Are you satisfied with Leo Messi's retirement?

Everyone wants Bartomeu to resign. How can that be achieved?

Maybe bringing Messi back will help.

! [] ( the president of FC Barcelona, ​​Josep Bartomeu, is under pressure from all sides. After Lionel Messi's announcement, there are demonstrating fans Gathered in front of the office and stormed the club's social networks, even board members are retiring, Messi has been publicly endorsed by club legend Carles Puyol and Samuel Eto 'O, and Luis Suarez posted a supportive emoji on Twitter.

Everyone tries to force Bartomeu out of the club. There is even a version that this is Leo Messi's clever plan. El Chiringuito, for example, writes that if Bartomeu leaves, Messi will still stay at FC Barcelona. But firing a club boss is not that easy.

First way: Bartomeu will leave himself (but no, that won't happen)

In Russian realities, the president always has a specific leadership: either a curator-patron (often a governor who decides key issues) or a board of directors with various business people from the region. If something goes wrong, you decide. FC Barcelona, ​​which belongs to Socios, i.e. registered club members, is not like that at all. No man within the club can force Bartomeu to resign. The most realistic scenario-the situation around and inside becomes so unbearable that the president is easier to leave than to convince the opponent.

! [] ( from the outside the president of FC Barcelona seems to be very close to this scenario. Bartomeu has not yet received such a hatred - although hardly one President heitjat is stronger.

It is not loved by the fans. Messi doesn't want to stay with him. Important managers assume so. And the opinion that Messi initiated the club's departure specifically to remove Bartomeu fits this picture easily - which is why the theory is so actively promoted on social networks. Former Barça president Joan Laporte has already got into the discussion: "Bartomeu's board of directors will have to resign. Then there will be a chance Messi will stay at the club."

stay in office.

Second way: Vote of the association members - 100,000 votes required in the referendum

Collect signatures to set up a referendum. The second - for the vote of no confidence in this referendum, two thirds of the members of the club (that's just over 100,000 people) must vote. Then snap elections for the president are appointed.

It used to be easier to organize a referendum: only 5% of the club members had to be signed. But in 2013 Sandro Rösel, who himself left the presidential chair because of allegations of corruption, raised the threshold to 15 percent - and made life difficult for Bartomeu's opposition movements. The vote of no confidence was initiated in 2017. At the time, Bartomeu was dissatisfied with Neymar's departure and the uncertainty with Messi. Former club presidential candidate Agusti Benedito collected signatures. FC Barcelona was really close to a coup, but collecting 15% of the signatures didn't work - the petition only signed 12,504 members of the club. In 2019 Benedito tried again to organize a referendum, but the activities quickly broke off.

! [] ( in the vague year 2020, against the background of the big financial problems and the general instability of the team, the fans organized a collection of signatures again. July announced, but because of the coronavirus pandemic it is even more difficult to collect signatures than usual - and so far no one has reported reaching the 15% barrier. But Messi's departure could trigger a new wave of signature collection. It is true that Leo aimed at such a long and complicated process that, even in optimistic scenarios, can hardly be held in a month and a half. He needs a quick solution that allows him to calmly prepare for the season.

Is there a chance to remove Bartomeu?

According to Agusti Benedito, who initiated the vote in 2017, it is unrealistic to collect the signatures from Socios. First of all, the games take place when the stands are empty - and it is useless on the "Camp Nou" with the documents. Second, large crowds on the call are not at all welcomed by the authorities either. Third, the rules for registering signatures in a short time (14 days) leave no chance - tested. Benedito says the only way to relocate Bartomeu now is not to adopt the budget for the next season at the general meeting in October. This decision will have the same effect as the president's vote of no confidence - he will be forced to leave the club.

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