As a rule, women are more relationship-oriented

Heike Hein coaching

Eliminate conflicts in everyday working life: understand the rules - talk to each other - cooperate successfully.

“The toner needs to be changed” - men and women in the office react very differently to such a sentence. The colleagues jump up almost at the same time and run to the copier. The colleagues stay seated. One or the other might still think “Yes, that's right”, but it was. Who doesn't know scenes like this? Communication between male and female colleagues in the office is often stuck.

The problem: women express themselves indirectly, often using the subjunctive. They want to create closeness and a good working atmosphere. “But it seems insecure and submissive to men.” Women also think and speak more relationally, men more objective and solution-oriented. Women have mostly been socialized according to the rules of non-hierarchical communication, men according to those of hierarchical communication.

The communication and career experts agree: The common misunderstandings between men and women in the office don't have to be. If, on the one hand, both sexes recognize that men and women have different languages, that would be very helpful. Second, if necessary, it is then necessary to learn the techniques and rules of the other communication system.

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