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BLACK is elegant, timeless and versatile. The darkest of all color tones is an indispensable part of fashion and wardrobes for me.

But does black really suit everyone? And does it really make you slim? Evening clothes in particular are often worn in black. And just before Christmas and New Year's Eve you can find a huge selection in the shops. An evening dress in black is great - and yet there are wonderful alternatives.

In this blog post I want to dispel a few myths:

1. Black makes you slim

Yes, optically a black item of clothing makes us appear slimmer and longer. But why actually?

A short excursion into color theory: “As a sensory perception (light color), black is a color quality. Physically, black means - the absence of (visible) light of any wavelength. As a body color, it is the absorption of all light frequencies. "(Wikipedia)

In practice this means: If you wear black, it makes it look slimmer because no light is reflected. This is especially the case with matt fabrics.

Would you like an alternative with a similar effect? Then I would like to recommend the following colors to you: Dark blue, dark wine red, Dark green, deep dark purple and all dark colors. You look great in it with the right cut.

Because in a badly fitting garment, you won't cut a good figure even in black. The cut and materials are simply the be-all and end-all - which is confirmed in each of my style consultations. And so even curvy figures with the right colors, silhouettes and accents are optically stretched and optimally staged.

2. Black goes with everything

Correct! But white, beige, gray and dark blue are also neutral tones that can be combined with various colors. E.g. pink to white or dark blue, cobalt blue to gray or white etc.

3. Everyone can wear black

It definitely doesn't suit everyone!

At least with very honest ones daylight the contrast is very harsh. And this is exactly what emphasizes some wrinkles and makes us appear tired and pale. Depending on the color type, an elegant dark blue or anthracite is much more flattering.

4. Black is always fashionable

... and it never really goes out of style. Therefore black clothes are allowed in every closet. But please use them in moderation and correctly. Do you already own your "little black one"? Combined with different accessories, it is really a talented combination.

5. Black is black

A fashion faux pas that I unfortunately see far too often: For example, a black skirt is combined with any black blazer.

Black is not just black - and has very different undertones from slightly reddish, brownish, yellowish or even greenish.

In addition, black velvet has a different effect than black satin. Because the surface structure of the fabric - whether matt or glossy - also determines the color effect.

Hence my TIP: Only combine black tones with the same color value! And combine materials in black either to match exactly - that is, from the same material. Or play with opposites.

A tone-on-tone combination - made from very different materials - looks very sophisticated. Black velvet with black lace, black tulle with black nappa leather or black sequins with delicate silk. In business, for example, you could wear black trousers made of smooth new wool with a black blazer made of bouclé or velvet.

"What to do if black doesn't suit me?"

Either you banish it completely from the closet.

Or you try to compensate for the hardness that the black brings with it:

This can be done with a beautiful make-up. Glasses also create a slight balance of contrast. Wear softer contrasts (see below) or show a little more skin. Because a large neckline or a sleeveless top doesn't give black that much space. Slight transparency also appears softer.

How to combine black

The main thing here is the personal level of contrast, which is related to the individual color type and is the subject of my color advice.

You can achieve hard contrasts with combinations of black and pure white. As well as black with particularly clear and bright colors such as pink, cobalt blue, ultra violet, squeaky yellow.

You can achieve soft / gentle contrasts with old pink, nude, light gray, creamy white and all delicate pastel tones.


Black clothing is versatile and very elegant. Black is not always the best choice for cheating away unloved love handles. It is more important to know your optimal clothing silhouettes. This is how curves are optimally packed. Wear your perfect accent colors on a regular basis. And if you want it to be black, make a statement and it will remain something special.

Best regards

Sonja Garrison


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