Do you believe in whirlwind romance?

41 conversation starters for serious couples

When you're in a relationship, there is so much more to discover about each other. Here are some great conversation starters for couples.

Every new relationship is a whirlwind of sunshine, peaches, romance and all that beautiful pink jazz. But as soon as the fire hisses and the dust settles, there may come a point where there isn't much to discover or talk about.

You know each other pretty well, and you can even boast of yourself being able to read each other's thoughts and complete each other's sentences.

But now that you've settled into the afterglow, things are comfortable, and more so - predictable. This is the time when things can get pretty boring, and so you need to make two extra efforts to delve deeper into each other's thoughts, principles, and beliefs. You need to have deeper conversations that go beyond the moves, the courtesies, and the romance.

Conversation starter for couples

Once you've covered everything, how do you find more topics to talk about? know about each other and everything else under the sun? Check out these conversation starters for serious couples - sit down and try these topics - and you may even take your aspiring relationship to a deeper, deeper level.

# 1 Do you remember the last time you two were? You laughed so much that you can cry. Think of the best times you had and do it this way, and maybe you could do it again.

# 2 When was the last time you felt good? vice versa? This allows you to think about each other in a positive light and to appreciate your good qualities.

# 3 What's your favorite sexual memory put together? It could be something about fulfilling a fantasy, role play, or just a simple, quiet, and romantic night that you shared.

# 4 What event in your life do you think the phrase "scarred for life" applies to? With it, you can go deeper into each other's experiences and understand how past situations have changed you both.

# 5 What's your plan for next year? In five years? In ten? Discuss if you have similar plans and goals. However, if you have differences, talk about how you can work together to support one another and complement your goals with the other.

# 6 What would you do if you won the lottery now? Discuss your plans, needs and wants, and how the other fits into the picture.

# 7 What would you do if we weren't together now? How about if you didn't meet? Would any of you be unhappy, happy, in trouble, or successful?

# 8 What were your misconceptions about each other? Surely you have first impressions of each other that turned out to be wrong as you progressed through your relationship.

# 9 What are your worst troubles? Living together brings more discoveries - some that you would rather not know and others that you hopefully cannot see.

# 10 What's your dream vacation? ? At this point, you may have gone on a couple of vacations. Imagine a dream goal - and maybe work to make it happen.

# 11 What would you like to change in yourself? What would you like to change about your partner? Be honest and honest. This is an ideal time to be critical, but make sure it is constructive.

# 12 What gives you "butterflies"? Do you know what upsets and upsets each other.

# 13 What are your similarities? Do these help or hinder your relationship? Look at opportunities that are complementary despite their differences and see how your similarities can fuel your relationship.

# 14 What's hot about your partner? What do you do? do you find sexy about your partner?

# 15 What are your sexual fantasies? You don't have to play shy and humble - say it now or silently forever!

# 16 What do you think of each other's family? Parents? Good relationships with each other's family members can help create a harmonious relationship.

# 17 What's the most romantic thing your partner has done? This is another opportunity to show your appreciation for your partner, and also a way to encourage desirable actions.

# 18 What do you like most in the bedroom? You may know each other very well sexually, so this is a way of talking about the special things your partner does to make you feel good in bed.

# 19 You get turned on when ____. Describe random, unusual, or common things that turn you on about your partner.

# 20 How are you? The relationship has changed since you started dating. Has your relationship grown? Take stock of your relationship and how you have changed through the months or years.

# 21 What do you consider a deal breaker? What did you consider a deal breaker before you met? Talk about the time you first met and the first few days you were together. Do you still think these deal breakers are that big of a deal?

# 22 When we fight, I wish you _____. Fight is inevitable, but if there's a way you can both keep it from being blown out of proportions, then big.

# 23 What can your partner do to win you over when you are not good at it? Discuss how you can end the fight and make amends. What makes your heart melt when you get angry and vice versa?

# 24 Do you still have secrets from each other? Are there things and confessions that you still want to say?

# 25 Who among your family and friends know you best? Maybe you can follow her up for more information and secrets about your partner.

# 26 When do you feel the most? Is there a certain activity that you like? helps you relax, remember, recharge?

# 27 What's your guilty feeling? Do you like strolling around on Netflix series or listening to 90s boy bands? Dancing to Ariana Grande in the shower?

# 28 If your life were a movie who would play you and who would play your partner? Would you like certain celebrities to play you? What is the film title and the soundtrack?

# 29 Do you feel most vulnerable now, when you started dating or before you did? Describe what makes you most vulnerable.

# 30 Are there any goals that you have achieved with your partner's help or support? In your opinion, what successes and triumphs would not have been possible without the help of your partner?

# 31 What's a perfect day with your partner for you? Who knows this perfect day can happen more often?

# 32 What's your bucket list as a couple? Create the craziest, outrageous, and most of the things a couple should do.

# 33 Who was your first crush? Remember the things you did as a kid and feel this puppy love feeling.

# 34 Are you still masturbating? What do you think about it? Come on, you should be talking about this when you've been together for a long time.

# 35 Who of your family do you want the other? meet * and vice versa? * Is there a favorite aunt or particularly eccentric grandparent who you think would get along well with your partner?

# 36 Who do you believe most? Your mother or your father? What is your partner thinking? You can talk about your parents' lovable qualities, and that question can lead to more family and childhood stories.

# 37 If you could go back in time, what time in your life would you like to go back in time? Discuss milestones in your life. Would you take it over or just experience it all over again?

# 38 What do you regret most? Your greatest triumph? Talk about the highest and lowest moments of your life.

# 39 Do you think you already know your partner best? See if you know yourself really well: What three things do you think they would bring with them if they were stranded on an island for the rest of their lives? ?

# 40 When can you say that you are really successful? Do you need a lot of money, a high position in the company director or will you become CEO of your own company? What can make you say that you are really successful in your individual endeavors?

# 41 What's your approach to money and savings? This is an important conversation, especially if you are serious about your relationship and even considering marriage.

These are just pointers for conversation starters for couples. However, it is still up to you to help your relationship grow as you understand each other better as individuals and as a couple.