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Young and conservative. Where does the desire for tradition and the tried and tested come from? We will ask about this in the 21.

Social stability or looking at past experiences when facing current challenges - these are elements of conservatism that Jason values. He is in his early 20s, actually lives in Berlin and studies medicine, but is currently in the USA to write his doctoral thesis.

"By its very nature, conservatism is skeptical of progress and likes to stick to the old."
Jason Adelhoefer, studies medicine

Even if Jason values ​​conservatism very much, he also has criticism of the political movement, for example because conservatism is often rigid and finds too few answers to current problems.

Jason does not belong to a political party, but he is involved in the CDU-affiliated Konrad Adenauer Foundation for the rights of queer scholarship holders. He tells us how his work in the foundation will be received in the age of 21.

Political conservatism has limits

But what does it actually mean in concrete terms, politically, when people describe themselves as conservative? Jens Hacke is a political scientist at the University of Greifswald and says that there are different definitions for political conservatism.

For example, people could be liberal-conservative or democratic-conservative, but only up to a certain point: "When we hear AfD people say they are conservative, it becomes more difficult."

"If someone moves away from the foundations of liberal democracy, does not argue in accordance with the constitution, wants a different republic and does not adhere to certain rules, one can no longer speak of conservatism."
Jens Hacke, political scientist at Greifswald University

In politics, there is a limit to calling yourself conservative. For example, when parties or people move away from the foundations of liberal democracy or argue contrary to the constitution.

Samantha is 38 years younger than the CSU average

Samantha Simbeck is one of the 21.3 percent women in the CSU, and with her 22 years she is 38 years below the average age. The Augsburg resident describes herself as politically conservative, but that has little impact on her everyday life.

"I am involved in a conservative party with conservative structures, but that doesn't mean that I live conservatively."
Samantha Simbeck, CSU member

She also did not have a particularly party-political influence on her parents' home. For Samantha's definition of conservatism, it is only important to maintain values ​​and traditions and still not stick to the past.

She does not confirm that she has a difficult position as a woman within the CSU. In politics it is always difficult to assert oneself: "It's about competition."

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In the podcast, Samantha tells us why she posted a picture of herself and her two friends with the signature "Three Angels for Merz" on Instagram!

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