Is a pan recyclable?

Our responsibility Sustainable management is an important catchphrase at WARIMEX. Ecological action is supported by the generation of electricity, heat and hot water using solar energy. The company shows responsibility to protect the environment and use resources sustainably. For example, used aluminum pans, which can be recycled as often as required and without any loss of quality, are fed into the recycling cycle and processed into window frames. But responsibility does not only mean economic thinking and acting in relation to the product life cycle. For WARIMEX, responsibility means
  • Acting responsibly for your own company, for society and for the environment
  • Inclusion of social and ecological issues
  • To protect the environment from unnecessary pollution
  • To use sustainable energies
  • Recycle products
  • To offer products made from renewable raw materials
  • To show ethical and moral values
  • To create and secure jobs
  • To show social and social engagement
  • Willingness to innovate
Be a role model for others - WARIMEX strives to pass on the commitment of a pronounced sense of responsibility to everyone and to call for more sustainability in society. Environmental managementmaterials
WARIMEX has always done everything to offer its customers high-quality and innovative products.
The sustainability requirements of the products affect the entire value chain:
From production and quality inspection to transport and delivery to the customer - WARIMEX items stand for a better quality of life. The materials that are used in production are important. Natural and environmentally friendly raw materials are preferred.
Most of the products - for example the aluminum pans - are 100% recyclable. WARIMEX guarantees a Solvent-free and PFOA-free production. Synergy effects are achieved through innovative firing and drying processes that enable optimal use of the generated heat and ensure efficient use of the energy. The WARIMEX product range also includes products made from renewable raw materials, e.g. from the bioplastic PLA or bio-PE, both based on sugar cane, as well as from bamboo and straw. The products in the NATURAL LINEĀ® line are environmentally friendly and manufactured in a climate-neutral manner. Further information on WARIMEX's climate-neutral economy can be found at ClimatePartner WarimexThe focus is always on the goal of conserving resources, minimizing waste and operating sustainably - for our future - for our children!