What are your favorite pictures in Photoshop

Everything for free: image editing on the Mac

GIMP: all-rounder from the Linux world

With a little training, using the GIMP is easy. The program rightly enjoys the reputation of being an all-purpose weapon for photo work. Both the adjustment of the color effect of an image (brightness, contrast) and changes in resolution are possible.

»Download: Download GIMP (Mac)

Color Projects 4 - Free full version: Simple and effective image editing

The program Color Projects 4, which is available as a free full version from COMPUTER BILD, is beginner-friendly and intuitive to use. You can optimize your digital photos with just a few clicks of the mouse. Simply choose from 75 customizable presets for portraits, architecture and landscape shots.

»Download: Color Projects 4 (Mac) - Download the free full version

Photoshop Express: Online service with everything you need to know

The product by which image editing applications measure themselves is Adobe Photoshop. The price is as lavish as the range of functions: The manufacturer offers the program as a subscription and asks you to checkout repeatedly. Most of the time you don't use the many functions of Photoshop CC anyway. You can get a good alternative with Adobe Photoshop Express Editor. There is no installation, the image processing runs entirely in the browser. To alienate an image, upload it.

»To the web service: Photoshop Express

LightZone: image processing without risk

As a free alternative to the professional software Adobe Lightroom, LightZone offers numerous functions for editing, managing and converting digital photos. In addition to the common formats, the program also reads RAW files and offers many options for non-destructive editing. So you can experiment with your picture to your heart's content without ever changing the original file.

»Download: Download LightZone (Mac)

HDR Projects 4 - Free full version: Create HDR recordings

Many amateur photographers often face the same problem: a lack of color depth. With the free full version HDR Projects 4 you can create so-called high dynamic range images (HDR). These photos are characterized by a high contrast with rich depths and light reflections. The program reads in up to 18 photos with different exposure values. The program lets buildings and landscapes shine in a completely new light.

»Download: HDR Projects 4 (Mac) - Download the free full version

RAW Therapee: Save and edit RAW files

The RAW converter Raw Therapee processes and optimizes digital camera recordings in raw data format (RAW / DNG) on the Mac and saves them in TIFF, PNG or JPEG format. With this program you edit recordings with professional software.

»Download: Download RAW Therapee (Mac)

Darktable: Free alternative to Adobe Lightroom

With the Adobe Lightroom alternative “Darktable” you can manage and edit your favorite pictures. With just a few clicks you can read in individual photos or complete folders and organize them into "film rolls" or "collections". In the “darkroom”, “Darktable” provides numerous filters for optimization and editing. Features include a slide show function and batch processing, as well as the ability to control live recordings from a camera via tethering.

»Download: Download Darktable (Mac)

Focus Projects Professional - Free Full Version: Micro and Macro Photographs

With the free full version Focus Projects Professional you can take micro and macro photography and product images with perfect depth of field in all image areas. You can achieve this with so-called “focus stacking” by taking several pictures of an object with different depths of focus. With the help of the nine focus stack algorithms available, you can assemble such sequences from up to 400 individual images.

»Download: Focus Projects Professional (Mac) - Download the free full version

PhotoScape X: Adaptation of popular Windows counterpart

Like GIMP, PhotoScape X is also available as a Windows version. If you are just new to the Mac, it would be wise to download an image editor you are already familiar with. The software has an extensive range of functions, which is divided into different areas for the sake of clarity. Switch between categories like Viewer or editor, apply color-distorting filters to images and more.

»Download: Download PhotoScape X (Mac)

Fotor: Create impressive compositions

With Fotor you can adjust the brightness, color saturation and contrast of your photos on the Mac, sharpen images or carry out a white balance and use over a dozen automatic filters to optimize portraits, landscapes and other subjects. You can also create photo collages using stencils or in freehand form.

»Download: Download Fotor (Mac)
»To the web service: Fotor

CutOut 5 - Free full version: Cut out objects

CutOut 5 offers various options and tools to separate image objects from the background. Thanks to CutOut 5, even beginners without professional equipment can do what photographers otherwise need blue or green screens. You either save the cut-out object as such or you can place it on any imaginable background and create an impressive illusion. The free full version of CutOut 5 can be downloaded exclusively from COMPUTER BILD.

»Download: CutOut 5 (Mac) - Download the free full version

Google Nik Collection: The all-in-one package for image editing

AndreaMosaic: Creating mosaics is child's play

Mosaics have enjoyed great popularity for thousands of years. Nowadays it is even possible digitally. With AndreaMosaic you can conjure up a mosaic of your favorite pictures on your Mac in no time at all. The program creates a tile pattern of your choice from a database of images you have saved. The more images you provide to the software, the more accurate the end result will be.

»Download: Download AndreaMosaic (Mac)

Photopea Online Image Editor: Edit PSD files

The Photopea Online Image Editor allows you to open and edit PSD files from Photoshop directly in the browser. The scope of the web app includes a brush editor, various painting and drawing tools, filters and effects, and layer support. The editor can be used, for example, to edit and optimize photos, develop recordings in RAW format and import images from the webcam. Alternatively, you can start with a blank canvas or use one of the numerous design and photo templates.

»To the web service: Photopea Online Image Editor

Photo BuZZer - Free Full Version: Random Image Effects

With the free full version of Photo BuZZer you can beautify your pictures in the truest sense of the word at the push of a button. By clicking on the red button, the software creates a random image effect and gives your image a new look. You can further customize this using the slider or you can create a new effect by clicking on the buzzer again. In this way, you can optimize your photos without any previous knowledge of image editing.

»Download: Photo BuZZer (Mac) - Download the free full version

Black & White Projects 4 Elements - Free full version: The digital darkroom

Black & White Projects 4 Elements is available as a free full version from COMPUTER BILD. The program transforms your favorite photos into impressive black and white pictures with little effort. The software has over 70 presets ready for this. Analog color filters and over 30 film emulations are also available. An optimization assistant helps to adjust image sharpness, tone value, clarity and image noise. Scratches and sensor stains can also be removed with the photo software with a click.

»Download: Black & White Projects 4 Elements (Mac) - Download the free full version

Remove.bg: Automatically cut out images

The online tool "Remove.bg" helps you to automatically crop people from photos or to remove the background. The web app automatically detects objects in the foreground such as people, animals or objects and cuts them out from the recording. You can download the result directly or edit it if the algorithm is not one hundred percent accurate. In the editor, you can use brushes to restore certain areas of the image or remove further details from the recording. In addition, various backgrounds can be selected and, if desired, provided with a blurring effect.

»To the web service: Remove.bg

DesignEvo: Easily create logos

In order to represent a company optimally, a good logo is essential. If you don't want to spend money on a professional service provider, DesignEvo is a good and free alternative. With the help of the online service, you can create individual logos from over 3,000 templates. Alternatively, you can start over with your design and design it according to your ideas. In editor mode you edit the icon and determine, for example, the colors or the layout of the graphics.

»To the web service: DesignEVO

Canva: Numerous templates for great designs

With Canva, you can create online presentations, invitations, posters, flyers, social media posts, blog posts, cards, charts and email headers. The web app offers you a selection of over 60,000 templates on specific topics such as “food”, “birthday”, “travel” and “seasons”. There are also some functions for image optimization.

»To the web service: Canva

Adobe Spark: design app for the browser

Use Adobe Spark to design graphics, web pages, and video clips. In addition to invitations, flyers, collages, covers or teaser films, you can also use the web app to design presentations, infographics and posters. You either start your project on a blank sheet of paper or you can use one of the numerous templates that already have their own content and designs.

»To the web service: Adobe Spark

Collage It: creative tool with no obligation to make decisions

While the Photo BuZZer applies random effects to your pictures, Collage It does the same with the arrangement of your photos. Load your pictures into the program and you will get beautiful compositions. Thanks to options for customization, you can influence the result.

»Download: Download Collage It (Mac)

Photovisi: Create photo collages

"Photovisi" enables you to create and design photo collages and e-cards directly in your browser. Numerous templates are available in the online editor that already contain predefined backgrounds and effects. The images can be arranged, rotated, cropped and moved to the foreground or background as desired. If desired, you can insert graphics from the collection provided or individual texts.

»To the web service: Photovisi

Collage Maker: Photo collage web app

The "Collage Maker" enables you to create your own photo collages from up to 80 images for free in the browser. The web editor also provides you with numerous layouts on topics such as “wedding”, “birthday”, “travel” and “cooking” as well as “nature” and “Christmas”. You also have the option of optimizing your recordings and adding texts or individual filter effects. If desired, the photos can also be separated into several parts, as well as rotated and cropped.

»To the web service: Collage Maker

Adobe DNG Converter & Camera Raw: Special tool for professional file format

Many image processing programs cannot cope with RAW photos and sometimes need additional programs called plug-ins to deal with them. The reason: RAW is not a uniform standard, every camera manufacturer does its own thing. Adobe DNG Converter & Camera Raw is used so that the files no longer turn out to be stumbling blocks: The tool turns the raw images into content with the file type DNG.

»Download: Download Adobe DNG Converter & Camera Raw (Mac)

XnViewMP: More complex alternative to Picasa

XnViewMP supports more than 500 graphic formats; the program reads in and converts corresponding photo files. The focus is on displaying EXIF ​​additional data in pictures and on photo management.

»Download: Download XnViewMP (Mac)

XnConvert: Convert and improve files in bulk

Another tool from the Xn family is called XnConvert. You can use it to convert very large RAW image files into space-saving JPEG counterparts, for example. Inserting watermarks is not a problem, and changes to contrast, brightness and gamma factor are also possible.

»Download: Download XnConvert (Mac)

DigiKam: Brings order to the photo collection

To counteract the clutter of your photo collection, DigiKam offers you some useful functions. The software lets you archive and sort graphics, edit Exif metadata and examine the image database for duplicates. The editor helps you to make fine adjustments such as color and grayscale adjustments, size changes or rotations to the snapshots.

»Download: Download DigiKam (Mac)

FreeCAD: Create 3D models

With FreeCAD you can create three-dimensional geometric models and design extensive projects on the Mac. The software is aimed primarily at the areas of mechanical engineering and product design. But also architectural or technical special applications can be created very easily with FreeCAD.

»Download: Download FreeCAD (Mac)

LibreCAD: Drafting technical 2D / 3D plans

The construction of technical drawings using a PC or Mac is called CAD. The abbreviation stands for Computer Aided Design. A corresponding software is LibreCAD, which apart from the name has little in common with the office suite LibreOffice. The work software creates plans, logos and models in two or three dimensions.

»Download: Download LibreCAD (Mac)

SketchUp Free: Room planning for laypeople and professionals

With "SketchUp Free" you can construct 3D objects directly in the browser. The online tool helps you to design buildings, landscapes or machines with various drawing tools such as circles, lines and arcs. The "Walk Tool" function enables you to view the 3D design from the inside in a 360-degree view. The free program SketchUp Make, on the other hand, works without an Internet connection, but is not as up-to-date as its online counterpart.

»To the web service: SketchUp Free
»Download: Download SketchUp Make (Mac)

Inkscape: Drawing with vectors

Inkscape is a free alternative to CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator. The Mac software is equipped with all relevant tools and, in contrast to most drawing programs, works with vectors. Vectors do not consist of pixels, but of paths, which enables infinite yet lossless enlargement. This is essential for company logos, posters and technical drawings.

»Download: Download Inkscape (Mac)

Blender: powerful tool for 3D objects

Blender requires a lot of training, but is even more exciting once you understand the concept. You can use it to create rigid or moving objects in 3D. Physical effects such as blowing hair in the wind or pattering rain ensure a realistic representation.

»Download: Download Blender (Mac)

Autodesk SketchBook - Free Full Version: Draw, Paint & Sketch

So that nothing stands in the way of your creativity, use the free full version of Autodesk SketchBook. The painting and drawing program offers a variety of brushes as well as selection and manipulation tools. For example, pencil, airbrush gun and calligraphy pen are available. The ruler, ellipse, symmetry, and line stabilizer tools help you draw.

»Download: Autodesk SketchBook (Mac) - Download the free full version

Krita: Animate made easy

With the free painting and drawing software Krita, you can create professional 2D animations, comics, mangas, illustrations, matte paintings and textures on your Mac. The numerous types of brushes as well as vector and layer tools can be operated with either a mouse or a graphic tablet. The many tools and filters provide the finishing touch. Krita is also Photoshop-compatible and therefore allows you to continue working in the Adobe program.

»Download: Download Krita (Mac)

Pinta: Oil painting through transformation

Pinta contains various effects that give your own recordings a special touch. The options to convert images into oil paintings or pencil drawings stand out. Some smartphone apps offer the same, thanks to this software it also works on the Mac.

»Download: Download Pinta (Mac)

Sweet Home 3D: room planner

Sweet Home 3D is committed to house or apartment planning. Setting up digital living space with millimeter precision does not make the software sweat. If you have a floor plan of your apartment in the form of an image file, you can import it into the program.

»Download: Download Sweet Home 3D (Mac)

Scribus: design brochures professionally

If you want to create flyers, business cards, CD covers and the like, you should test Scribus. The software generates all of this - more precisely than would be possible with a word processor.

»Download: Download Scribus (Mac)

4K Slideshow Maker: Photo optimizer with high resolutions

The name suggests what 4K Slideshow Maker does: The program creates slideshows called slideshows. In addition to pictures, you can add background music to the program. Transitions ensure pleasant changes between the images.

»Download: Download 4K Slideshow Maker (Mac)


With RoomSketcher you can digitally create your own apartment from the floor plan to the interior. In the web app, you can access materials such as stone floors, carpets or wallpaper, as well as numerous furnishings and decorative elements. In addition, you can choose from a large selection of windows and doors that you can use individually. You can get an impression of your work by means of a 3D snapshot or a "live inspection" from the first person perspective. The position and orientation of the camera can be set as desired.

»Download: Download RoomSketcher

1500 Cinematic Photo Overlays - Free Full Version

With 1500 Cinematic Photo Overlays, you can enhance images with professional overlay recordings, for example raindrops, snowflakes, ice and flame motifs or magical light effects. The free template package from COMPUTER BILD offers you 1,500 thematically arranged pictures. All graphics are of high quality and are available in a reproducible resolution of 300 dpi. The free package 1500 Cinematic Photo Overlays from Eldamar should not be missing in any digital photo collection.

»Download: 1500 Cinematic Photo Overlays - Download Free Full Version

Pixillion (Mac)

With Pixillion you can change the size and format of your images with just a few clicks. Operation is simple: you select an image file and determine the target format - the photo converter does the rest. The program supports common file formats such as GIF, JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP, SVG, PSD, HEIC, TGA or PCX. The software even turns images into Word documents (DOCX). The program also reads and writes PDFs. If desired, your pictures can be rotated, mirrored or provided with a watermark.

»Download: Download Pixillion (Mac)

Colorize Photos

Colorize Photos is a web app that turns your black and white photos into color images. The software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize people, faces, animals or landscapes in images and color them accordingly. You can see the result in a before-and-after comparison. Both the comparison and the colored image can be downloaded in PNG format.

»Download: Download Colorize Photos

AI Image Colorizer

The free online service AI Image Colorizer brings color to your black and white photos. The web app relies on artificial intelligence (AI) for re-coloring, which ensures great results. The operation is simple: you drag the desired photo into the web app and click on Start to start coloring. When done, download the edited photo to your hard drive.

»Download: Download AI Image Colorizer

Luminance HDR (Mac)

Luminance HDR allows you to create and edit HDR images. These photos are series of images with different exposure settings (high dynamic range). The free software uses at least three different images to calculate breathtaking images with a particularly wide range of contrasts. The program supports JPG, TIF and RAW formats.

»Download: Download Luminance HDR (Mac)

PhotoStage (Mac)

Would you like to create an individual slide show? Then check out PhotoStage. Image and video files can be easily inserted using drag & drop. You can use the filter function to improve the image quality. You can also add background music or self-spoken texts to videos if you wish.

»Download: Download PhotoStage (Mac)

Denoise Projects Standard - Free Full Version (Mac)

A major problem with digital photography is image noise. Use the Denoise Projects photo app to fix it. The Mac image processing program is available for download exclusively as a free full version from COMPUTER BILD. The software automatically detects and eliminates seven types of image noise such as "luminance noise", "banding" or "hot pixel". Even laypeople can use Denoise Projects without any problems, as they can leave everything to the automatic of 89 different presets.

»Download: Denoise Projects Standard - Download the free full version (Mac)

Analog Projects 3 Standard - Free Full Version (Mac)

With the Analog Projects 3 photo software, you can give digital photos an analog look and optimize your images in terms of sharpness, dynamics and tonal value. There is something for everyone among the 102 presets: whether in the style of the 60s and 70s, Lomography, Polaroid look or effective black and white optics. You can download the full version of Analog Projects 3 free of charge from COMPUTER BILD.

»Download: Analog Projects 3 Standard - Download the free full version (Mac)

Xnip (Mac)

With Xnip you can take screenshots on the Mac. In addition to individual and multiple windows, the application also covers individually adjustable areas. The scrolling function allows you to hold longer image areas, for example for documents or websites. After selecting the desired area, the toolbar can be used, for example, to mark sections, pixelate graphics or insert comments.

»Download: Download Xnip (Mac)


With the DesignCap web app, you can design flyers, posters, invitations, infographics, Facebook banners, business cards and much more. The tool offers various templates that can be used directly for your work and, if desired, adapted to your needs. In addition to numerous shapes, symbols, fonts and backgrounds, DesignCap comes with an extensive database of royalty-free images - sorted by category. You can share the result with your contacts via a link or publicly on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Alternatively, you can download your work to your computer in JPG format.

»Download: Download DesignCap

Photo Stitcher (Mac)

The free Photo Stitcher app for macOS combines several photos into one large image - either horizontally or vertically. However, in contrast to other stitching programs, you do not create panoramic photos or overlaps with the application, but simply combine several recordings on your Mac into one large overall picture. You cut the edge of the picture beforehand and determine the order of the photos.

»Download: Download Photo Stitcher (Mac)