Men who urinate while sitting, why

Prostate: Peeing while seated acts like a drug

A scientific study shows: Especially for men of advanced age, whose prostate is benign enlarged, the sitting position when urinating can be beneficial for health. A study comparison showed that the bladder of study participants with symptoms of the lower urinary tract, called LUTS, emptied better in this position, so that less residual urine remained in the bladder. This is what the researchers report in the online journal PLOS ONE. The jet seems to be stronger, which is noticeable in the flow rate, while the emptying time was shorter. This could be due to the fact that the muscles of the legs and pelvis can relax better when sitting, suspects Ype de Jong from the University of Leiden. This is beneficial for your health, because if more urine remains in the bladder, this can lead to bladder infections and bladder stones.

In the treatment of prostate complaints, drugs are used, among other things, that help the muscles of the prostate and bladder relax. In their study, however, the scientists were able to show that sitting can have almost as good an effect as these drugs. They believe that a combination of the two can best help men suffering from LUTS. According to the researchers, prostate problems can occur in men as early as middle age. The frequency increases with age. "In men over 80, around 90 percent have problems urinating due to a benign enlargement of the prostate," says De Jong.


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