How to bend square tubular steel

Bending a square tube - how do you do it?

Bend square tubes yourself

Can you bend square tubes yourself? Very limited. However, this is possible under certain conditions.

Requirements for bending yourself

  • low wall thickness
  • suitable material
  • small bends with large to very large radii
  • no overly large dimensions of the pipe

Square tubes - actually rectangular hollow profiles - can be bent yourself if they have small wall thicknesses and are made of a suitable material that allows cold bending.

However, bends only work with very large radii; a tighter bend cannot be produced by oneself, especially with hollow profiles.

Have rectangular profiles bent professionally

There are companies that specialize in bending workpieces to carry out such work. Such specialist companies use the roll bending process in most cases for square tubes.

This means that rectangular profiles can also be roll-bent to a certain extent and up to certain radii. Depending on the material and material properties, either hot or cold bending processes are used. Round rolling is normally not suitable for forming rectangular hollow profiles.

The cost of such bends depends on the material, the dimensions of the workpiece and the wall diameter. In the smaller companies, individual pieces are sometimes bent to a desired radius.

Bending at a 90 degree angle

When it comes to placing a rectangular hollow profile around a 90 degree corner, there is also another option. The two corner pieces can be cut apart at the required point, and then a suitable corner piece can be welded in.

However, it must be welded cleanly and measured very precisely. Such work can also be done by simple locksmiths. In many cases, this type of reshaping is sufficient for rectangular profiles.

In many cases there are also suitable connecting pieces made of plastic for individual hollow profiles, which are simply plugged on. Rectangular profiles or square tubes can sometimes be connected over a corner if it is difficult to connect materials by welding.