What is boredom for you

18 exciting and breathtaking tips against boredom

What to do if there is nothing to do? Boredom is a consequence of the modern age and the leisure time that comes with it. It may sound paradoxical, but especially in times of media oversupply, boredom creeps in from behind faster than you would think. So that you don't have to stare at the woodchip wallpaper for three hours, we have put together tips, ideas and games against boredom for you. Due to Corona, you can currently only implement some of them via video chat or with a safe distance. But hey, challenge accepted!

Tips against boredom with friends

Play something

It is surprising that a tip is needed for this. If you're bored in a group, whether it's two or ten people, then just play something. Really, really. Some of the bestsellers in the group game would be, for example, “Werewolf”, “Temple of Terror” or the good old Mau Mau. Or you sneak into Skat, Doppelkopf, Schocken, Kniffel or other classics. You can spend the night there according to all the rules of the art.

Make a puzzle

A puzzle is not a game, but a picture puzzle. And wonderfully suited to employing one or more people over a longer period of time. You can find the many-part boredom distributors in your trusted toy store or on the Internet. Maybe you can make a competition out of it if you are competitive. Most of all, you have a real sense of achievement when the puzzle is finished. And with a bit of DIY skills and glue, you can present a finished puzzle like this on the wall.

Cook together

People have to eat something, that much is certain. And if you team up with several people, you can conjure up much more unusual dishes than if you “cook” pasta with pesto on your own after work. How about an elaborate stew? While your food is sizzling in the oven and slowly filling the booth with a bewitchingly delicious scent, you can indulge your boredom again in peace.

truth or Dare

If you are really bored and maybe you also want to put your friendship to the test, how about a round of “Truth or Dare”? The rules are very simple and included in the title: The participants alternate between choosing truth or dare. Pinching does not count and is rewarded with ridicule and shame.

Tips against boredom alone

Endure boredom

This tip is perhaps the most difficult: just give in to boredom, it's part of modern life. This is especially the case if your day / week / life is otherwise quite structured and maybe even overloaded. The temptation is great to squeeze some task into a free moment; time is of the essence, money and the currency of life. It can be all the more impressive to be aware of the passage of time and not to be surprised by an "Oh, it's nine o'clock again". So take this time and listen inside. Some thoughts and emotions first need the space they need to develop and come into their own.

Maintain contacts

“Maintaining contacts” may not sound like self-employment at first, but it is in essence and costs more time than you might think. Especially in friendships at a distance, a small call or a WhatsApp conversation is worth its weight in gold to briefly bring yourself up to date. And if you take the time to answer honestly "How are you", there is definitely more to it than just "good", "medium" or "must".

Take a walk and discover the neighborhood

Boredom can also be related to the environment. Maybe the ceiling just falls on your head? So, put your shoes on and outside the door with me, even if it rains. Do you even really know your neighborhood, with all the trimmings? Maybe there is a cute little shop that you have just walked past so far? Now is the opportunity. Discover secret alleys and parks you don't know and get to know your neighborhood really well. If you are very extroverted, you can just chat to people on the street. But please don't be “that guy”!

Finally do some sport

Sport clears your mind, is good for your health and drives away boredom. At least that's what everyone who exercises regularly says, so maybe there is something to it. Do you remember those running shoes you bought with the best of intentions three years ago? Those on top of the cupboard. Now is your time!

Tips against boredom in winter

listen to music

So, by “listening to music” we mean “actively listening to music” and not letting it play along. Just appreciate that a group of talented people who have practiced for years came together to create something beautiful. Put on your favorite record (or turn on the stream) and let it sink in. Have you ever listened to an album from cover to cover? That is a real experience. The cell phone should be set to silent during this time and tidying up and similar activities are prohibited. Dancing and singing along very loudly, however, are expressly allowed.

Read a book

Yes, reading a book sounds almost archaic. But hold on. It doesn't have to be the old German GK reading. The bookstores (and yes, the internet too) are full of reading tips and recommendations for all situations and moods in life. In addition, literature is one of the best ways to expose yourself to new and unfamiliar perspectives and thoughts. Reading is known to educate.

Listen to audiobooks and podcasts

Okay, active reading is not your thing or you want to use your free time as efficiently as possible (uncomfortable ...): Put an audio book or a podcast on the listener. Never in the history of mankind has it been easier than it is today to have pretty much every book on earth read to you at any time via the Internet. And if structured actions are too predictable for you and you would rather play the mouse in other people's conversations, then simply opt for one of the thousands upon thousands of podcasts that are currently rumbling around on the net. The boredom disappears quickly.

Drawing and painting

“I can't paint at all,” the first people might call out again. That can be true, but that's not the point at all. Your urge to act creatively can also be served by scribbling around freely on paper - regardless of whether these are geometric figures, stick figures or photo-realistic self-portraits. You can concentrate entirely on drawing and painting, so you pass the time and also give your troubled mind the space to tinker with all kinds of problems in the background. And who knows, maybe you still have an old master slumbering in you.

Cook and bake

The effect of cooking and baking is very similar to drawing and painting: You concentrate fully on one thing, only here a little more according to given recipes. Still, it can be fun, especially when you're doing a bit of artificial work in the kitchen and doing more than just a pragmatic after-work dinner. Boredom has never been so delicious.

Tips against boredom at home and alone

To do list

You are not in the mood for self-reflection, but also not for plain conversation? All the better! Just use the urge to do something for your own good. The best thing to do is to first make an overview of what is currently going on in your life. You must have put off some unpleasant task. It is important to pay attention to what you can realistically achieve in the time available to you. Nothing is more unproductive than overwhelming to-do lists that are enough for three lives. But when that is done, you can start right away. Whoever has recognized his situation, how can he be stopped?

Tidying up and mucking out

The classic among boredom tasks is tidying up, and not just since Marie Kondo. However, we're not talking about daily tidying up here, i.e. not about putting things where they belong. A deeper layer of tidying up is more likely to go where it hurts. The question you should ask yourself is whether you really need all of the things that you have piled up around you. Sure, we also like beautiful things, but you just somehow have a lot of things in your possession, be it unnecessary souvenirs, bad purchases of clothes or hobby utensils that got lost in the sand. Away with it! So, not necessarily in the trash, but maybe in the second-hand department store, on eBay, in the clothing donation or in the circle of friends with it. Also consider the time available to you: You don't have to struggle your whole life overnight, but can gradually work your way from cupboard to cupboard, from shelf to shelf, from room to room. And after a while you suddenly notice that you have a lot more room to breathe in your own hole.

Fix things


Repairing and maintaining items can be very satisfying, and often not that difficult at all. For example, you could finally replace the lamp in the bathroom that has been flickering for weeks. Or oil the front door. Or get a new bicycle tube and put it on. Or glue a kitchen chair. Or find out what exactly is broken in the dishwasher. Something is always there, but something can always be repaired.

Gardening on the windowsill

Do you need a garden for gardening? Thought wrong! Many plants are also very easy to grow on the windowsill. All you need are seeds, some sowing soil and small growing pots. If you want to see quick results, it is best to start with cress seeds. After two to three days, the first leaves stretch towards the sun. It takes a little longer with herbs such as parsley or oregano. The only important thing is to keep the soil in the pots constantly moist. If you don't want to buy extra pots, you can simply repurpose empty egg cartons or toilet rolls.

Check finances

So, if this point is too dry for you, then obviously you are not really bored yet. Take a free hour to get an overview of your finances. Where do your hard-earned money actually go to? Are there unexpected money guzzlers, old contracts, a health insurance company or a bank account with unfavorable conditions? It's not about canceling all of this right away. But it also takes time to deal with it at all. What if you have it right now?