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Driving game with Strava segments

Get the segment - this is how speed training works with Strava

Driving games are just great. The game with speed: run at real speed, then relax, run fast again and then come to rest again - that's fun. Integrated into running training once a week, driving games make us better. With powerful running steps they help to improve the general athleticism, strengthen the cardiovascular system by stimulating the heart muscle and arteries and make you self-confident after a successful training. At least that's how I feel. Sure, driving games can hurt for the moment. But if the recovery gradually sets in when I run out, then I am proud of my willingness to train and also a little more self-confident. Prerequisites for these strengthening effects are at least five to six weeks of running training with at least one speed training per week. And per driving game at least three to four tightening of the pace, with the necessary trot breaks in between. I use more and more Strava for this.

Strava as a source of motivation for training

I increasingly use the Strava platform and its "segments" to control my driving games. Strava is a social network based in the USA. Above all, endurance athletes meet via strava.com to post their training sessions and to follow other athletes. If you want to follow me, visit my profile at https://www.strava.com/athletes/20014301. Strava also offers apps with a tracking function, i.e. recording the routes run, but the core content is uploading and commenting on training sessions, following other athletes, and comparing and measuring. This either on entire routes or only on partial sections, called segments by Strava. To do this, runners first create attractive or popular sections of the route independently and give them appropriate names such as “forest edge sprint” or “lake round”. Strava then automatically creates leaderboards for these segments and after a few minutes and a reload, the interested user can already see who is usually also on these sections - and how quickly. And that's where the fun really begins! The best buddy five seconds faster? That's not possible! Let's go: run faster in one of the next training sessions and make up at least one place. If you are the fastest in a segment, Strava will reward you with a virtual crown. You will be rewarded with this in the training recording and the former leader in the segment will receive a message at the same time with the hint. "Oh no, you lost a segment". It's up to you to pick up this athletic gauntlet and hit back. This is how Strava works. But it's not just about the crowns for the fastest overall. You can also measure yourself in terms of genders, age groups and even weight classes. Or see who was the fastest on this lap today.

Segment driving games - This is how driving game works today

What is always possible is the comparison with yourself. To get to old best times or even to get faster, even without the organized competition with others, that is a nice motivation for many. And that's why I discovered the segment driving game (SFSP) for myself. On my home PC, I first look at the available segments in my running region. I study the times, weigh up whether there is anything I can get here and combine the interesting segments into a running route. As before every speed training session, I naturally run in for 15 minutes before the first challenge can come. At least three, better four or five segments in a row, with enough space for regenerative trot breaks, result in a wonderful pace change training. Despite the anticipation of publishing what I have just achieved on Strava.com, I am of course still running out. The Strava driving games have even found their way into our Mallorca running camps, as part of the program in our 5-star running camp in Alcúdia.

You can find the best training plans with a driving game at www.laufcampus.com/trainingsplan.html

Well equipped, it can be even better

The more modern of the current sports watches also offer a nice feature for fans of the segment driving game: the so-called "live segments" function. Once you have marked your favorite segments as a favorite online and set up the sports watch correctly, it indicates the approaching challenge with an acoustic signal and sends the runner out onto the track with a start signal. There is also an alarm for the goal and an indication of how good you have been this time and whether you have achieved the goal you set yourself. So this gives me a lot of pleasure! I have already taken quite a few segments for myself - and my running friends also make fun of taking them away from me. Of course I try to counter then ... This is how driving game works today!

I hope you enjoy your training

Andreas Butz