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Balanced diet: this is why it makes sense

Tired of rushing from one diet to the next? With a balanced diet, you say goodbye to short-term successes.

What is a balanced diet?

A balanced diet means yourself diversified, versatile and colorful to nourish. Thus, this diet is the basis for a healthy life and your individual well-being. It also means taking advantage of the variety of diets and consuming the right amounts. So it's primarily about being with your healthy diet also cover your nutritional needs. You have enough carbohydrates, fats, Proteins as Vitamins and consume minerals.

Balanced means healthy and healthy doesn't just refer to the choice of food. It's also about how you deal mentally with your diet. Prohibitions are never the solution. Instead, we rely on a healthy relationship with food. Eating and enjoying consciously should be in the foreground.

Regardless of how healthy a food is, it may not do all your body needs by itselfMicronutrients and Macronutrientsdeliver. Therefore, a one-sided diet is not recommended.

You eat a balanced diet if you take advantage of the variety of nutrition and consume it in the right amounts.

For a more varied diet, we recommend that you consider as many different food groups as possible when planning your meals. Would you like to know more about the different food groups and the amounts in which their consumption is recommended? Be sure to check out our article on the Food pyramid at.

You don't have the inspiration to do onebalanced nutritionthat gives you that extra energy kick? Then be sure to check out oursRecipes Collectionaround.

Balanced diet: why does it make sense?

low carbor paleo diet is not for you? Nobody wants to switch from one diet to the next for a lifetime. A balanced diet does not keep you from your life. It fits in with your everyday work and also with your grandma's birthday. A balanced diet will give you nothing forbidden.
On the contrary: You are even recommended to eat whatever you feel like eating. Assuming this takes place in a naturalbalance instead of.

You want to lose weight orbuild muscles? On the way to yoursFitness goals the calorie balance is crucial. If you want to lose weight, you need a moderate calorie deficit, if you want to achieve goals you have to be in excess of calories. For optimal training results, you should know how high yourCalorie requirementis. With ourCalorie calculator you can easily find out. And on top gives you our free body check Nutrition tips and product recommendations from our experts - individually tailored to your goals.

To the free body check

The great advantage of a balanced diet is: In a calorie deficit, the probability of developing a deficiency in certain nutrients is low.

Although you reduce your calories, you still choose your meals from the various food groups.

How can you eat a balanced diet?

We recommend a diet that is 50-65% offCarbohydrates, 15-25% protein and 20-30%Fats consists.

Would you like to find out what this means for the amount of calories you have consumed? Calculate your individual macronutrient needs in ourfree online macro calculator.

A balanced diet is next to a good one relationship In terms of macronutrients, the micronutrient supply is also important. The DGE recommends consuming 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. So the saying eat the rainbow doesn't come from anywhere. Micronutrients are vital for your body and ensure that it stays functional.

You don't feel like worrying about whether you are eating a varied enough diet?

TheTeller method can help you to simply make your daily diet more varied. Quite simply, without having to remember numbers and percentages.

Divide your plate or bowl into four parts. First, fill your plate with fresh vegetables or fruit. If you are eating a main meal, the vegetables should make up about half of your plate.

In the daily balance, we always recommend choosing a little more vegetables than fruit. Make sure that it looks as colorful as possible on your plate.
Never forget the extra portion of green vegetables. Spinach, kale & Co. are real energy packages for your body.

Fill about ¼ of your plate with grain. It doesn't matter whether it's oatmeal, millet or classic pasta. Choose the whole grain variety as often as possible. It not only consists of a high proportion of complex carbohydrates, but also provides you with important micronutrients and Fiber. Fill the rest of your plate with vegetable proteins. Lentils and kidney beans are good sources here.

Don't forget to top your meal with a handful of nuts or seeds. This is a super easy way to secure a portion of good fats.

Still not sure if you are eating a balanced diet? AFood diary, in which you record your eating habits, can help you to record your eating habits more consciously.

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Our conclusion

  • A balanced diet means a varied diet
  • there are no prohibitions and no rules
  • watch out for colorful food
  • combine different food groups
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