What is it like to be God?

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God works through devotion through the human body

Be like god. Can you be like God? In some world religions it is said that man is the Son of God, created in the image of God. In Christianity there is the statement. Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect. That is supposed to mean that one should be like God. But how can you be like God? The statement can also be found in Vedanta. Aham Brahmasmi. that means yes, I am Brahman. And Brahman is the divine. So how can I be God?

To be like God - a lecture by Sukadev Bretz 2018

Can you be like God? Do you want to be like God? What would that mean?

On the one hand, the Bible says that God created man in his own image. In this respect we can say that we as human beings are like God, because we are created in his image. But then it also says in the Jewish Bible that the serpent said "... eat from the tree of knowledge and you will be like God."

So we have this "double". On the one hand, God says, "... yes, I made you in my own image". On the other hand, he defends himself against arrogance and says, “... don't imagine that you can be like God! It is a sin to believe you are like God. "

We find it in the New Testament in the Gospels, where Jesus urges his disciples: "Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect." And he also says to his disciples: "If the disciple is perfect, he becomes like his master." Disciples have mostly called on Jesus as masters, sometimes as father. And Jesus said that he is the Son of God, that he is ultimately one with God. So if the disciples are to be like you masters, like Jesus, and Jesus is ultimately God, Jesus calls on the disciples to “be like God!”.

What does it mean to be like God without being arrogant? First of all, it means to be full of love. It means not just taking care of yourself. To be like God is called, full of love, compassion, in expanded consciousness. If you experience yourself as the soul of the whole universe, as awareness behind the whole universe, then you are truly like God. But if you think you are all powerful, then you are in trouble.

Man as a physical being or as a psychic is never omnipotent. Man is always limited and it is important to accept this limitation. What it means to be God, first of all to recognize, on a physical level you are limited, on a psychological level you are limited. But just as God is the whole universe, or has the whole universe as his body, you have this body. And just as God exists when the world ceases to exist, so do you exist when the body ceases to exist. And just as God manifests as the intelligence of the universe, you are also the intelligence behind this body.

But you are also like God because you are pure consciousness and on that level you are even one with God.

Video: be like God?

Here is a video about "How to be God?"

A short lecture by Sukadev Bretz on the subject of God, from the field of interest spirituality.

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