What are the sweetest English songs

Family Sunday - Our most beautiful songs to learn English, 1 audio CD

CD1A language from another country00:02:362The England song00:03:263The animal song - The song about the animals00:03:054Colors - The colors00:03:255Anyone who speaks English has a clear advantage00:03:196The face00:03:127In my room - In my room00:03:038Seasons - The seasons00:03:359Family - The family00:03:0410School - The school00:02:2411When I grow up (my dream job)00:02:4112Bodyparts - The body parts00:02:4413Days of the week - The days of the week00:03:1314Small talk00:02:5015Clothes - The clothes00:01:5816In the kitchen00:03:3817My fruit salad - my fruit salad00:03:2818Instruments - The instruments00:03:2519Let's travel (transportation)00:03:0620All around the world00:02:49