How do I help a scared cat

Tips for dealing with anxious cats

Once you have identified a clear cause of fear, it is important to make it disappear from your cat's life. But that's not always possible - maybe you can look for a good new home for your fellow cat, give up their baby for adoption or separate from their partner, but nobody wants to.

Recognize and address your cat's needs

The key here is to find detours and to meet your cat's needs as much as possible. Make sure that the environment around your furry friend is as species-appropriate as possible. A cat-friendly apartment should, for example, contain a variety of resting and sleeping places, as well as one or more scratching options. A quiet place for the litter box is particularly important - your kitty should be undisturbed here. The same goes for the placement of the food bowl.

In the case of extremely nervous animals, the use of a pheromone spray or diffuser such as Feliway or Felifriend can also help. These products are based on the "feel-good hormone" that the cat distributes when wiping objects. In general, anxious animals relax after a few weeks of use. For some cats, a single application over a short period of time helps, while others need the pheromone for life to improve their wellbeing.

Cats can also be addictive

But a cat-friendly life is not only dependent on external appearances. Pay a lot of attention to your fur nose - especially if the cause of the anxiety disorder is feelings of jealousy, for example when a partner moves in or when a child is born. Confirm your cat positively, by petting, playing together or occasionally a treat.

We wish you and your cats all the best!