What Are Some Good Comedy Podcasts

5 varied comedy podcasts: funny stuff for your ears

3. Kack & Sachgeschichten: Quirky humor with a nerd character in the comedy podcast

Informative facts about pop culture meet useless knowledge. Moderator Fred Hilke, editor Tobi Aengenheyster and photographer Richard Ohme all come from another corner of the media industry. Nevertheless, they harmonize perfectly, because they all have something in common: Each of the three nerds has a dormant love for films, comics or computer games. They use their knowledge of Marvel, Star Wars and Co. to jointly set up the bizarre theories in their comedy podcast since 2016 and to analyze the films and series down to the smallest detail.

The funny thing about it: They compare the content with real life, rock each other up in their analyzes and can talk shop for two to three hours about what mental disorder Darth Vader has or what the Simpsons can teach us about the future. Despite many strange conversations, the listener can definitely learn something when the trio philosophizes about the gods of Greek mythology or the true story behind the jungle book. Many a nerdy analysis refreshes the old school material!

4. Herrengedeck: Comedy podcast with more than beer and grain

Men’s place setting is a combination of two different alcoholic beverages. But since 2016 it has also been Ariana Baborie and Laura Larsson, two radio presenters who podcast together every week. The two women are not only connected by their love of talking, but also by their very special humor with a certain amount of irony.

The men's table setting, which the two of them drink at the beginning of each episode, creates a special dynamic. The two often tell funny and sometimes absurd stories in their comedy podcast that they might not tell soberly.

In alternating short and long episodes, the duo chats about their lives and what moves the world. A good mix of seriousness and humor makes the listener forget that Larsson and Baborie are two strangers you don't just sit with in a café. They don't mince their words, but provide real real talk in the middle of life.

5. Emergency Admission - The funniest patient stories

Emergency rooms are serious and hectic: But there are also cases in which the doctor has to smile about some (illness) cases. In the “Notaufnahme” podcast, various doctors tell entertaining stories from their everyday hospital life.

Often there are such curiosities that one quickly wonders whether it can actually all be true. A funny comedy podcast based on the motto: Laugh until the doctor comes! Plus point: Thanks to the short episodes, the entertainment is also suitable for in between.