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Tips for job research

Are you looking for a new job? Easier said than done. The research for a new position should be extensive and not be tackled between the door and the hinge.

The preliminary work

Search wildly is one possibility. But it is more efficient to reflect first. Because how should a company decide for you if you are not sure what you can and what you want. Questions about your own abilities, your strengths, your weaknesses and your goals must be clear to you personally before you apply. After the self-reflection, a detailed applicant profile will emerge.

3, 2, 1… go

Now the research can begin. The most common search tool is certainly the Internet. Job exchanges, networking platforms and company websites are important sources of information. Various job portals also offer search agents who suggest jobs to you based on an initially created search profile. But creating an anonymous applicant profile is also a popular way of attracting employers' attention.

He who seeks finds

Once you've finally found something, you need to read the job offer carefully. Numerous requirements are placed on the applicant. Language and software skills are just a few of the criteria. One should be aware that the job advertisement is an optimal idea on the part of the company. As a rule, you will not match this profile 100%. But if you meet most of the requirements, you can definitely consider an application.

collect informations

For a successful application, it is important to obtain sufficient information about the company. Many also use the Internet as a starting point for this. In the second step, you can contact the company by phone. In this way you can show your own interest, have a personal contact person to whom you can send your application and possibly arouse interest on the part of the HR department. Personal contact is always recommended. Another possibility are networking events and career fairs to make initial contacts.


In addition to self-reflection and proactivity, it is important when researching a job to be able to accurately assess the company and the position. Because in the end the company has to suit you personally.