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Lotso cuddly bear

Lotso cuddly bear





Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Daisy, Specki, Rex, Slinky, Jessie, Bully, Charlie Naseweis, Charlotte Naseweis, Aliens, Barbie, Ken, Chuckles, Big Baby, Stretch, Twitch, Chunk, Sparks, Bookworm, Monkey



Power, tyranny, telling lies, torturing abandoned toys (especially Woody and his friends)

Don't like

Daisy, being abandoned, betrayal, being replaced, helping other toys, being told he was wrong


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Lotso cuddly bear (or short Lotso) is the main antagonist of the 2010 Disney-Pixar animated film Toy Story 3. He is a large, pink, strawberry-scented teddy bear who is Woody's archenemy. At first he behaves like a friendly caretaker who welcomes the toys to the daycare center, like new members in a retirement community, but he soon turns out to be a ruthless, sadistic and incorrigible fiend who runs the daycare center with an iron fist.


Toy Story 3

He is first introduced when he drives over to Woody, Buzz, and the other toys in his dump truck. He greets them in a friendly, if fake, way and shows them the Sunnyside. He assigns the new toys to the caterpillar room, knowing that the toys there are being abused by the younger children.

That night, after the toys are having a pretty rough playtime with the toddlers in the room, Buzz decides to go see Lotso to ask that his friends be moved to the butterfly room because they don't belong in the caterpillar room.

When Buzz finally reaches Lotso in the library, he asks for a transfer for him and his friends, to which Lotso agrees (but only if Buzz moves, knowing that Buzz could be useful to him).

However, he refuses to respond to Buzz's request to take his friends with him, believing the Caterpillar room needs toys for toddlers to play with, prompting Buzz to immediately decline his offer as he doesn't want to let his friends down because they stay together as a family. Thinking Buzz is too useful to give up, Lotso instructs his henchmen to put Buzz back in the chair. He then uses a tutorial for the Buzz Lightyear action figure the bookworm gave him to reset Buzz to his demo mode. Lotso then makes Buzz believe that he is a real space ranger again and manipulates him into believing that his friends are helpers of Emperor Zurg. Lotso then gets Buzz to lock the toys in their cells, with Charlie Naseweis being put in "The Box".

The next night, while Lotso is sleeping, Woody, who previously fled Sunnyside, manages to rescue his captured friends after hearing how bad Lotso is. Woody's friends are glad he's still alive, and together they forge a plan to escape Sunnyside, including trying to get Buzz to join their side.

When the toys try to exit Sunnyside through the trash chute that the Chatter phone told Woody about earlier, Lotso and his gang catch them at a dumpster and block their escape route. Lotso tries to persuade the toys to come back to the caterpillar room to rejoin his family and avoid an approaching garbage truck, but the toys decline his offer. Angry, Jessie explains that Sunnyside is not a family but a toy prison, calling Lotso a liar and a tyrant and would rather rot in the dumpster than join a family that Lotso runs. Barbie agrees with Jessie and angrily tells Lotso that an authority needs government approval, not violence or threats. This causes Lotso to signal Stretch to move the toys to a dumpster, thinking it would be better to dispose of them as trash. At that moment, Ken appears, calls out for Barbie and tries to stop Lotso, but Lotso teases Ken that he loves Barbie and tells him that there are "a hundred million Barbie dolls like her". When Ken contradicts Lotso, Lotso gets angry about Ken's apostasy and his bond with Barbie and throws him over the dumpster to force him to join her, denying him as one of his associates. Ken takes the floor and explains what Lotso did to Sunnyside, whereupon Lotso asks his colleagues if anyone agrees with Ken. When no one replies, Lotso continues his talk and tells the toys that not a single child has ever loved or will ever love a toy. Woody then tries to remind Lotso of his old life with his previous owner, Daisy. However, Lotso immediately gets angry because he doesn't want anything to do with Daisy, but wants to completely forget that his relationship with Daisy ever existed. Woody then takes out Big Baby's old tag (which he received from Chuckles during his previous stay at Bonnie's house), and after unsuccessfully telling Lotso how much she loved him, Woody tosses the tag at Big Baby, who picks it up and at the sight of the trailer of his lost love sniffed: "Mama." Outraged that Big Baby is still emotionally attached to its former owner, Lotso snaps at Big Baby and yells at him that Daisy never loved him as he snatches the pendant from him and smashes it with his stick, what Big Baby is in Lets out tears. Then he orders a now reluctant Stretch to shovel the toys into the dumpster, nudges Big Baby insultingly with his stick and curses all toys as garbage that must be disposed of, much to the shock and disgust of the other Sunnyside toys, who finally realize that Lotso abused her.

Without warning, Big Baby picks up Lotso, whereupon he drops his bat. Lotso orders Big Baby to knock him down, but Big Baby, fed up with his devious nature, throws the bear in the dumpster and closes the lid on him. Then he blows a raspberry aimed at Lotso and lets the toys escape. As the toys attempt to leave Sunnyside, one of the aliens has become stuck on the lid of the dumpster, causing Woody to rush back to free the alien by opening the lid slightly. But then Lotso, who has seen Woody through the opening and wants to get revenge for being humiliated and foiling his plans, grabs Woody's ankle and pulls him into the dumpster so that Andy's other toys rush to his rescue, just as him Garbage truck arrives to dump the contents of the container into the truck.

The truck takes Lotso and Andy's toys to the Tri-County Landfill, where they are pushed onto a conveyor belt that leads to the shredders. After the toys have held onto a metal object so that they hang from the magnetic ceiling and are safe from the shredders, Lotso calls for help under a golf bag. Woody and Buzz drop from the ceiling to free Lotso. They use one of the golf clubs to pry open the bag so Lotso can crawl out, and Woody gets Lotso to take his hand as the club pulls them to the ceiling, barely escaping the shredders chewing up the golf bag. Realizing the conveyor belt is leading them to an incinerator, Lotso and the toys try to run there, but the conveyor belt pushes them closer and closer to the furnace. Then Lotso notices an emergency stop button and rushes over to grab the lower rung of a ladder that leads to the button. He calls Woody, and Woody and Buzz rush over to nudge Lotso so he can climb the ladder and reach the button.

Woody and Buzz then order Lotso to press the button, but Lotso, whose inner beliefs haven't changed overall, gives the helpless toys a menacing look, yells to Woody, "Where is your child now, Sherriff?" And runs leaving the toys to die in the incinerator. However, the toys are rescued by the huge crane that the aliens hijacked at the last moment. After the toys emerge from the oven, Specki and Slinky express a desire to get revenge on Lotso for nearly killing them, but Woody convinces them to forget, believing Lotso isn't worth it.

Meanwhile, when Lotso tries to find a way out of the dump, he turns to see another garbage truck coming towards him, forcing him to go limp. When the truck stops next to him, a garbage man gets out of the truck and is surprised to see Lotso. He claims that he once owned a Lots-o'-Huggin'-Bear when he was a child. As he holds on to his love for Lotso (as well as his strawberry scent), the garbage man decides to take him with him.

Lotso is last seen tied to the grille of the truck along with a few other toys that the same garbage man picked up earlier. Lotso panics when he wakes up and finds himself in this predicament, but then one of those toys, a frog, Lotso, advises me to shut up to keep mud and bugs from getting in, and Lotso does it right away.


  • Lotso shares many traits with Stinky Pete Toy Story 2. Both seemed affectionate at first, but were eventually exposed as evil. This is mainly due to the feeling of being rejected or unloved, which was seen in both.
    • Coincidentally, the music that was played during Lotso's defeat was the same music that was heard during Stinky Pete's defeat.
    • Lotso is more vicious than Stinky Pete (who also has positive traits), however, because while Stinky Pete just wants to be appreciated and loved, Lotso just wants other toys to feel his pain and tries to kill Woody and his friends in the incinerator.
    • Lotso's fate of living on the grille of a truck mirrors that of Stinky Pete ending up in a backpack, although Stinky Pete was, in some ways, happier now that it belongs to Amy.
  • In the PS3 version of Toy Story 3: The Video Game Lotso makes a silent entrance, and his fate is never revealed.
  • Test viewers who had sympathized with Lotso based on his history wanted him to press the button in the burn scene to redeem themselves, but according to the DVD commentary, director Lee Unkrich stated that Lotso did not want to save the other toys so that viewers, that they had known for three films, could take care of them even more than it looked like the aliens were going to rescue them with the Claw just before the end, so Lotso's redemption was dropped. Another reason is that they didn't want to let Lotso get away with it that easily.
  • An advertisement for a Lotso bear appears in Tokyo in Cars 2.
  • Lotso was originally supposed to appear in the first film, but the technology needed to create its fur didn't exist until the third film. A pink teddy bear that appears to be an early design by Lotso makes a brief appearance in Toy story.
  • In 2015, Lotso appeared with the other Toy Story characters at the D23 Expo in order for Toy Story 4 to advertise, but he didn't appear in the finished film. It is unknown whether Pixar intended to bring Lotso back in the fourth film. However, it is likely that he was originally supposed to appear in the film to get revenge on Woody for banning him from Sunnyside as the script was constantly being rewritten and the film was postponed until 2019. Ultimately, Lotso was written out of the story, and the main villain in the fourth film was a doll named Gabby Gabby who was supposed to reform in the end.
  • Though Lotso didn't return in the fourth film, Woody ended up suffering what happened to Lotso to begin his descent into villainy: he was forgotten by Bonnie during a family outing (just like Lotso was forgotten by Daisy) was made by Forky replaced (just like Lotso was replaced by another Lotso) and then moved on to a new life with Porzellinchen (just like Lotso moved on to take over the Sunnyside). The difference, however, is that while Woody had Porzellinchen and her friends accompanying him and enjoying his new "lost toy" status, neither Big Baby nor Chuckles really supported Lotso.