Is the iPhone SE finally out of date?

iPhone SE vs. iPhone SE (2016) - old versus new

Well-known design

Not much has changed on the front, apart from the increase in diameter. This one is four inches up 4.7 in grown. The good resolution remains the same and has been expanded to include the additional area. The value of the pixel density is therefore constant at 325 ppi. The display is framed by a wide edge above and below.

In the lower edge is the Home button with integrated Fingerprint sensor. Almost a retro feature that has found its way back, much to the delight of many users. With a new Apple device, you no longer have to rely on Face ID for quick unlocking, but can do this again with your fingerprint. The front camera and speaker are housed in the upper edge.

New colors

A lot has happened on the back. For example, the back of the new iPhone SE is now covered with glass. The one on the old iPhone SE was still made of metal and had a different colored edge worked into it at the top and bottom. This is now a thing of the past and the iPhone SE 2020 is on monochrome design.

The colors of the devices have also changed. The iPhone SE 2016 had metallic colors, corresponding to the material, which of course went very well. These colors have now been replaced by black, white and red, which also looks very elegant and goes well with the new and modern Glass cladding fits.

State-of-the-art technology

The biggest difference is probably the processor of the iPhone SE. The iPhone SE, released four years ago, had a Bionic A9 chip. At the time, this was also the newest processor that could be found at Apple. Because the new iPhone SE has also got the latest chip, this time it's the one A13 bionic chip. From a dual-core processor, we now have a processor with six cores. The Speed ​​difference, as well as energy use and efficiency are of course undeniable. The 2016 chip could clock at a speed of up to 1.9 gigahertz, the new model, however, even 2.7 gigahertz.

The random access memory went from two to three gigabytes elevated. And also the Memory variants have been adapted to today's needs. Thus the smallest storage variant has a capacity of 64 gigabytes and the largest one of 256 gigabytes. So there should be something for everyone. Furthermore, data can of course also be saved in the iCloud.

Both devices have as the operating system iOS 13 to get. As is normal with Apple, every current iPhone receives regular operating system updates. Unfortunately, old iPhones are no longer updated, a fate that will probably also affect the iPhone SE 2016 with the next update. The smartphone can then still be used, but over time some apps can no longer be installed and you will get them no security updates more. That could be another reason for owners of the old iPhone SE to switch to the new variant.

Camera update

There are only small changes to the main camera, which still produce nice results. Both cameras have a resolution of twelve megapixels, but instead of a standard lens as in the SE 2016 in the new version Wide angle lens installed. The new camera could do the F-number reduce it a little more. The aperture is therefore a little wider and more light can enter, which results in bright images with a short shutter speed. Even when it gets darker, you can still see the motifs without blurring the images.

A lot has happened and has been done with the front camera, at least in terms of resolution increased from 1.2 megapixels to seven megapixels. Here, too, the aperture was reduced a little. It takes very nice selfies, which now also have an appealing resolution. However, Face ID can still not be used with the new SE model. This technology is reserved for the big iPhones only. But the SE is still one of the few iPhones with the fingerprint sensor.

iPhone SE 2020iPhone SE 2016
Display4.7 in | 1334 x 750 pixels4 inches | 1136 x 640 pixels
processorApple A13 BionicApple A9 Bionic
random access memory3 GB2 GB
Internal memory 64 GB | 128 GB | 256 GB16 GB | 32 GB | 128 GB
battery pack1821 mAh1624 mAh
camera12 MP | Wide angle12 MP | default
coverf / 1.8f / 2.2
Front camera7 MP1.2 MP
SIMDual SIM (nanoSIM + eSIM)nanoSIM

further innovations of the iPhone SE

There are still a few little things that differ from the things already mentioned. This includes, among other things, a IP67 certification. The new iPhone SE is therefore protected from dust and water. It shouldn't be kept permanently under water, but splashing water like a poured glass or a short water bath will survive the smartphone undamaged. This is a great feature that will take away the panic of damaging iPhone.

Unfortunately you have to go to the Jack socket on the bottom of the iPhone SE 2016 now dispense. This has been removed and headphones can now be connected either via the Lightning connector or via Bluetooth. However, if you want to charge and listen to music at the same time, you are inevitably dependent on Bluetooth headphones. If you want to continue using headphones with a jack plug, you need an adapter.

Connection options such as Bluetooth and WLAN have also been brought up to date to ensure a secure and stable connection.

With the iPhone SE 2020, a lot has been updated compared to its predecessor, the iPhone SE 2016. After the four years, Apple's new Special Edition will be adapted to modern needs and significantly improved in terms of performance, memory and size. With a new camera and, above all, the latest technology, you will be able to have fun with this iPhone for a long time. In addition, the iPhone SE has an unbeatable price and is a real recommendation, especially for satisfied users of the iPhone SE 2016!

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