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Level guide for World of Warcraft

Now that we have prepared you extensively, you should finally start leveling yourself. Below we would like to introduce you to the possibilities to go from level 1 (or level 20 if you start an Allied Race with a character) to level 120.

There are generally three ways to level a character in World of Warcraft:

  1. Quests in the open world of WoW.
  2. Visit instances.
  3. A mix of quests and instances.

First of all, we will introduce you to the possibility of quests. Here you choose the area that gives you the most experience points per hour, which means you level the fastest. This can be estimated based on the routes and number of quests. Below is a list of the best areas for each. You simply play through all the areas mentioned up to the corresponding level limit. Note: Each area is marked with its entry level.

Level guide for the Eastern Kingdoms

Level 1-12

Southern Route - Levels 10-35

Northern Route - Levels 10-35

Level 35-60

Level guide for Kalimdor

Level 1-12

Level 10-30

Northwest Route - Levels 30-60

Southeast Route - Levels 30-60

Outland and Northrend Level Guide (58-80)

In Outland and Northrend you come from level 58 to 80. If you choose Outland, you should be 80 by playing through Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh. This will definitely work if you still visit instances during the quest.

If you choose to level on Northrend, you will start in the Howling Fjord and not the Borean Tundra. The area to the east is more comfortable to play. As a Horde player, however, you start in the tundra. You then either fly over or use the swimming turtle. This starts in Kaskala and takes you to Moa'ki harbor in the Dragon Blight. From there it's on to Kamagua in the Howling Fjord. If you want to go from the fjord to the tundra, you simply travel in the other direction.

Level Guide for Mists of Pandaria and Cataclysm (80-90)

With level 80 it goes into the areas of Mists of Pandaria and Cataclysm. Here, too, you should visit the areas that are as close to each other as possible. Therefore, the level zones in Pandaria are ideal. For the Cataclysm areas you travel all over Azeroth. In addition to the distances between the areas, there are numerous rare enemies and treasures waiting for you on Pandaria. These also give experience points.

In Mists of Pandaria you reach level 90 through the quests in the areas of Jade Forest, Valley of the View Winds and Dread Wastes. During the quests you always register for the 5-player instances. However, you only visit these if you have not yet completed the tasks in them.

Start in Hyjal if you decide to use the Cataclysm areas for quests. You skip Vashj'ir because this is an underwater area. Traveling is not exactly easy in this one. At level 80 portals will be available in your capital (Stormwind / Orgrimmar), which you can use to get to the individual zones. By the way, you also skip Uldum. There are a lot of cinematics here that slow your levels down.

Level Guide for Warlords of Draenor (level 90-100)

In Warlords of Draenor, you mainly devote yourself to bonus lenses and treasures. Just by clearing all the lenses and visiting the Draenor instances once, you can easily get to level 100. You start as a Horde player in Frostfire Ridge and as an Alliance player in Shadowmoon Valley. You are expanding your garrison to buy excess accelerated learning potion from the garrison vendor. These potions are important for leveling up on Draenor. If you have enough gold left over, you can use the elixir of the lightning thinker.

Bonus lenses on Draenor

Starts at level 90 in the faction's starting area. Take your Excess Accelerated Learning Potion before you begin. Take out all bonus lenses in the starting area and then go to Gorgrond. Afterwards you travel to the tips of Arak and take all bonus lenses here as well. In all three areas you collect treasures that are on your way. Also take care of the lenses in Talador and Nagrand, if you want to be on the safe side with your steps.

If you have acquired the elixir of the flash thinker, you do not close the bonus lenses completely. Just prepare them so that they are always close to the end (for example, just leave an opponent standing). As soon as you have finished all areas, teleport to your garrison. From there, travel to the first bonus lens. Now take the potion and the elixir and fly off all bonus lenses. Now complete it. You also collect treasures on the way in order to get the greatest possible experience point bonus.

Quests on Draenor

In principle, you level via quests as well as via the bonus lenses. Here, too, you get the elixir of the flash thinker, solve the bonus lenses and collect treasures. You can only register once for the instances in Draenor in order to complete the quests in them.

Legion Level Guide (Level 100-110)

In WoW: Legion you level the fastest over the invasions. You can recognize them on the world map by the green legion symbol. However, the invasions are not always active. This makes it difficult to gain experience points over the long term. While there are no invasions, you do quests in the Broken Isles and visit the dungeons. Both activities give equivalent experience points. By the way, it doesn't matter which area you choose to quest. There are four areas between level 100 and 110 available.

Level Guide for Battle for Azeroth (Levels 110-120)

In Battle for Azeroth you level the fastest over the areas on Zandalar and Kul Tiras. You can find out how to level the fastest in our level guide for Battle for Azeroth.

The different dungeons (level 1-120)

As already mentioned, you only visit the dungeons if you have quests there. Normally, you don't get as many experience points during a run through as when completing quests in the open world if you play mostly solo. If you play with four other players in a group, the whole thing looks different. Due to the agreements and the speed you get when going through a dungeon, you level more effectively than with quests.

Let yourself be drawn through dungeons

However, there is the option of letting a low-level character move through instances. This means that you go to a dungeon with your twink and a high-level character defeats all trash opponents and bosses in this single-handedly. This method works up to level 92. Then you take the level path described above.

Below we have included a list of the dungeons that are particularly suitable for this method. One criterion for the list is, for example, the speed at which an instance is exited after it has been successfully completed. In some dungeons you come straight back to the entrance, while in others you have to walk back completely.

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