Every fire investigator is a retired firefighter

Arson at the former residence of the Wellemöbel company

Detmold (te). The cause of the fire on Industriestrasse is clear: The vacant house on the premises of the Wellemöbel company has been infected.

On Tuesday, April 2, the fire investigators of the Lippe police inspected the burned-out former residential building. They found that the fire was deliberate. According to the police, strangers broke into the building and set fire to it.

There are now two fire ruins close to one another on Industriestrasse: the former Strobel stucco factory, where the last fire lasted in December 2012, and the former residential building since Sunday, March 31st. According to city fire inspector Mathias Sprenger, who led the deployment of around 100 firefighters from Detmold, Lage and Lemgo-Brake on Sunday night, it can no longer be saved. The fire left only a ruin.

The Department of Building Regulations of the City of Detmold wants to check together with the fire brigade whether and in what way the burned-out house needs to be secured. A demolition permit for the building had already been granted before the fire broke out, said team leader Dirk Schäfer. However, it does not constitute a demolition obligation. Ultimately, it is up to the owner how to proceed with his property. The authority can only order security measures if there is a danger to public safety and order.

One example is the nearby fire ruin of the old stucco factory Strobel, which is partially surrounded by a construction fence. It was built in consultation with the authorities. Because in 2008 there was a fire in the old stucco factory. The fire largely destroyed the building erected in 1904 and also left a ruin at that time. As a result, the building was removed from the city's list of monuments almost exactly two years ago - nothing worthy of protection was left.

A demolition permit for this building had existed since 1998, but had not yet been implemented. On December 7th, 2012 the old stucco factory burned again. At that time, the police assumed arson by young people. However, the law enforcement officers have no knowledge that the area is a special meeting point for young people.

What will happen to the two fire sites on the industrial site is still unclear. The Detmold plant of the Paderborn furniture manufacturer Wellemöbel is located on the site. The management could not be reached on Tuesday for the LZ.

The police asks for information about the arson, Tel .: 05231-6090.