Which Himalayan herbs are approved Ayurvedic medicines


In India there is a need to do something good for yourself and especially your skin at regular intervals. Constant exposure to the sun, heat or sweating, salty sea water, air pollution, stress, ... - all of this is particularly bad for the largest organ in our body in India.

As a budget backpacker you cannot afford an Ayurveda massage with fresh herbal oils all the time and you may not want to do so because it is a very special kind of relaxation treatment (article from April 30, 2008), you should look ahead Place around for alternatives.

Classic Ayurveda oil treatment at a Central European level (source).

We - Julia, Daniel and me - particularly noticed the widespread and attractively designed body care range from HIMALAYA, which we also really liked in terms of its application. Julia and Daniel were so big that they even tried to get the anti-stress massage oil from HIMALAYA here in Germany. What Daniel learned a short time ago at his request from a sales company in Germany is hair-raising and you should really take a look ...

"Dear Mr. Jäger,

Thank you for your interest in us and our products.

We were the distributor for Himalayan products. Unfortunately, almost all Himalaya products are no longer approved in Germany and can therefore no longer be sold here.

There are mutliple reasons for this:

The capsules, pills and juices have been classified as medicinal products by the authorities after thorough examination. As a medicinal product, however, they do not have the necessary approval in Germany (and the EU). Complex clinical tests etc. would be necessary for this approval. That would be extremely expensive and take a long time. Himalaya refuses to do or participate in it. The packaging would also have to be completely changed.

Himalaya also produces in 2 qualities: a very cheap one that comes on the market in India (and is often traded illegally in Asian shops) and that has repeatedly attracted attention due to heavy metal pollution and the more expensive export version, which is at least laboratory-tested. So if you buy the cheap products over the Internet or in the Asian shop, you are usually not doing yourself any good. In addition, it is fundamentally a violation of pharmaceutical law: this is not an administrative offense, but a criminal offense. Customs now also confiscate almost every shipment, even the smallest quantities.

The packaging for personal care items would also have to be changed. I.a. all ingredients must be listed after the so-called "INCI" designation. Himalaya also refuses for various reasons. In addition, herbs and chemical preservatives are sometimes used that are not permitted in the EU (including sometimes harmful during pregnancy, etc.). According to the Cosmetics Ordinance, these products are also prohibited.

We have tried very hard (including various personal discussions with the management of Himalaya here and also in India) to make the products marketable in the EU. But it failed because of the lack of interest from the Himalayas. (...)

Greetings from Lüneburg,
Andreas Hauerwaas

AHG Ayurveda Handels GmbH "

So if in doubt, opt for the original (source / source).

As a conclusion, we can only warmly recommend every traveler to India to take a decent ration of body lotion & Co. with them from home and to avoid the HIMALAYA brand at all costs if additional purchases are necessary !!!!

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