What is your experience with elective operations?

We regularly take part in tumor conferences (tumor board) and pelvic floor boards

So-called «boards» are becoming more and more important in providing optimal care for our patients. The basic idea is that when specialists from different disciplines meet and discuss medical problems with one another, the quality of treatment increases. The entire available knowledge of individual disciplines is available simultaneously. Critical questioning is institutionalized. Of course, data protection is guaranteed and all parties involved are obliged to maintain confidentiality (confidentiality). It is important that the boards onlyrecommendations do, butno regulations. The lastresponsibility stays with the treating doctor. More ... (May 11, 2021)

Attention construction sites!

There is brisk road construction activity in both Basel and Liestal. There are always changing short-term and long-term closures and diversions. In Basel the Henric Petri-Strasse and the Sternengasse are affected, in Liestal the Gasstrasse and parts of the Rheinstrasse as well as parts of the Bahnhofstrasse. If you arrive by car, please allow enough time. (4/24/2021)

Cooperation with the University Hospital Basel (USB) in further training

Urology NORTHWEST SWITZERLAND participates in the further training of aspiring urologists at the USB. At large centers there are predominantly complex patients and correspondingly difficult and large operations. However, the routine interventions often take place in practice. Resident doctors visit us regularly so that future specialists can also learn this aspect of urology. You will see the most common minor urological interventions and can learn or improve them under supervision. We are proud to be able to do our part to train future specialists. (3/30/2021)

NEW: Shock wave treatment (ESWT) for penile curvature (Induratio penis plastica = IPP)

IPP is a connective tissue disease of the cavernous bodies. Scars or calcifications cause the penis to bend during an erection. The degree of kinking varies widely, but can be up to 90 degrees or more. Treatment often consists of surgical straightening (so-called Nesbit surgery). Shock wave therapy (ESWT = extracorporeal shock wave therapy) has recently been available. Shock waves (known from kidney stone fragmentation) are directed with low energy onto the affected area on the penis. This will loosen the calcifications and soften the scars.
UROLOGIE NORDWESTSCHWEIZ now has such a device at its disposal in Liestal. Treatment is usually given once a week for 6 weeks. A session lasts about 20 minutes and is painless. You can find more information on our information sheets under “Services” or here. (25.3.2021)

Diploma in Psychosomatic Medicine for Dr. S. Jeney

After 2 years of additional studies at the Medical Faculty of the University of Zurich (UZH), Dr. Jeney successfully passed the exams and that "Certificate of Advanced Studies UZH in Psychosomatic and Psychosocial Medicine" receive. We congratulate her very much on this great success! Pain, psychosomatic stress (e.g. after injuries or trauma) or other, sometimes elusive complaints are not uncommon in the urogenital tract of women and men. Miss Dr. With her studies and graduation, Jeney underscores her great knowledge and interest in the field of psychosomatic and psychosocial medicine, which benefits patients in the delicate field of urology. (11.2.2021)

Coronavirus 9
Elective surgery possible

The Covid situation is still unstable and changing all the time. At the moment, most interventions can be carried out as planned. In individual cases, you will be informed directly by us or by the hospital concerned if an intervention has to be postponed. Fortunately, so far this has only affected very few of our patients. (11.2.2021)

Coronavirus 8
No elective surgery in the Merian Iselin Clinic

Due to the worsening situation in those Basel hospitals that operate intensive care units, the Merian Iselin Clinic (MIK) will be forced to hire additional employees for support from next week. From the week of November 23, 2020, this limits the surgical options. For this reason, the MIK is now free of admission for patients undergoing elective surgery. Interventions in patients with tumor diseases are excluded. If you are concerned, we will contact you in the next few days. At the moment the other hospitals have not imposed a freeze on admission. Outpatient interventions in the operating theater in Liestal (e.g. ligatures) are not affected by the measure. (11/19/2020).

Coronavirus 7
New restrictions on operating capacity

On November 12th, 2020 the government council of Basel-Stadt ruled that the hospitals are obliged to “provide capacities to cope with the COVID-19 epidemic”. Under certain circumstances, the hospitals must be able to assign staff at short notice or lend them to hospitals with a shortage of staff. We understand this decision and support our colleagues and medical staff in the hospitals for the benefit of the patients concerned.
An actual operation ban, as in the spring of 2020, was not issued. The elective surgical programs can still be affected because the hospitals have to keep operating capacities free. Since the development is currently unpredictable and the decisions are (must) be made by the hospitals at short notice, it is possible that ours too Operational program to shifts that you can affect. If we are given operational capacity, we must accept it in order not to lose it. These postponements can have a direct impact on the surgery appointments as well as on the consultation hours. May have to Office hours postponed so that the surgeon or urologist can perform the procedure at the specified time.
We therefore ask for your understanding at this point if we have to postpone your operation or consultation. We assure you, however, that all urgent and important interventions can be carried out within a useful period of time. We also aim to keep the shifts to the absolute minimum. We very much hope that the time of the restrictions will only last a short time and will inform you again at this point if something changes. (11/13/2020)

Information brochures cancer league to download

The brochures and information sheets of the Cancer League are now linked on our homepage. They can be downloaded. Select the brochure that interests you.
You can find the link under:> Services> General Information or here. (4/11/2020)

Coronavirus 6
Masks - compulsory to wear in our practices!

Due to the increasing number of cases, the mask requirement in publicly accessible indoor areas was extended to the whole of Switzerland. This also and especially applies to medical practices. The wearing of masks is compulsory. We ask you to use your own masks. In exceptions we can provide one for you. The other protective measures such as keeping your distance, washing your hands, ventilating the rooms well, disinfecting surfaces and contact points will continue to be consistently observed. (10/17/2020).

UROLOGIE NORDWESTSCHWEIZ is a proud sponsor of Unihockey Basel Regio

Sport is healthy and has a preventive effect against various diseases. Urologie NORDWESTSCHWEIZ is not only committed to curing diseases but also to avoid them. The commitment to floorball supports elite and youth sports. We hope that Basel Regio will be promoted to National League A. We keep our fingers crossed. (14.9.2020).

REZUM or steam treatment of the prostate available

Steam treatment (Rezum) represents a new therapy option with which prostate tissue is specifically destroyed by steam. The procedure is suitable, for example, for patients with an increased risk of surgery or anesthesia. It seems that sexual function is less affected than with previous methods. The procedure is performed under a brief anesthetic and requires a short stay in hospital. In order to introduce the water vapor into the prostate tissue, the doctor inserts a small needle that emits controlled amounts of water vapor at a temperature of 70 degrees. The steam is fed directly into the prostate tissue to be treated. The treatment is over after a few minutes. The treated tissue dies due to the warming and is then broken down by the body. Our doctors have completed the mandatory Rezum course and are certified to perform the treatment. (8/28/2020)

Coronavirus 5
Extended mask requirement

The canton of Basel-Stadt has increased the obligation to wear a mask from August 24th, 2020 due to increasing Covid -19 cases. It applies to sales outlets and shopping centers, for employees of restaurant businesses and on the school grounds of secondary schools in the post-compulsory sector. The medical practices are not mentioned, but are not explicitly excluded. For our practices we have decided to protect you and ours Wearing masks not to prescribe, but strongly recommended. We ask you to use your own masks. In exceptional cases we can provide you with one. The other protective measures such as keeping your distance, washing your hands, ventilating the rooms well, disinfecting surfaces and contact points will continue to be consistently observed. (8/21/2020)

Dr. M. Flury and Ms. Dr. S. Jeney on Swiss television: “Woman's urology”

In the program “Gesundheit heute” with Dr. Jeanne Fürst was broadcast on Swiss television on May 30, 2020 with the participation of UROLOGIE NORDWESTSCHWEIZ. Our two urologists reported on the little-known urological problems in women. Many people mistakenly believe that urological problems only affect men. The urology of women is an increasingly common and increasingly important topic, which unfortunately is still too often taboo. Solving problems with water, infections, incontinence, pelvic pain are common. Women often suffer silently because they do not know where to find help. The television report is intended to help remove taboos from female urological problems. You can view the article here. (2.6.2020)

Coronavirus 4
Practices with normal operation
All operations are possible again

On April 16, 2020, the Federal Council decided to relax the measures in connection with the coronavirus. These also affect medical practices and hospitals. From April 27th, 2020, all consultations, interventions and operations may be carried out again. Of course, the strict and now established hygiene measures must continue to be observed. Specifically, this means:

- all of our practices are open normally
- Consultations, clarifications, treatments and follow-up controls can be carried out
- Outpatient interventions and operations are possible again
- Operations and inpatient interventions or treatments are permitted again.

In the next few days we will go through the list of patients whose interventions had to be postponed and look for new appointments. If you are one of those affected and have a preferred date or other questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Otherwise we will get back to you in the next few days. We ask for your patience as the rescheduling will take time. (17.4.2020)

Coronavirus 3 (Covid 19)

There is increasing evidence that patients who should actually see a doctor either do not do so or do so too late. Accordingly, the Baselland Medical Association calls on you not to hesitate to go to the doctor's office if you experience symptoms. This applies to general practitioners and specialists. There is enough capacity. Since all suspected corona cases are clarified in separate centers and all hygiene regulations are meticulously adhered to, nobody needs to be afraid of being infected in the practice.
There are also signs of a loosening of the strict measures. So you don't need to be shy about getting in touch for a check-up, treatment or meeting. We hope to be able to resume regular operations soon. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Coronavirus 2
Practices open - telephone consultation possible

The coronavirus has a major impact on daily life. The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) provides regular information via the media and website. The current recommendations can be found on the FOPH homepage.

Our practices are open.
However, we have reduced the number of consultations. We meticulously adhere to the strict hygiene guidelines for your and our protection. All surfaces are regularly and carefully disinfected after each patient. In the waiting area, the chairs are positioned far apart. We wear face masks during office hours. We wear gloves during the examination.

We kindly ask you to follow the recommendations of the health authorities. In particular, it is important to keep a sufficient distance (at least 2 meters from the next person) and to wash your hands regularly and extensively. Please postpone your appointment if you have a cough, fever or after contact with corona sufferers.

We ask for your understanding if we greet you not with a handshake but with a friendly smile. We are constantly monitoring the situation, but at the moment we see no reason to change our opening times.

Telephone consultations possible.
In the special Corona situation, we offer you the option of a telephone consultation. This is possible when no examination (such as ultrasound) is necessary. Telephone consultations are suitable, for example, for discussions of findings or the like.
We kindly ask you, as with a regular consultation via the secretariat to make an appointment! We can then be reached safely, have your documents ready and enough time for you.
(updated April 15, 2020).

Coronavirus 1
Dialing operations are postponed

Ordinance 2 of the Federal Council regarding coronavirus (COVID-19 Ordinance 2) of March 16, 2020 states: “Health facilities such as hospitals and clinics, medical practices and dental practices must forego medical interventions and therapies that are not urgently indicated”. The ban applies - after an extension by a Federal Council decision of April 8, 2020 - until April 26, 2020. It is becoming apparent that operations could then be gradually resumed. We hope that from May 2020 we will be able to advise, treat, operate and care for you again as usual.

This means :
All operations that are not medically indicated must be postponed to a date after April 26, 2020!
This includes, for example, ligatures, interventions on the external genitals or non-urgent prostate operations due to benign enlargement, etc.

Operations that are medically indicated can be carried out!
This includes operations that can be postponed by more than 90 days, such as interventions in cancer and painful situations (e.g. colic due to kidney stones or urinary retention). Emergencies are also excluded!

If you're from a cancellation are affected, you will be contacted by us or by the hospital concerned. However, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
(updated April 15, 2020).

Interventions under anesthesia possible

Urological examinations and interventions are usually not painful. Many smaller operations (e.g. ligature, circumcision, etc.) are easily feasible and reasonable under local anesthesia. However, urology affects a sensitive area of ​​the body. Occasionally, patients are afraid of an operation, be it because they have had bad experiences or because they are generally afraid of hospitals, doctors or injections. In these cases, we can help you in cooperation with an experienced Swiss anesthetist, Ms. Dr. Marion Schafroth, offer help. Taking care of one can be easy soothing tablet before the procedure via a so-called “Stand-by” anesthesia (where the anesthetist is available to intervene in the event of pain or anxiety) up to one general anestheticthat you will not even notice the procedure. To ensure that the highest safety standards are met, anesthesia surgery must be planned in advance and in good time. Please let us know if you are considering or wanting anesthesia. (1.3.2020)

Urology opened at the Parkresort in Rheinfelden (Switzerland)

With the opening of the “Urologie im Parkresort” in Rheinfelden, we have another mainstay in the region.We operate urological consultation hours on the premises of the RIVA Klinik and on the premises of the Parkresort. These are served by our doctors in a rotation system. General urological consultation hours, diagnostic investigations and follow-up examinations are offered. Surgical interventions or x-ray examinations cannot be carried out. To register, please go to the homepage or click HERE. We look forward to our new job and welcome you warmly. (7.9.2019)

Cancer registry will be mandatory for all cancer diagnoses from January 1, 2020

In the future, all cancer diseases will be recorded nationally via the Cancer Registration Act. Implementation was delegated to the cantons. From January 1, 2020, the reporting of cancer cases will be compulsory. The responsible doctor must collect and record the data, report it to the cancer registry and inform patients of their rights. Patients have a Right to object. Patients who do not want their data to be saved himself and written register your objection with the cancer registry of the community of residence You can find out which data must be reported in this information sheet (June 24, 2019, update December 18, 2019).

Nicole Gwerder is a “qualified team leader”

Ms. Nicole Gwerder has successfully completed the part-time training to become a “qualified team leader” of the Swiss Association of Medical Vocational Schools (SVMB). She passed the final exam with flying colors. The whole team congratulates Ms. Gwerder on this great success. She is now well equipped for our rapidly developing practices. (28.3.2019)

Surgical robots in prostate cancer without any significant benefit

The DaVinci surgical robot is considered a technical marvel. It quickly found its way into the clinics. We at UROLOGIE NORDWESTSCHWEIZ also use the DaVinci regularly. The data on advantages and disadvantages was long but thin. Now the Swiss Medical Board SMB (www.swissmedicalboard.ch) has systematically dealt with the robot during prostate surgery for cancer (radical prostatectomy). It comes to the following conclusion: “The robot-assisted prostate removal differs little in terms of desired effects (e.g. bladder and sexual function) from open surgery and in terms of e.g. B. on postoperative pain the benefits are moderate. In addition, the costs of robot-assisted surgery are around 4,000 CHF higher per case. " The SMB therefore requires that patients be honestly informed about treatment options. The latest report was also received by the media, for example the Basellandschaftliche Zeitung. The robot should therefore be used cautiously during prostate surgery. The use in kidney operations has not been investigated by the SMB. It can be assumed that the advantages (wound pain) of the Da Vinci clearly outweigh this. (3/18/2019)

Ligation in men (vasectomy)

The male vasectomy is the simplest and safest method of contraception. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of misinformation circulating. In an article in the Basellandschaftliche Zeitung, the various aspects of the vasectomy are presented clearly and correctly. You find the article here. For further information we refer you to the patient education on this homepage (under “Services”).

Focus on “Operative Urology” of the FMH for Dr. Susanna Jeney

Miss Dr. S. Jeney has extensive surgical experience. She completed part of her training in Germany and France. That is why she had to pass the Swiss exam in order to receive the Swiss focus on “Operative Urology” from the FMH. In front of 3 experts from the Swiss Society for Urology, she had to perform a difficult surgical procedure (radical prostate removal for cancer). Theoretical knowledge was then tested for around an hour. Miss Dr. Jeney passed both the procedure and the oral exam with flying colors. The practice partners of UROLOGIE NORDWESTSCHWEIZ congratulate Dr. Jeney very warmly to this great and well-deserved success (24.1.2019)

Patient information updated

We have ours Patient information expanded and updated. You find now too Behavioral recommendations after the most important urological interventions. You can find the information to download under> Services> Patient information at the bottom of the page (15.1.2019)

Consultation hours for adolescents and young people

Urology is not just for older men, as is often wrongly assumed. The urologists are also the right people to contact for younger people. We are now running a consultation hour especially for young men. Questions that concern young people at the transition from childhood to adulthood can be addressed here openly. These often concern the sexuality and the normal development or the anatomy (What is normal? What is pathological?). While young women come into contact with their gynecologist at an early age, there is often no contact person on the male side. We closed this gap with our consultation hours for adolescents, adolescents and young men. You can find more on the homepage under "Services" (21.11.2018)

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccination for young men too?

According to the Swiss Cancer League, infections with human papillomaviruses (HPV or HP viruses) are among the most common sexually transmitted infections. There are different types of viruses. Most infections heal without any consequences. However, infection can also become chronic and lead to an increased risk of cervical, anal, mouth / throat, and penile cancer. Gardasil® (vaccine) protects against infection with the HP viruses 6, 11, 16 and 18. From November 2018, the costs will be covered up to the age of 26. You can have the vaccination carried out with us by appointment. (15.10.2018)

Drinking reduces the incidence of urinary tract infections in women

A new study in the renowned journal JAMA confirmed what was already suspected: Drinking more than 1.5 liters of fluid significantly reduces the frequency of urinary tract infections (UTIs) in women. In the group of “heavy drinkers” there were 1.7 infections per year, in the group of “normal drinkers” 3.2. The difference was significant. The authors recommend drinking more if UTI recurs. (Source: Effect of Increased Daily Water Intake in Premenopausal Women With Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections. A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Internal Med. Published online October 1, 2018). (October 2nd, 2018)

Humanitarian work in Africa

Miss Dr. Susanna Jeney has been doing voluntary work in Ghana for a few years. She runs consultation hours and performs urological interventions. The mission takes place within the framework of the Doctors for Africa (https://www.die-aerzte-fuer-afrika.de/). She pays all travel expenses herself, gives vacation time to the stay and works free of charge. In this way she tries to pass on some knowledge to those most in need. (28.9.2018)

Operational activity started

After a careful preparation phase, we started operations in all hospitals in which we are accredited (Merian Iselin Clinic, Bethesda Hospital, Ergolz Clinic, St. Claraspital). The start was successful and the patients are very satisfied with the care in the hospitals (22.9.2018).

Does the practice logo have any meaning?

Yes. There is an abstract kidney in the red circle. The dots are reminiscent of a punched card and symbolize that digitization has arrived in urology and especially in our largely paperless practices. The small red point on the top left represents Northwestern Switzerland, our catchment area. There is no particular reason why we chose the red color; we just wanted an aesthetically pleasing logo with recognition value. (8/15/18)

Urology Kirschgarten reopened!

The "Urologie Kirschgarten" has been newly renovated. It is now bright, friendly, modern and in the same design as the "Urologie am Bahnhof" in Liestal. The two practices "Urologie Kirschgarten" and "Urologie am Bahnhof" are connected to each other in terms of IT. We look forward to welcoming you to our new premises. (6.8.18)

The latest generation of ultrasound devices

The new ultrasound devices from Brühl and Kjaer were delivered to the "urology at the train station" for the first time in Switzerland. (4.8.18)

Are there more kidney stones in hot weather?

Yes. There are more kidney stones in hot and dry areas of the world. However, this requires a certain disposition. You can prevent it by drinking enough. "Sufficient" usually means to drink enough that the urine is light, ideally "water-clear". Remember that you always have to consume some salt. (7/31/18)