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Encouraging cinema: 7 inspiring films for all walks of life

Movies can evoke a lot of emotions. They can move you to tears or make you laugh. Sometimes they are depressing, but they can also be motivating. In short: cinema moves you. And at the start of the new year, it should above all encourage and inspire. That is why we would like to recommend seven inspiring films for all walks of life that are up to this challenge.

Inspirational films can give you new motivation in dreary times. Especially at the beginning of the year, when the list of resolutions is particularly long, you may need a little more incentive. So that you can start the new year with a concentrated load of motivation, we have scoured the cosmos of the moving image for you and now present you with seven inspiring films for all situations.

Cool runnings - being there is everything: motivating sports comedy with a heart

Failure can be a drag on you. But at the same time bring with them the incentive to get up again. The Jamaican athlete Derice Bannock (Leon Robinson) also experiences this in Jon Turteltaub's comedy film Cool runnings from 1993. As one of the best short distance runners in the country, Derice dreams of participating in the Seoul Olympics. When an accident in the all-important race breaks this dream, it is devastated. However, an almost comedic idea occurs to him: If he cannot take part in the Summer Olympics, then he tries his luck in the winter disciplines. So Derice does everything in his power to get a four-man team together. And to train under the direction of the former top athlete Irv (John Candy) for the discipline of bobsleigh. You will witness a story of ambition, willpower and great ambitions that can even sweep you away, even if you are not a big fan of winter sports. The interesting thing about Cool runnings - being there is everything: According to the film database Imdb, the film is loosely based on the true story of the Jamaican bobsleigh team at the 1988 Calgary Winter Games. The team was not able to bring home a great success, but as the film title says: Being there is everything!

Blind Side - The great opportunity: A special feel-good cinema for the whole family

Sometimes you just have to meet the right person and the misery you find yourself in turns into a valuable opportunity. In the 2009 film drama by John Lee Hancock, Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) and Michael "Big Mike" Oher (Quinton Aaron) demonstrate just that. Because 17-year-old Michael is a child with a past of coldness and disorientation is shaped. His mother is a drug addict and so problem child Michael is placed in foster families. One day, however, he meets his schoolmate Sean "SJ" Junior (Jae Head) and becomes friends with him.

When SJ's wealthy mother finds him shivering in the cold one evening, she takes him away and even offers him the opportunity to attend the family's Thanksgiving dinner. A gesture of compassion turns into caring. And from the care develops a friendship of a very special kind, which also helps Michael to his great passion as a football player. If inspirational films do one thing, it is to remind you that we all really want only one thing: a glimmer of affection from our fellow human beings. And hardly any other film manages this better than Blind Side - The great opportunity. If you are already in the mood for the film, it is best to stop by the Vodafone video library.

Gran Torino: A call against racism and intolerance

As well as being a great actor, Clint Eastwood is a great director, which he did in 2008 Gran Torino has proven. And when it comes to filmmaking, the now 89-year-old is one of Hollywood's great talents. In this work, Eastwood tells you about Walt Kowalski and the topic of racism and tolerance. As a bitter war veteran, Walt (Clint Eastwood) experiences little joy in everyday life. His wife recently passed away and his relationship with his two sons was catastrophic. As if that weren't enough, there are the Vietnamese families who are gradually moving to his shabby Detroit suburbs. Because Walt's thinking is strongly shaped by racist prejudice. And without giving too much away: As the film progresses, we realize how the images we have of other people can be clouded. A simple message that is wonderfully conveyed in cinematic terms. Gran Torino is an inspiring film because it shows us in a believable way how a person's morality can triumph over prejudice and intolerance. A lesson that has to be seen. Gran Torino is also available in the Vodafone video library.

Seven lives: Melancholy, rousing emotional cinema

In Gabriele Muccino's drama Seven lifes Space engineer Ben (Will Smith) causes a tragic traffic accident in which seven people lose their lives. Plagued by guilt, he eventually loses all joy in life. However, when his brother is diagnosed with lung cancer, Ben donates a lung and discovers a new purpose in life. He tries to help people. People whose lives are endangered by an illness. In this way, Ben discovers a new right to exist. The question “How can I help my fellow human beings?” Is in the foreground here and the course of the film also demonstrates the price for reparation, like the original title Seven pounds also clarified. This is namely an allusion to Shakespeare's play TheMerchant of Venice, in which the protagonist tries to pay off his debt to the moneylender Shylock with a pound of his own body flesh. Absurd notion, but figuratively almost poetic. Seven lifes can also be found in the Vodafone video library.

Pretty best friends: A very special kind of buddy comedy

When two worlds meet for the first time, this encounter does not look rosy in many cases. In French dramedy Pretty best friends the reserved Phillipe (François Cluzet) meets the extroverted Driss (Omar Sy). Both could hardly be more different. Phillipe, paralyzed from the neck down in an accident, lives prosperous and secluded in his estate. Driss, on the other hand, has just been released from prison and has a very open and direct personality. While looking for a new carer for Phillipe, the two get to know each other. As luck would have it, a heartwarming friendship of the most bizarre kind develops from this strange encounter. This strip convinces with an extraordinary degree of sympathy and shows us how a single encounter can be responsible for the happiness of two people. Because the most important thing in life are pretty good friends. And as a little fun fact at the end: The story of the film seems to work so well that several international remakes followed. Among others in Argentina, India or most recently with My best and me in the USA. You can also find the story of Philippe and Driss in the Vodafone video library.

The pursuit of happiness: an odyssey full of creativity and willpower

Director Gabriele Muccino and actor Will Smith reunite in this autobiographical drama. As the title says The pursuit of happiness already reveals, it is about the pursuit of a unlucky man who wants to give his son a happy future. It is a modern man's odyssey that is initially marked by failure and great sadness. His wife leaves him, his everyday professional life offers no success and then he and his son Christopher (Jaden Smith) end up on the street.

It wasn't until he was promised a paid internship at an investment bank that the tide turned. Because you have to fight for happiness. And when you see that a man who seems to have absolutely nothing left can pull himself up and strive for new happiness, then that sounds like the epitome of inspiration. Therefore may The pursuit of happiness Not missing from any list of inspirational films. So off to the Vodafone video store, because there you can The pursuit of happiness look at.

Forrest Gump: An iconic piece of film history

Hardly any other film from our list enjoys such popularity and cult status as Forrest Gump. Iconic quotes such as "Run, Forrest, run!", A brilliant Tom Hanks in the role of his life and an exorbitant dose of hope and euphoria make this Oscar-winning film one of the most important works in film history and a worthy end to our list. Director Robert Zemeckis tells the story of the eponymous hero Forrest Gump, who, despite his low IQ and physical impairment, becomes a super athlete, national hero, pop star and millionaire.

The film shows us that success is not only due to mental or physical strength, but can be achieved through kindness, benevolence and a strong will. In a sense, it is the blueprint for the works that we have listed here. Forrest Gump is tragic, humorous, extremely entertaining, funny and beautiful. But at the end of the day, one thing above all else: inspiring. Of course you think so too Forrest Gump in our Vodafone video library.

As different as all these films may be, at the end of the day they all leave the same impact. They touch and inspire us. Whether with heart, humor or sometimes with melancholy or even sad moments. These seven films demonstrate the power of cinema to us. We hope that we were able to add a few films to your watchlist and we wish you a lot of fun while watching.

Which of these films do you watch first at the start of the new year? Let us know in the comments!

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