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Trusted Shops, TÜV & Co .: Which seals of approval in online shops are reputable?

When looking for a trustworthy and legally compliant online shop, you can also use so-called seals of approval as a guide. Provided that it is a serious seal of approval, which has independently checked the provider to determine whether he complies with the legal provisions and meets certain requirements for user-friendliness.

Regrettable for consumers: There is no uniform seal of approval for Internet retailers. The "Initiative D21" presents test criteria that you can use as a guide. This is a joint project between business, politics and consumer advocates.

You can check whether such a seal of approval is lawfully used by an online shop by clicking on the seal emblem. If everything is in order, you must be forwarded to the website of the quality seal operator, where you will be shown the valid test certificate. This certificate must also explicitly refer to the shop from which it was linked. However, if the link only leads to any page or if you cannot click on the seal at all, it is likely to be a forgery.

On many websites of online retailers, however, there are also seals of approval that are intended to arouse particular trustworthiness among customers. Often, however, it is not at all clear what the seal of approval stands for and who has awarded it. In some cases, dealers even invent their own seals, behind which there is no added value. In this case, the seal does not mean more security for you when buying. On the other hand, an online shop that does not have a seal of approval cannot be assessed as dubious from the outset.