Would you rather be Hela or Thor

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Edit June 2019
I have found that some deviations from the Canon can be confusing. For example that Hela here is Loki's daughter instead of the missing 'sister' like MCU canon and that Thanos here has absolutely nothing to do with the Infinity Stones but acts out of his 'love' for Lady Tod. This is simply because the English version of this FF was written in 2012, right after Avengers 1. At that time, Thanos didn't know more than that he was in the end credits of Avengers and somehow becomes important and the 'real bad guy' TM 'was behind the attack on NYC. There wasn't really any talk of Infinity Stones at the time, and there were only vague ideas about who Thanos was and what his goal was that spilled over from the comic book readers. Since there was nothing concrete, there were many theories, and a popular theory at the time this FF was created was that Thanos is ancient but cannot die, and longs for death and has gone a little crazy over the millennia, and longing for it Developed this obsession with 'Lady Death' at the end of her life and sacrificed her souls in the desire to finally meet her. This theory was picked up by the original author and used as a Thanos motif, instead of this whole 'wiping out half of the universe to restore balance'.
It was the same with Hela. In Norse mythology she is Loki's daughter, and only Thor 3 made her 'sister' years after Avengers 1. But as I said, back then you didn't even know that there would be a Thor 3 movie, let alone that Hela would be presented there as the 'sister'. So the obvious idea was to have Hela as Loki's daughter.
Therefore, as you read this story, keep in mind that half of what we know today was written in the stars back then. Forget all knowledge beyond Avengers 1 and consider WFLT as an AU starting in 2012. That should explain all the differences to the Canon, and hopefully alleviated some confusion!

"Remember you're loved
And you always will be
This melody will bring you right
Back home ”

The Messenger, Linkin Park


"Yes, dear Hela, I am dead. Why do you think I should be here otherwise?"
"Oh, I don't know, maybe because you want to visit your daughter again?" Hela drew a curse. "You haven't looked in almost a century."
Loki came to a stop a few feet from the throne. "I've been busy, dear."
"Busy with what? The stupid plan to smuggle ice giants into Asgard and have Thor banished? Or get involved with Thanos? "
“A lot didn't go according to plan,” Loki reluctantly admitted. “I didn't plan to meet Thanos. As you can see, we don't get along very well. "
"Really?" Hela jumped from her throne. "Are you talking about the part where you were tortured or just the part where he stabbed you?"
Loki made a face. "Both."
"It doesn't matter, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you." Hela smiled and hugged her father deeply. “Even if you ignored me for decades. Why aren't you in Valhalla? I thought they would let you in now? "
"Valhalla?" Loki snorted. "You're welcome. I'd rather go to Helheim. "
"Oh, no you wouldn't," said Hela quickly. “I've made a few improvements. A couple of the Midgarden - okay, just Dante, so to speak - gave me a few ideas. I even built a brand new grand piano especially for Thanos. Believe me, you would have more fun in Valhalla, even with all those stupid sir. "
Loki couldn't help but grin, but then got more serious again. "I have to talk to you."
"Aren't you already doing that?"
"You know what I mean, Hela."
"Okay." Hela snapped her fingers and two leather armchairs appeared with a little plop! "Oh, and you can go now, Henry."
"Thank you, mistress."
Loki and Hela sat down in the armchairs. Hela watched her guard leaving the room and then turned to her father. "You look a bit like Henry somehow, you know that?"
"I hope not," Loki replied quickly, ignoring Hela's eye rolls.
"Oh what, father. Not all Midgarden are ants or whatever you call them right now. "
"I am aware of that. But that's not the point now. I have to talk to you about Thanos. "
Hela raised her eyebrows. "Not your business."
“And as it is my business. Why have I heard rumors that you and he - that you- "
"Are you dating?" Asked Hela simply. "Right. I mean not really. Thanos thinks we'll do it. "
Loki sighed openly annoyed. "Hela, could you please explain to me why you hang out with one of the most vicious creatures in the entire universe?"
"He's not just bad," Hela replied with a grin. "He gives me presents."
"Presents ...?" Repeated Loki.
“Well, just a few years ago he sent flowers. At least I think it should be flowers. They were black and kind of smelly. But it was sweet of him. ”Hela laughed at the bewilderment on Loki's face.
"Thanos sent you flowers?"
“And a couple of Chitauri,” said Hela brightly. “He only killed them for me. Of course I threw her straight to Helheim, but it's the will that counts, right? "
"Hela ..." Loki sighed. "I would prefer you to exercise a little more judgment when choosing your suitors."
"Use modern language, okay? And really now, I can take care of myself. "
"I'm beginning to doubt that."
"Well, if the meanest villain in the whole universe was flirting with you, you would be making fun of it, wouldn't you? I mean, I already know that Thanos is a vicious pervert, but being safe is so boring. "
Loki shrugged. "You're right about me."
"Exactly. Do you have any idea how fun it is to play with Thanos? He's madly in love with me. "
"How nice," said Loki with obvious dislike.
“Oh, don't be so squeamish now. How do the Midgarden say again? YOLO. "
Loki frowned. "Yolo? I don't remember the people in the Stark Tower ever using such a phrase. "
"YOLO - You only live once," replied Hela. “If Thanos digs at me, I'll play along. Besides, mortals are getting bored. "
"Do you think so?" Loki raised his eyebrows. "I find it quite entertaining."
“Nice to see that your ego is still there. As I said, "Hela ignored Loki's gaze," it's not half as fun to troll Midgard any more. I used to treat them there as a grim reaper - you know, this dementor with a scythe - and scared them as hell, but these days they think I'm either a cosplayer or a Halloween fanatic who doesn't know what month it is. "
There was total confusion on Loki's face. "I do not understand a word."
“I forgot, you are culturally retarded. Basically, I just don't scare her anymore with the whole black-robe-and-scythe getup. I can still freak them out if I walk as a skeleton, but some people think I'm just a crazy good robot. "
"Aha," said Loki, even if his eyebrows were still knitted together. "So what you are saying is that you are only encouraging Thanos for your pleasure."
"Trolling him like we wouldn't say Shakespearians," Hela replied with a grin. "But yes. I'm pretty sure he thinks killing you would impress me in some way or something. I never told him that you were my father. "
A mischievous twinkle jumped into Loki's eyes. "So Thanos is not yet clear who you are?"
“Well, he knows that I am the goddess of death. But he hasn't seen me like this before. I usually take on a darker and more desolate look when I'm around him. "
"Interesting." Loki rubbed his hands in anticipation. "I'm sure you already planned his downfall."
“Sure, what else? I already told you, I have a place in Helheim, just for Thanos. He will love it. And when I say he'll love it, I mean that he'll probably cry when he's there. "
A smile crept on Loki's narrow face at the thought of Thanos crying. "You don't disappoint me, daughter."
"Did you just compliment me?" Hela pretended to be shocked. "And I thought you'd turn into Odin."
"I - what?" Loki's eyes widened in shock. "I'm not a bit like him!"
"Hm ... what do I know", Hela laughed. “Anyway, what do you want to do now? I can send you back whenever you want. "
"Not yet. Can you show me what Thanos is doing? "
"Can I breathe?" Hela rolled her eyes. "Of course. Wait a minute. ”She snapped her fingers, and a large flat-panel TV pegged to the wall flickered to life. "TV, TV on the wall, show me the worst villain in the whole country."
The image blurred, then focused again, showing a dark-haired middle-aged man in front of a desk, a cup of tea in one hand and a cell phone in the other.

“Right, Mark. The next season will end with Sherlock driving his car over a cliff. Nobody will know if he'll survive until we bring out a new season. … Yes, I actually plan to write a next season. … Of course, of course. It will of course be a couple of years before it comes out, but we will continue to make nagging pointers about it. … What was that? ... I already had the idea. In which episode would you like to kill John Watson? "

"No, you stupid thing," groaned Hela. “Not Steven Moffat. Show me the second worst villain of them all. "
The image vanished, reappeared, this time showing a tall, imposing figure, eyes sparkling with vengefulness.

"Have you made all the preparations?"
"Yes Mr."
"Excellent." Thanos took a step forward, pulling something behind him with his right hand. As he stepped forward, Loki's limp body was visible.

"Eh," said Hela, sniffing.
Loki winced at the sight of his corpse, hands clenched into fists. "I'll skin him alive for treating my body like that."
“I'm there,” Hela added. "Oh my goodness, he really mixed you up, didn't he?"
"Obviously," Loki snapped, unable to take his eyes off the screen. "It was pretty uncomfortable." "I believe you right away." Hela fell silent when the picture of Thanos began to speak again.

"I believe it is time for the little lost prince to return to Asgard."

"Oh, come on," Hela complained. “That was so lame. Twilight has better bad guy dialogs than that. ”She snapped her fingers together and the image disappeared. Hela turned back to Loki. "So what's the plan?"
"I have to separate Thanos from his army and the Mind Gem," Loki replied. “Without her, he'll still be strong, but not nearly as powerful as it is now. I will lure him to Midgard; there it will be weaker. Asgard can take care of the remaining Chitauri herself. ”Hela frowned. "I'm not sure who's going to lose out here." "I am, believe me," Loki said quickly. “Thanos won't be easy to kill. But I think with the help of the Avengers our chances of defeating him increase considerably. ”“ So you want to return to Asgard, intercept Thanos, Apparate to Midgard and then kill him there? ”Said Hela. “Sounds like a great plan. Can't possibly go wrong. Oh, there was something else. I can bring you back, but I can't heal all of your injuries. "
Loki nodded. "Unpleasant, but I understand."
“You should have some of your magic back. It will probably be enough to heal the worst, but it will take a while to recharge. You'll just have to heal the normal way. ”Loki shrugged. “I've already done that once in the Stark Tower. I hardly think that I will be denied a second stay there. "
"Great, so you've finally made some friends - hey!" Hela moved to the side when Loki hit her on the arm. "Calm down. It was just a joke. Not really. When do you want to go back? "
"As soon as Thanos arrives in Asgard." "Aw, it's no fun at all," whined Hela. “Then Asgard doesn't even have enough time to mourn you. Wait at least a few minutes until they start to regret what wooden heads they were. "
Loki thought for a moment. "That sounds very tempting."
Hela got up and stretched. “Guess we just have to wait now. It occurs to me that there is something I wanted to show you. Have you ever heard of ‘Thorki‘? "


Sunlight slowly rose above the horizon and stretched its awakening fingers over the gray city. The residents of the Stark Tower, sleepless and drained as they were, watched apathetically as the windows were lit, an unwanted reminder that the world, life, went on as usual, terribly blind to the death of the heavy in the air above theirs Heads hung.
They had long agreed that Thor needed rest and solitude more than anything; during the wee hours of the morning Pepper had suggested that maybe it would be best to stop trying to pull him out of his shocked daze, that maybe it would be best if they left him alone and retreated to their rooms to try in vain to get some sleep.
Thor hadn't moved from the sofa. His glassy eyes stared blankly out of the window, his hands hung limply next to him and his mouth was slightly open, as if he were about to start speaking.
It wasn't until the morning was half past that he moved, took a shaky breath and blinked several times. He rubbed his eyes dejectedly, his hands heavy with grief.
"Loki ..." he whispered. A small glimmer of hope flickered to him that his death might be undone by uttering his name and that the universe would once again be on its usual path ...
Nothing happened. Thor closed his eyes which they quickly filled with tears. Why did Loki have to be dead? Why couldn't he be alive, breathing, by Thor's side, driving him with hilarious insults, his wonderful green eyes shining with life and laughter? Why did the universe continue to exist when the existence of its brightest star had been cruelly obliterated? Why didn't the world break into thousands of little pieces? It made no sense to Thor when his chest was shaken with violent sobs.
"Brother ... b-please ... come back ..."
But Loki was gone forever. Thor had failed, had failed so miserably.All those years ago, when they were young and the world so simple and pure, he had sworn to protect Loki. Memories gathered in Thor's head, memories of him and Loki as children, of all the times when his little brother had been hurt or scared and Thor had promised that nothing would ever happen to him and Loki had contradicted but was secretly relieved.
"I will make sure that you will never suffer harm again, Loki."
Thor was only a few centuries old when he first uttered these words. He remembered it clearly and distinctly; how could it have been so long? Wasn't it just yesterday, when he and Loki were no longer like children, when they were still deeply in love, when there was still no envy or discord between them, when Loki was not yet bitter and hateful, when Thanos was nothing When a sinister name was on the pages of some dusty book?

The sun had burned down hot on Asgard and the golden city had shimmered in the summer heat. Thor and his friends had roamed the palace grounds in the unbearable heat, looking for something to do. Eventually they had agreed to practice sword fighting in the arena, but Loki had announced that it was too hot for physical activity. Leaving the others to their training, he went to find a shady place where he could read the huge book under his arm. Thor had been a little disappointed at first that Loki didn't want to join them, but soon forgot about his brother.
As the day slowly turned to evening, Thor and his friends got tired of their weapons and Volstagg suggested that they could sneak into the kitchens. The others agreed, and Thor was about to follow them when it occurred to him that Loki was still reading somewhere out there.
“Go ahead, Volstagg. I'm still looking for my brother. "
“Oh, don't worry about Loki. He's coming sometime. "
Thor waved it off. “Go and eat. I'll be back as soon as I find him. ”Realizing that there was no point in arguing, Volstagg and the others made their way to the kitchens. Thor watched them go and wondered where Loki could have gone. He told himself that Loki was sure to be fine, but it was unusual for Loki to stay away for so long. He must have read his book through by now, and Tor knew that he hated heat. Maybe Loki fell asleep ...?
"Loki!" Shouted Thor, and repeated his brother's name with growing despair while he searched everything without result. Loki had neither gone to Friggas gardens, as so often, nor had he made himself comfortable in the branches of his favorite tree where he could read or spy on the servants. Discomfort slowly spread in Thor's stomach. "Where did you go, brother?"
"Thor!" The cry was shrill and desperate and Thor, who had recognized his brother's voice, broke into a race without hesitation. He swung himself over the low wall that separated the palace from the city. A second scream reached his ears as his feet hit the ground. Thor sprinted down a side street. His feet skidded to a stop when he saw Loki.
The sight made his blood boil. Loki was surrounded by a gang of bullies who held him to a wall while their leader attacked him and hit the young prince hard in the face and stomach. Loki struggled and kicked around, howling in despair, but the two men held him tight and his narrow arms pressed against the wall.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Roared Thor, lifting his hammer. The men immediately turned to look at him and dropped Loki, who fell to his knees and coughed hoarsely. There were at least fifteen in all, probably a group of thieves, all big and muscular, clad in filthy rags, and smelly of sweat. The leader slowly trudged towards Thor with a crooked grin.
“And who are you, Blondie? Come to save the little dwarf? ”Thor tensed up angrily and pointed with his hammer at the man. “Don't you dare insult my brother. He is a Prince of Asgard, just like me. "
The man's eyes widened at the realization that he had just attacked one of the royal princes, but he quickly recovered. “So you are Thor, the big fool, as they say. What does it mean that this weakling here is Loki, the little devious trickster. "
Thor cried out angrily, brandished his hammer and struck the man in the stomach. It flew backward and made a nauseating thump. Three of the others attacked Thor, but he hit them all back.
"Run!" Shouted the leader, clutching his stomach. "He's going to put the guards on us!" The others didn't need any further prompting, turned around and ran away. For a moment Thor was tempted to pursue them, but a wheezing cough from Loki drew his attention back to his injured brother.
"Loki, are you all right?" Asked Thor as he crouched down next to his brother, who sat hunched over and choked. Blood stains glistened on his lips.
"Yes, T-Thor, I'm not - the embodiment - of health," Loki croaked, shuddering as he coughed again. Dark bruises formed on his pale face; Thor suspected that there was a lot more under his shirt.
"What happened? Why did these men attack you? "
"You w-wanted money." Thor scowled. Why hadn't Father taken more action against theft in Asgard? “Why did you leave the palace grounds? You know that the city can be dangerous. "
"I g-went to the bookseller."
Despite everything, Thor had to grin. “Well, I think it would be best if you came home, Loki. Mother will be worried. "
"And father will be angry." Loki tried to hide the fear in his voice, but Thor heard it with ease.
“Don't worry, brother. This is not your fault. I will talk to father. On the other hand, you urgently need to go to a healer. "" I'm fine, "Loki mumbled unconvincingly, pushed himself to his feet, where he swayed dangerously back and forth and scowled when Thor grabbed his arm.
"Shall I carry you on my back?" Asked Thor.
"No!" Loki snapped. "I can walk!"
Thor sighed. "Why do you have to be so stubborn?" Ignoring his brother's protest, Thor put his Amre under Loki's knee and lifted him onto his back.
"Put me down, you ox!"
"I don't intend to," Thor replied, grinning contentedly when Loki grumbled, but put his arms around Thor's neck.
"That's completely unnecessary," Loki wailed, resting his head on Thor's broad shoulder.
"Maybe," replied Thor. “But I'm at least as stubborn as you, if not more so. What did you call me yesterday? ‘Stubborn idiot‘? "
"Something like that," Loki muttered. Thor could feel the faint smile on his brother's lips.
"Well, I plan to live up to my name," Thor continued. "No matter what, I will make sure that you will never suffer harm again, Loki."
Loki laughed softly. "Never is a very long time, brother."
"Then I'll have to be even more stubborn," replied Thor.
"You're an idiot." Loki's voice sounded tired but amused.
Thor changed his posture so that his brother sat higher on his back. "I know."

Tears streamed openly down Thor's face. The memory was cruelly real; He could almost feel Loki's light weight on his back, the warm breath on his shoulder, his arms loosely around his neck. He and Loki had been so close then; when did it all change? What had Thor done to push Loki away from him, to turn his sweet (if mischievous) little brother into a bitter enemy? Thor had promised that Loki would never have to suffer again, but not even in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that the suffering would come from himself.
Thor pushed himself to his feet, limbs protesting. He went to the window and carelessly let his gaze wander over the gray skyscrapers. He wondered dully why he didn't feel the urge to rave, to destroy something, to vent his anger on those around him, as it had always been in the past. His energy just seemed to be gone; the world felt empty and cold without Loki.
"Hey, Thor," said a bright voice from behind him. Thor turned and saw Jane standing nervously in the doorway, tired but smiling.
"Jane," Thor muttered. He didn't know whether he was pleased or annoyed about her presence.
"Are you all right?" Jane stepped up to Thor. "You were ... pretty off track for a while."
Thor was silent for a few moments before answering. “I'm fine if that's what you want to know. But my well-being no longer plays a role. "
Jane gently slipped her fingers into Thor's large hand. “Thor, listen to me. I know you blame yourself, but you can't help it. Many people have done many things that they shouldn't have done, but no one is solely responsible. Loki wouldn't have blamed you. "
"I don't know what Loki would have done," said Thor heavily. "And I never will either."


Frigga winced at the sudden sound of the door swinging open. She rose from Loki's bed, one of the small diaries still clutched in one hand. "Odin? What's happening?"
Odin's jaw tightened, his eyes were as hard as steel. "Thanos is back."
"Oh, Norns," Frigga gasped, dropping the diary and clapping her hands together. "Did he - he brought -"
"Yes. He brought Loki's body with him. "
"Idunn, give me strength," breathed Frigga, trembling with horror.
Odin stepped forward and put an arm around his wife's shoulders. “I know, dearest. It will not be easy. But we have to honor Loki with a decent funeral. "
The two slowly left the bedroom and walked through the palace, arms wrapped around each other, seeking consolation from each other. Although Odin forced himself not to reveal any weakness, there was a certain exhaustion in his eyes, an exhausted acceptance of tragedy and misfortune. Frigga wept gently, desperately wishing to see her boy and at the same time dismayed by the terrible wounds she knew had been inflicted on his body.
Pale sunlight greeted the King and Queen as they emerged from the palace and the guards bowed their heads to the couple. Sleipnir waited at the foot of the steps; Odin rose and then lifted his wife onto horseback in front of him. They rode together through the silent city, the clatter of hooves the only thing that broke the veil of silence.
Outside the walls was the battlefield, littered with the bodies of the fallen; hundreds over hundreds of perished Chitauri and sir. Frigga closed her eyes to the massacre; Odin's features hardened. A company of mounted soldiers took their places behind the King and Queen as they crossed no man's land and came to a stop an archery range from the Chitauri.
“I greet you, Aesir. I'll bring you a present. ”Thanos stepped out of the ranks of the Chitauri, holding something in his left hand that dragged pathetically across the floor next to him.
"Bring our son back to us, scum," barked Odin. "Don't mock us."
"Oh, I like to play with my food, as the Midgarden like to put it," Thanos said smugly. “But you are right; Formalities are pointless. Here is the jotun freak. "
Without further ado, Thanos threw the body forward. Frigga cried out in horror when Loki's dead form hit the floor next to Sleipnir, his bony limbs twisted at unnatural angles, his eyes dull and half open.
"It's not a way of treating a prince," growled Odin. The grip on his spear tightened.
"Oh, so he's a prince now?" Thanos said mockingly. "I was under the impression that not so long ago you sold it to me at the mere thought of war."
Odin was seething, his grip on Gungnir so tight that his knuckles turned white. "I made mistakes. I admit that. But Loki is not the one who should pay for them. "
"Indeed? Again you contradict your past deeds. "
Odin was about to answer, but Frigga's hand on his arm stopped him. She dismounted the horse and knelt beside Loki's body with one hand over her mouth. Gently she brushed the dirty hair from his lifeless face and ran her fingers over his eyes to close them. Stifling a sob, she kissed his forehead.
"Don't I get a thank you for bringing the little freak back to you?" Thanos asked, bored.
Frigga tensed. She closed Loki's cold hands in her own before standing up, straightening her shoulders and giving Thanos a challenging look. "I won't tolerate any more of your dirty words," she hissed, her voice low and yet almost thunderous. "You murdered my son and you dare, you dare to speak of thanks!"
Thanos laughed, and the eerie sound echoed across the silent battlefield. “You think I am intimidated by your words, woman? I took when you loved the most and destroyed it! I broke your son! He would have cursed you in the end if he hadn't choked on his own blood like a helpless child! "
"Loki died an honorable death!" Shouted Frigga walking towards Thanos. A golden light emanated from her hands, pulsing with restrained energy. "My son made Asgard proud!" Thano's lips curled up. "Your son is a"
"Don't you DARE insult Loki!" Frigga shrieked. She thrust her hands out; a ray of golden light shot from her fingertips, enveloping Thanos in pulsing magic. He roared in pain and fell to his knees as the magic subsided. Blood red anger flared in his eyes as he shouted his command.
The air exploded into noise as the Chitauri mass rushed ahead and in a few moments surrounded the queen. But it was wilder than a raging storm, struck with fire and magic and extinguished everything and everyone who dared to attack it. Odin shouted an order and the combined armies of Asgard, Vanaheim, and Jotunheim swarmed from the walls, meeting in a vortex of black and gold and blue.
The battle was so intense that no one - neither Frigga, Odin nor any other warrior - paid any attention to the body that had been thrown so carelessly at Odin's feet. It was Sif, still recovering from her injuries, who stood on the wall and watched the battle with her keen eyes, who was the first to see the unthinkable, and her mouth was open in surprise.
Loki stood in the center of the battle, eyes sparkling brightly.
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