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20 easy vegan recipes made from simple ingredients

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There are so many easy vegan recipes that you can do with canned foods, frozen vegetables, and othersPrepare basic groceries when you don't want to go shopping all the time or when you don't have fresh groceries at home! So in this post I am bundling my 20 favorite recipes for delicious savory and sweet dishes that can be made with simple ingredients from the pantry!

20 easy vegan recipes made from simple ingredients!

These simple vegan recipes can help you plan your meals on stressful days. So if you can't go to the supermarket every day or just want to consume leftover groceries, these recipes are just the thing! Using canned foods, frozen vegetables, grains, and other long-life foods, you can make at least 20 simple but delicious vegan recipes. So if you need a bit of inspiration, just scroll through this blog post. So you can take a look at the hearty dishes and delicious desserts.

Simple lunch or dinner bowl

I like to make a quick, hearty bowl for lunch or dinner. This usually contains a combination of complex carbohydrates, vegetables, vegetable protein, and healthy fats. Here is a quick guide on how to make a simple vegan "Buddha Bowl" from canned, frozen and other supplies. What you need and can use:

Carbohydrates: Pasta, rice, quinoa, potatoes, oatmeal
To prepare and, if necessary, freeze: gnocchi, pasta, ravioli, Pizza dough, Naan bread, Tortillas, loaf

Vegetables: Frozen vegetable mix, frozen spinach, pumpkin, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, corn and canned tomatoes

protein (canned or dried): Lentils, beans, chickpeas, tofu (for the fridge)

Fats: Olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds

20 easy vegan recipes without much effort!

Personally, I think that cooking and baking delicacies for you and your family is one of the best things you can do. In addition to hearty simple recipes for lunch or dinner, I have also included some sweet cakes and desserts in this round-up.

You can swap the ingredients as you like!

Include some of the following recipes fresh ingredients like peppers, tomatoes or fresh herbs. However, you can simply leave them out or through Canned vegetables or frozen vegetables and Dried herbs replace. Vegetables like potatoes, cauliflower, and carrots are relative durableif you store them properly in a dark, cool room. Most of these recipes are perfect for To prepare and are good too freeze. Just look at the information in the Recipe Notes of the recipe you want to prepare.

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1. Vegan Mac and Cheese (vegan cheese sauce)

2. Vegan tortilla lasagna

3. Vegan potato pancakes (potato cakes)

4. Sweet potato and chickpea curry

5. Lentil balls in curry sauce

6. Creamy pumpkin risotto

7. Fan potatoes

8. Vegan Burritos Samosas

9.Spaghetti Carbonara (vegan)

10. Creamy potato and leek soup

11. Cauliflower Soup

12.Sweet potato gnocchi (vegan, gluten-free)

13. The best vegan chocolate banana bread

14. Carrot cake

15. Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

16. The best vegan brownies

17. Vegan chocolate mousse

18. Vegan lemon and poppy seed cake

19. Vegan mole cake

20. Vegan Raffaelo Coconut Balls

Simple vegan recipes - I look forward to your feedback!

I hope you will like these recipes as much as I do! If you try any of them, please feel free to leave me a comment and rating. Because then I know how you liked it! Your feedback is always very helpful to me and other readers who want to try the recipe. And if you take a photo of your savory dish or sweet dessert, please tag me on Instagram @biancazapatka and use the hashtag #biancazapatka. I am always very happy to see your creations! Have fun cooking or baking! 🙂


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