All essential oils are food grade

Versatile aromatic oils for the kitchen with natural ingredients 

Cooking with Essential Oils for the Kitchen. The aroma oils "vital kitchen" are ideal for flavoring or refining dishes. They can be used in many ways, whether in cooking or baking. A few drops are often enough to noticeably refine dishes. The aroma lemon oil is ideal, for example, with fish recipes or salads. Just add a few drops when roasting the fish or your salad dressing and it will immediately develop its full flavor. Discover for yourself the right aromatic oil and join us on a journey of taste that will awaken your senses and emotions.

Essential oils Primavera - for aromatherapy, as a skin care lotion or in fragrance lamps
Versatile aromatic oils for the kitchen with natural ingredients.

Aromatic oils for different eating cultures 

Use our essential oils (Aromatic oils) for refining and seasoning of vegetables, salads, sauces, desserts, muesli or cakes. Go on a culinary journey and discover oils that are suitable for vegan, Asian or Mediterranean cuisine. Our aromatic oils are extracted from plants and flowers. They are available from us all year round and are a great substitute for fresh herbs in winter. TheOrange magic oil is ideal for seasoning and refining muesli and ice cream dishes, for example, and gives the dishes a fruity note.

Pure natural aromatic oils in professional quality 

Oils that are used in connection with food should always be natural.

In contrast to refined oils, which consist of a few valuable drops of oil and taste less intense, the cold-pressed aromatic oils retain their full taste. This is also due to the concentration of the plants and flower parts. A drop of rose oil e.g. B. corresponds to approx. 30 rose petals.

Recipes and ideas for modern aromatic cuisine 

Let your cooking feelings run wild and refine your dishes in an exotic way. For cooking enthusiasts there are themed cookbooks that contain lots of great recipes that put their culinary focus on scented oils. Find great recipes how you can refine your dishes wonderfully with spice oils, spice pestos and spice essences, without fresh herbs.
The aroma oils are also ideal for aroma agaring or aroma steaming, for example, vegetables and other great dishes. The peppermint oil as an example, liqueurs, cakes and dairy foods are refined in a great way and unfold their unique aroma.