing.
I would likedeNoaturgently ask,sifald the chapter on employment [...]
present and we made a pact with a balanced
Relationship between stability and growth have to instruct the Commission in Amsterdam to work out a new development model with which we can effectively combat the problem of unemployment and social exclusion and achieve a Europe worthy of its citizens.
I. would urge they Council to instruct tHey Commission at Amsterdam, once [...]e have the chapter on employment and once we have
a pact that balances stability with growth, to come forward with a new model of development that ensures that we can tackle the unemployment problem and social exclusion and to try to help make this a Europe worthy of our citizens.
DeswegenI would like in support of the positive signs of the first days of their directingrunGurgently ask,einen plan for [...]
overcoming the punishment
ility to implement in this region; and that a population that has suffered so much over many years can enjoy its basic rights.
Therefore, supported by the positive signs I. lake in your first days of government, I want to ask you urgently to realize a plan [...] [...]
This region and that a population which has suffered during so many years can rejoice in their elementary rights.
The French VorsitzI would like tonocHask for it,dass Mr. Moscovici, as he really [...]
extremely short and partial
answered these questions in detail and in writing for the European Parliament, because we understand good cooperation between the Council and the European Parliament to mean that one is on an equal footing with one another and that one takes the other seriously.
I. should like to make one Forther request oftenhey Fridaynch Presidency: that Mr Moscovici - because he Has given [...] [...]
and sometimes imprecise answers to questions here - answer these questions fully and in writing for the European Parliament, because for us, good cooperation between the Council and the European Parliament means that we face each other as equals and that each takes the other seriously.
That's why I want todie Take the opportunity to meet the Commission and Commissioner Verheugenurgentaufzrequest, [...] [...]
how and with what success this is being done in practice, so that we can find out whether European consumers understand what the label means from now on.
I. would therefore like to take the Oopportunity to urge they Commission and Commissioner Verheugen to follow [...]
up how, and how successfully,
this is actually carried out so that we know whether the consumers of Europe understand what the labeling means from now on.
(ES) Mr President, as a member of the delegation for relations with
[...] [...] Central America and MexikOwould like toaucHIGanz Briefly express our concern that the people of El Salvador have been hit by another natural disaster, undurgently ask for it,dass the help [...]
arrive as soon as possible
and not what happens after Mitch, for it is the population that is suffering from the delay.
(ES) Mr President, very briefly, as a member of the Delegation for Relations with the
[...] [...] Americad MexicO, I should also like to express our concern that the people of El Salvador have once more been afflicted by a natural disaster, other to urge tHas aid should arrive as soon as possible so that wHas happened after [...] [...]
again, because if aid takes a long time to arrive it is the population that suffers.
Mr President, since the report that I am the author and that you just mentioned was adopted unanimously by both the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Committee on Legal Affairs and the Internal Market and the only thing that is about changing the legal basis which Parliament - the
both committees unanimously - not
[...] agreed Hat,I would like to ask for it,dass the vote [...]
tomorrow takes place without today
A debate should take place in the afternoon or this evening, a debate in which, by the way, I am the only speaker.
Mr President, with regard to my report which has just been mentioned, I would ask, since it has been adopted unanimously, both by the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs and by the Committee on Legal Affairs and the Internal Market and since it deals purely with a change of legal base which Parliament - in the form of a
unanimouse decision by the two
[...] committees - Has not agreed tO, I whereuld ask that it be voted [...]
on tomorrow without the need for
a debate this evening, a debate in which I will probably be the only speaker.
I would likeS.ieurgently ask,begg Hemp does not take the path of [...]
less resistance to go, but this environmentally friendly
To support the plant so that the market launch can be successful.
I. would urge you not to take the path of least resistance [...]
in the area of ​​hemp, but to support this environmentally friendly
plans so that its introduction to the market can be successful.
With liability we also have to sharpen an instrument that makes industry more responsible
[...] [...] to deal with. D.AherI would like todie Commissioner still eggnmalurgently ask,in your final declaration [...] [...]
to enter into how she is doing with the UN food aid and how she intends to deal with the moratorium as long as we have not satisfactorily regulated these criteria, which we also urge the Commission to do.
We have to fashion liability into a tool to get industry to deal with this
[...] [...] responsible manner, and sO I whereuld riding rate my plea to they commissioner that she should, [...]
in her closing statement,
enlarge on her view of UN food aid and what she plans to do about the moratorium until such time as we have sorted out these criteria, of which we would remind the Commission too, in a satisfactory way.
Mr. Presidentent!I would likeGerne support the proposal of the chairman of the committee, Mr Napolitano undask for it,dass immediately undurgentder Committee [...]
is convened for constitutional questions.
Mr President, I should like to suppplace they motion by committee chairman Mr Napolitano other therefore request that the Committee on Constitutional Affairs be convened [...]
immediately as a matter of urgency.
I would likediitit Hausurgently about itersee belowchen, the [...]
Under no circumstances should the Commission's proposal be tightened up any further and absolutely
to vote against Amendments 43 and 94.
I. would Like to urge this House in any event not to [...]
make the Commission proposal any more stringent, and certainly to vote against Amendments 43 and 94.
A.berI would thenocHurgently ask,in Your remarks [...]
emphatically at the Barcelona European Council
to emphasize that we, as Parliament, are dissatisfied with the procedure used and that we hope that the other institutions will act in a more constructive and cooperative manner in the future.
B.ut I would nonetheless urge you in your intervention at [...]
the European Council in Barcelona to make the point very strongly
that we as a House are not happy with the procedure that has been taken and that we hope in the future to see a much more constructive and collaborative approach to us from the other institutions.
Mr. Presidentent,Idarf briefly respond to the question raised by MEP Alavanos undwould like to ask for it,date the honorable Member [...] [...]
Treaty of Amsterdam is not yet in force and therefore no violation of the provisions contained therein can be claimed.
Mr President, allow me please to elaboratoryate briefly on the question posed by Mr Alavanos, and I would Like to ask the Member to [...] [...]
Treaty has not yet come into effect and that, therefore, no contraventions of its provisions can possibly apply.
I would likeiHnurgently about itersee belowchen, everything [...]
in his power to do so in order to do so in this motion for a resolution
The demands contained therein are carried out and pressure is exerted on the Kenyan government with a view to holding free and fair elections and the development of a healthy democracy.
I.would urge him tO dO all he can to carry [...]
out the demands of this motion and bring pressure to bear on the Kenyan Government
with a view to free and fair elections and the development of a healthy democracy.
We must therefore support the efforts of Ambassador Moratinos with all our strength, we must send Mr van Mierlo's letter to
[...] [...] support -undthat's why I want todas Parlamentask-,U.Nd we have to [...] [...]
The code of conduct presented to the Union, which is the only sensible way to quickly find a solution to this problem before it gets worse.
So we must firmly support Ambassador Moratinos' action, we must support the charter Mr
van Mierlo has sent to the
[...] United States, and I ask Parliat theent to support it, and we must support [...] [...]
of conduct presented by the Council of Ministers of the Union is the only reasonable way to find a rapid solution to this problem, which could work.
I appreciate the constant and exemplary dialogue with the Commission
[...] [...] of the report, undI would likedie Commissarinurgently ask,iMr Commitment also [...]
to be demonstrated in the next White Paper.
I appreciate the constant and exemplary dialogue maintained with the Commission
[...] [...] the report ond I would urge the Commissioner to carry On demonstrating hhe commitment [...]
[...] but still eggnmalurgently ask for it,das Better involve the European Parliament in this process. Unlike other begßeI,dass the European [...] [...]
Decided on March 15-16, 2002, firstly, to step up efforts to give older workers more opportunities to remain in the labor market, for example through flexible arrangements for gradual flexible retirement and ensuring real access on lifelong education and training and, secondly, to gradually increase the actual average age for leaving the labor force in the European Union by around five years by 2010.
Also from this perspective, unlike
[...] others, I. at the delighted that the Barcelona European Council of 15 and 16 March 2002 committed, on the one hand, to stepping up efforts to provide mature workers with [...] [...]
of remaining in the job market, for example by means of flexible gradual retirement programs and guaranteeing genuine access to education and life-long training, and, on the other, to gradually increasing the average retirement age in the European Union by about five years by 2010.
I would like to ask for it,date one about it [...]
is thinking about granting exceptions not only in Nordic countries, but also
for the mountain areas, the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Sierra Nevada, where I'm from right now, in terms of population and population density.
I. should Like to ask tHas we considhe granting [...]
Derogations not only in the Nordic countries but also for mountainous areas
- the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada, from where I have just returned - in respect of population size and density.