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Taka / Scar



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Taka (Swahili = waste), better known by his nickname Scar (English = scar), is a slender, bony, red-brown lion with a black mane and piercing, poison-green eyes, which makes him look less imposing than Mufasa or Simba, but has a rather terrifying and vicious appearance, in keeping with his character . To do this, the prince wears a scar on his left eye.


The Lion King

Scar is an opponent and the main antagonist of the main character Simba.

He is jealous of Mufasa, the current king, and his heir to the throne Simba. He wants to become king himself, but Simba's birth has thwarted his last chance on the throne.

He and the hyenas forge a devious plan to get Mufasa and Simba out of the way to secure his line of succession.

He lures little Simba into a ravine and asks him to wait there for Mufasa, who supposedly has a surprise for him. While Simba lingers unsuspecting in the gorge, Scar orders the hyenas to attack a herd of wildebeest and thus to drive them through the gorge. Simba can save herself in a tree so as not to be trampled by the panicked animals. Meanwhile, Scar informs his brother of Simba's troubles and leads him to the ravine. Mufasa fights his way through the herd and is able to bring Simba to safety.

But when Mufasa wants to climb the rock face himself and Scar asks him to help, the latter pushes him down.

Simba, who has not noticed Scar's terrible act, finds his father lying dead on the floor. Scar, who planned all of this, blames his nephew for Mufasa's death. He advises Simba to flee, which Simba does in his desperation. Scar sends the hyenas after him to kill him. However, that this fails, Scar will only find out some time later. With Mufasa and Simba out of the way, Scar crowns himself king and leads the lions of the sacred land into darkness with the help of the hyenas, as he destroys the natural balance. The animals that lived on his consecrated land fled Scar's Tyran rule. As a result, there was nothing left for the lions to eat. Some lionesses from the pack believed in Scar's ideal as well as his partner Zira, with whom he fathered his two children Nuka and Vitani.

Unsuspecting that Simba is still alive, he finally returns to the King's Rock to overthrow Scar. Simba has now become a strong adult lion. During the final battle for King's Rock, Scar confronts the now adult Simba with his past. But Scar's deceit doesn't work and a fierce battle ensues. However, when Scar falls down a rock during the fight, he is surrounded and eaten by the hyenas.

After Scar's death, all lionesses who cling to Scar's ideals are banished to the Shadowland.

The Lion King 2: Simba's Kingdom

Scar appears in Simba's dream. There Simba experiences Mufasa's death, only that Scar transforms into Kovu during the dream. Scar is also mentioned by Zira.

Scars childhood

In his childhood he and his brother Mufasa were still fraternal. One day, however, her father, Ahadi, began to prefer Mufasa to him and train him to be king. Taka always tried to please his father in order to prove himself, but unfortunately he never paid any attention to him. At some point Taka came to a boiling point where he only wanted revenge and since then has doggedly pursued the goal of getting rid of his own brother. In an attempted murder, however, Taka was injured by the water buffalo Boma and has since had a scar on his left eye. From that day on, Taka wanted to be called Scar and asked his father to do so with the words "Call me Scar". Since he only experienced rejection in his own family, he soon made secret pacts with the hyenas, who admired him and thus became a kind of surrogate family for him.


Scar may be physically inferior to his brother and Simba, but he was a highly intelligent, cunning genius who could forge intrigues and plans. He also knew how to convince other people and win them over to achieve his own goals. In doing so, he did not shrink from cowardly methods and betrayal. In the film he is portrayed as exclusively vicious, ruthless and cruel and also tends towards cowardice, which is why he wanted to blame the hyenas when Simba defeated him in a fight. From the background story of his childhood, however, we also know that the power-hungry Scar is also a tragic, frustrated character who, eaten away by envy and jealousy, began to hate his brother and father, to whom he tried to prove himself unsuccessfully, and already often tried to kill Mufasa. Even in his youth, however, he showed his selfish cunning and eloquence.




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  • Scar's German narrator is Thomas Fritsch, who ironically also lent his voice to protagonists in other films. For example, in "The Chronicles of Narnia" he spoke the voice of Aslan.
    • In English, Jeremy Irons gave him his voice.
  • Scar very likely served as a template for Kovu:
    • Like Scar, Kovu wore the scar over his left eye and had a dark mane and piercing green eyes
    • Kovu's name also means "scar"
    • At the end of the second part, Kovu becomes the husband of Kiara and is thus the future king at the side of his queen, which in turn can be an allusion to the fact that, on behalf of Scar, he was finally granted his rights in peace
  • His name Scar perfectly reflects his character, while his original name underscores his hatred of Mufasa.
    • His original name, Taka, comes from African and means waste, while that of his brother means king. Her father Ahadi had always preferred Mufasa and never paid attention to Taka again, which the naming also reflects well.
    • His nickname is an allusion to the scar above his eye, but one can also say that his being is "scarred" because he is eaten away by envy and resentment