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A unique collection: over 2,500 volumes on the subject of "games" are available for loan. You can also reserve books online via [email protected], but you have to collect and return the books personally from VKE Bozen, Schlachthofstra├če 9 / A.


Here we give you some simple instructions to use the VKE specialist library "Game" online. If you click on> VKE library "Game" <, a window for the book search will appear. The search can be based on the author-editor or title or subject or publisher or handicraft instructions. If you click on a search mode, a field appears for entering a search word at the beginning of the search. If the entered search term corresponds to an actually existing content in the corresponding field of the library, the first answer to the search is immediately a list of books or even just a book where the search term appears. If you now click on a book, the complete index card for the respective book will appear immediately. If you would like to carry out a search for certain areas, we advise you to read the attached PDF file. Here you will find all areas according to which the books are cataloged. But pay attention: the areas are given in both German and Italian. If an area appears in one of the two languages, it means that there are works in the library in that language for this area - not all areas are necessarily translated). The search for "handicraft instructions" will be particularly interesting for you: try the search word "wind turbine"! We wish you a successful search! Attention: you will receive works in German as well as in Italian as an answer, because we have translated the terms here, as the handicraft instructions are usually accompanied by easy-to-understand pictures.