Who are some unique quorans

Praise be to Allaah and may He honor the Messenger of Allaah and give him well-being! And now to the topic:


The Quran made the ignorant Arab nation the best nation for the people. Allaah did the Arabs an honor through the Quran, and so they gained dominion over the whole world because they were so influenced by the Quran that they could keep its wording and commandments.


The Messenger of Allah has his noble companions educated by the Quran, and thus their believing personalities are formed in their best forms. In no time and in no group of people has the Quran been so influential in the behavior of people as in the behavior and character traits of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah .


From the Quran and its description of this type, unprecedented and unique in all epochs of long human history, we can learn some aspects and characteristics of this believing personality; this includes the following:


- She is sensible:

The sensible is the one who knows his interests well and strives to realize them. When the hypocrites were asked to believe as the people - that is, the Companions - believed, they said: "... Shall we believe as the fools believe?" (Sura 2:13). They denoted the companions as fools. The fool is the person who does not know their own interests and consequently does not try to realize them. Allah then answered them as follows: "Isn't it really they who are the fools?" But they don't know. " (Surah 2:13). This means that folly is limited only to the hypocrites. It also means that the Companions are to be described as reasonable, that reason is even limited to them.


- She is righteous and orderly:


The believing personality does not cause harm. When asked to stop doing mischief on the earth, the hypocrites said: "We are the only one who creates order." (Surah 2:11). They limited the creation of order to themselves and thereby twisted the truth and thus committed two sins: creating mischief on earth and their conviction that they are order creators, so that it is difficult for them to return to the truth, because who is on earth knowingly causes mischief, he is closer to turning away than the hypocrites. Allaah answers them by limiting mischief to them: “Isn't it really they who are vicious ?! But they have no sense. " (Surah 2:12). This means that the establishment of order is limited to the believers, and these are the companions of the Prophet and those who follow their example until the last day.


- She is righteous inside and out:


Faith has improved this believing personality inwardly and, moreover, is outwardly righteous; she believes in the invisible, performs ritual prayer, pays zaka, commands what is right and forbids what is reprehensible, and does other good and righteous works. All of these qualities made her the best person on earth. Allah the Most High says: “You are the best ummah that was brought up for the people; you command what is right and forbid what is reprehensible and believe in Allah ... " (Sura 3: 110).


- She realized humility in awe of Allah:


She has protected herself from Allah's punishment by following His commandments and avoiding what is forbidden by Him. This was evident in the Prophet's Companions About which Allaah the Exalted says: "... and He committed them to the word of humility in awe of Allaah, and they were more entitled to it and were worthy of it ..." (Sura 48:26).


To the Messenger of Allah follow exactly:


This personality is only on the side of the Messenger of Allah and she only takes the side of the companions of the Prophet . She follows her example in following her prophet . Allah Almighty and Majestic says: “And whoever counteracts the Messenger after the guidance has become clear to him and follows a path other than that of those who internalize the faith, We turn to whom he has turned, and We expose him to hell, and it is a worse one Destination!" (Surah 4: 115). Allah the Most High also says: "The first hurried ahead of the emigrants and the helpers and those who follow them through good behavior - Allaah takes pleasure in them, and they are good pleasure in him ..." (Surah 9: 100). The advance here means - as some exegetes of the Quran said - the advance in terms of believing and obeying Allaah's commandments. Allaah made it a condition of those who follow them [the emigrants and helpers] that they should follow them in the best way in their words and deeds, and not also in their mistakes, for they are not infallible.


- She strives to be exemplary in religion:


Allah Almighty and Majestic says: "And those who say:" Our Lord, give us eyebright to our wives and our descendants, and make us an example for those who are humble in awe of Allah! "" (Sura 25:74), that means: Help us to follow those before us, so that we can become an example for the others after us! Allaah the Exalted did not say “models” in this verse of the Quran, that is, in the plural, as an indication that their path is the same and their approach is the same, so that in reality there is only one model. Allah Almighty and Majestic says: “And that this My way is straight. So follow him! And do not follow the paths, because they separate you from His path! ... " (Surah 6: 153).


- She rushes to every kindness:


Allaah the Most Exalted says: "And those who deny Islam say to those who internalize the faith:" If it were a good thing, they would not have come before us! "" (Surah 46:11). Of all men are the Prophet's Companions undoubtedly those who rushed the quickest to goodness and who are most worthy of all goodness. That is why everyone who comes after them should take them as an example.


Characteristics of the believing personality in the Quran - Part 2