Why didn't anyone build a good hoverboard

Ever since Michael J. Fox made the future uncertain with his hoverboard in 1989, everyone has wanted something like this. Now it has been built. But nobody is floating around as cool as Mister McFly in the film.

by Anaking

It wasn't particularly stylish, the pink “hoverboard” that Michael J. Fox alias Marty McFly gave a poor girl in the SciFi classic “Back to the Future II”. The Griff killer board had more than that. Ever since the vision of the future of the floating skateboard, one wonders if and when this technology will really work.

The Hendo hoverboard

Two Californians wanted to know exactly, raised $ 250,000 through Kickstarter and built a real hoverboard with it. Well, what works so cool in the 1989 film still has its teething problems 25 years later. The Hendo hoverboard works with magnets, induction creates the same field on the surface as under the board - the fields repel each other, the thing floats.

The catch: it only works on conductive surfaces. Means that Mr. McFly would not get as far over water as in the film, but simply plop into the pond. Yes, he couldn't even drive it on a normal tarmac road. Tony Hawk tried this thing. Aside from the annoying buzzing sound it makes, even the best skateboarder in the world doesn't look particularly aesthetic with it. But make your own picture ... Version 1

Version 2 after one year of development:

The Lexus hoverboard:

Marketing gimmick as aResearch Boost

But! The aim of the project is not necessarily that the kids soon make their environment foolish with floating skateboards. The aim is to generate interest in the technology among inventors around the world so that they can use it elsewhere. For example, the researchers dream of being able to raise houses in the event of an earthquake and thus prevent them from collapsing. Attracting attention, at least that should have succeeded.

But I find it a bit embarrassing that three grandchildren and their grandpa are assembling something in the garage that works just as well as a hooverboard. And that on any solid surface. Okay, not wireless.

While these devices hardly allow cool stunts, water-powered Hooverboards allow the most spectacular tricks.

Nice alternatives that don't float

Other models that are very trendy at the moment work just as flawlessly. However, they are wrongly called “hoverboards” because they keep one or two wheels in contact with the ground. However, they are already available on the market. The two-wheeled model is a mini Segway that, like its big brother, is steered by lying forward and backward and is available for as little as 300 dollars. The single-wheel is a type of unicycle skateboard from the Hoverboard brand. The masses will not appeal to this stylish sports device at a proud price of 3,000 to 10,000 dollars (depending on the model) - Hooverboard feeling or not! Then get a replica of Marty McFly's pink hoverboard and try the fantasy.

Hendo hoverboard, Arx Pax Lexus hoverboard
Mini Segway, various brands
Hoverboard, skateboard unicycle

Hover X (Mini-Segway), off 300 Euro, available from Amazon
Lexus hoverboard, about 700 euro
Hoverboard (Unicycle skateboard), 3000 - 10,000 euros, available from hoverboard.com
Back to the Future-Hoverboard Replica, 200 - 600 euros, available from Amazon

There is no hoverboard that works as well as in the film. The Hendo and Lexus hoverboards are just expensive gadgets. Mini Segways work, are affordable, but don't float.