Has your business ever been robbed?

Translation of "got robbed" in German

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Well, you might have suggested it before we got robbed.
Well you would have that before robbery should propose.
No one even knew they got robbed, just like we planned.
It has to do with the illegal poker game you were at that got robbed.
It has to do with the illegal poker game where you were, that was robbed.
Sam's has a job he's been bugging me to take - Fashion house that got robbed.
I heard about that bank got robbed!
We're both just a little jumpy, ever since our jewelry store got robbed a couple of months ago.
We're a little nervous since opening our jewelry store recently was robbed.
Where were my dogs when I got robbed?
What if we can rip off that train, and no one ever knows it got robbed?
What if we can rob this train and no one ever finds out about it was robbed?
The manager of your bank, the one that got robbed. What's his name?
They were in the bank when it got robbed.
Unfortunately, you were with that Raid in the bank.
Or because he just got robbed of two million.
After you got robbed, I got scared.
I. got robbed twice on the overnight train.
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