What causes blood in the baby's stool

When is blood in stool in children dangerous?


If children have blood in their stool, this is often caused by a tear in the anus that starts to bleed when using the toilet. But dangerous diseases can also be behind it. Warning signs are when the amount of blood in the stool is very large or when it passes alone without a stool, when the big business is tar-colored or black. Then parents should immediately consult or call a doctor ...

Blood in the stool in children can have a wide range of causes, ranging from tears in the anus (anal fissure) to intestinal polyps and hemorrhoids to serious infectious diseases. Therefore, blood in the stool should always be checked, including in children. “Parents should see a pediatrician immediately if their child is younger than 12 weeks or looks very ill. Also, if the amount of blood in the stool is very large or if it passes alone without a stool, it indicates a serious problem. If the store is tar-colored or black, or if the urine is reddish or brown, parents and their child should immediately seek medical help. Other warning signs are vomited blood and patches of skin with no known injury, ”warns Dr. Monika Niehaus, pediatrician and press spokeswoman for the professional association of paediatricians (BVKJ) in Thuringia.

In most cases, children have an anal fissure that begins to bleed when they go to the toilet. Constipation and hard stools are triggers for this, among other things. With soft droppings, the problem will then resolve itself. Parents can achieve this by making sure that their child eats a high-fiber diet, drinks a lot and gets enough exercise. “Children often have blood when they have diarrhea. Then it is important to clarify whether it is a dangerous infection with E. coli bacteria or salmonella or whether it is food poisoning. Diarrhea is always critical for babies because they 'dry out' faster. In rare cases, blood in the stool can indicate an inflammatory bowel disease such as ulcerative colitis, ”explains Dr. Never house.