Why are dog paws pink


Homage to the prosperous paws


When the prosperous puppies are born, their paws are still pink. They feel very silky, the fur between the pads is velvety, the claws almost transparent. They don't actually smell like anything. And yet they smell of milk and honey and of innocence. Intact. Inexperienced.


The prosperous dog's paws speak their own language. Over the years, they become dark from dirt and wear and tear. They suddenly feel rough and cracked. You start to smell.

The skin of the paws becomes harder. A horny layer forms. After all, they need protection now. Now that they carry the prosperity dog ‚Äč‚Äčlong distances by the side of their people. Salt in winter, hot asphalt in summer and sharp objects all year round put a strain on your paws.

The hair between the pads also becomes longer. Sometimes they are covered in mud. It gets tough and after the walk the prosperous dog is devoted to peeling the dirt out of the spaces and distributing it in the living room.

There may also be times when the Wealthy Dog's human is very busy. Then the claws of the prosperous dogs get longer. When it snows, they are also visible in the snow.

Dogs only sweat from their paws. In summer you can sometimes see their marks on the tiles. It is logical that the smell of milk and honey does not remain. The paws begin to smell. Over time, they smell of forest and meadow, of the outdoors, spicy, doggy, musty (some find it), wonderful (others find it).

It is always said that you can tell your age by looking at a person's hand. A similar principle also applies to the prosperous dogs; their paws reveal a lot about them.