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Amusing words in Afrikaans

We have put together a list of funny words in Afrikaans for you.

You often see vacationers giggling on the street, making fun of this unusual language. Sure, Afrikaans sounds pretty amusing to us Europeans. And although English is mainly spoken in larger cities like Cape Town, the importance of Afrikaans should not be underestimated. It is a very young language with a fascinating history. In the past, Afrikaans was also called Cape Dutch or Colonial Dutch and originated from the New Dutch of the 17th century. Originally it was the language of the Boers.
But back to the basics: Amusing words in Afrikaans. Have fun while reading!

1. Bakgat
Sounds harsh, but it's not. The slang word simply means "great". So everything is “bakgat”.
2. Bollemakiesie
Kind of like Spaghettie Bolognese. However, you don't get it in the restaurant. A Bollemakiesie is a somersault.
3. Boom
“Boom” is reminiscent of the French “la boum” - the party. However, if you ask about “boom”, the South Africans will send you to the next tree. Then you can only party alone.
4. Bromponie
First thought: growl, growl ?! And why bangs? It's crystal clear, because a “bromponie” is a scooter.
5. Draai loop
Anyone who wants to ride a roller coaster has to go to the amusement park, "draai loop" simply means turning around.
6. Duikweg
Subway in New York, passage basement in Paris, underpass in Berlin and Duikweg in Cape Town. Everywhere different and yet one and the same.

7. Duikboot
Anyone who understands Duikweg will now recognize that a Duikboat can submerge. This means the submarine.
8. Eksie-perfect
Fantastic! If you are on vacation in South Africa, you can now proudly say: "It's eksie-perfeksie here!"
9. Ek wil nog never na huis never!
You can hear this sentence especially on the playground, where mothers and fathers try to convince their children to leave the sandpit and go home with them. Because the only answer they get is: "I don't want to go home yet!"
10. Fliek
Do you fancy a "fliek"? Then off to the cinema, because "fliek" simply means film.
11. Camel horse
Don't be surprised if on a tour through the Kruger National Park you suddenly hear “camel paw” and expect a wild animal. Because a camel horse is unfortunately not as wild as the name might sound. It's just a giraffe. Really very dangerous!

12. Koes
Maybe cheese? No, unfortunately not. The Dutch did not get hold of this word. It means “duck” in the sense of “evade”. Attention, ball!
13. Kopseer
Unfortunately everyone has Kopseer times. The antidote for this is the “Grand-Pa” tablet in South Africa and is available in every supermarket.
14. Milking Commel
Do you fancy a "milking commel"? Then mix fruits of your choice with milk or yogurt and make your own delicious milkshake.
15. Mooier as ek ooit gehad durven drome
If you don't feel like doing something and then overcome yourself and realize afterwards that it wasn't that bad at all, the statement “Mooier as ek ooit gehad durven drome” fits perfectly. Because it means: "Better than you thought" or "Better than you would have ever dreamed."
16. Party
“Party” has two meanings in Afrikaans. On the one hand, it stands for a festival or celebration like ours. On the other hand, it also means “some / numerous / a lot”. So always be careful what is meant, otherwise it will lead to confusion.
17. Peuselhappie
We can only say one thing about this: it really doesn't get any sweeter! A Peuselhappie is a small snack for in between. This “snack” is cute.
18. Robot
If the navigation system suddenly says: “Please turn right at the next robot”, it does not mean that there is a robot there. In Afrikaans it means a traffic light.
19. Verkleurmannetjie
Tip: As difficult as it is to pronounce this word, this animal is just as difficult to recognize when it has adapted to its surroundings. Right, a chameleon!
20. Wildsplaas
This Afrikaans word has nothing to do with urination, but it's still good to know when you are on vacation in South Africa. Wildsplaas means something like "African Safari Park", in which you can go on hunting tours for local animals organized through the hotel. In our opinion, an absolute no-go!
21. Wipmat
A Wipmat is great fun, especially for children. Because they like to romp and jump. What is more suitable than a trampoline?

22. Tuinslang
Anyone who sees a snake in the garden is rightly frightened. If someone speaks of a Tuinslang - a garden snake in Afrikaans - then there is no need to worry: it is an ordinary garden hose.

23. Spookasem
Who has ever seen a ghost and its breath? Obviously there are already many in South Africa, because spookasem (spirit breath) occurs at every festival. Creepy? Maybe only for those who don't brush their teeth, because what sounds like ghost breath is nothing but sweet cotton candy. Ok, with the imagination, cotton candy looks like frozen breath.


Bromponie, Peuselhappie, Eksie-perfect ... we have to admit, Afrikaans sounds funny, but definitely also really cute. We now have a whole list of funny Afrikaans words and phrases. But the longer the better! So if you want to add something, just send us an email to [email protected] We regularly post funny and nice things on our Facebook page. We're looking forward to your messages.


by Anna Karolina Stock

Pictures: www.komedie.co.za


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