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Honor 20 for instead of Euro Honor celebrates the reopening of its online shop and therefore has some cheap offers in the store. With the Honor 20 Lite you can save about 18 percent. March is running, there is the reduced Honor 20 Lite, for example. The cause is still unclear, but the production, which is already hampered by the coronavirus, is not further affected, according to the company. The fire was extinguished by the fire brigade early Monday morning.

Apparently it's about the Chinese parent company Cheetah Mobile, whose practices and apps repeatedly reveal data protection problems. Among other things, the processor, the hinge and the display have been improved. A recently uploaded video demonstrates the foldable screen and multitasking capabilities and more. When teasing new devices, the manufacturers are happy to refer to a particularly high AnTuTu score.

But how exactly is the current top 10 at AnTuTu equipped and which smartphone is ranked first?


Here is a list. For the previous leader Xiaomi Mi10 Pro, this means no real sluggishness, because both smartphones operate at about the same, high level. For the previous front runner Xiaomi Mi10 Pro, this does not mean a real failure, because both smartphones operate at about the same, high level. Here is a list. Now the manufacturer is releasing a concept trailer. At the same time, it also provides images of another concept smartphone - a smartphone that can be folded twice with 3 screen parts.

We're talking about Huawei's new AppGallery. Meanwhile, the pre-orders are activated and the customers seem to be rushing to it. So far they are still sticking to the fair. Microsoft is now joining the ranks of companies that are currently asking their employees to work from home to prevent infections. For the time being, this should apply until March.

Nevertheless, given the topic, there is still a bad aftertaste. March appears at a bearable price with a quad-cam setup, is already known. Now the Pro version makes it into the Geekbench browser. This is of course accompanied by the announcement of some equipment details via the list entry. If you want to quickly experience the performance via stream, you can follow the YouTube live stream linked here. Samsung has therefore announced that it will expand its production of foldable displays to 1 million units per month by the end of the year.

According to the Reuters news agency, documents that have now been published confirm this for the first time. Owners can and some equipment details are already known, so the Xbox X should be noticeably more potent than the PS 5. According to a report, Sony should therefore think about launching two versions at the same time, namely the basic version of the PS 5 and the usual one Pro version to be released later. March Oppo is just preparing to launch his Find X2 on March 6th.

March to publish. But that won't be the only launch device that day. Find out which is the top smartphone in the review. Allegedly, the management is currently reviewing the various options because the company is no longer able to cope with the strong competitive pressure and there is no imminent improvement in sight. Epic Games, Microsoft, Unity, Facebook, Sony have already canceled. Of course, nothing has been decided yet, but a similar picture is slowly emerging as in the run-up to the finally canceled MWC. More and more manufacturers and developers are canceling the GDC, including those already industrial heavyweights such as Microsoft, Facebook and Epic Games, others will certainly follow.

And then? The entry reveals the design as well as some other details about the wireless headphones. Models with or without a dedicated GPU are available within the series. We want to check whether it is worth buying a model with a dedicated Radeon X graphics core. So you get around 5 euros per month. The overall package of performance, software, faster loading times and an affordable price was probably decisive.

Our camera comparison of the two Sony camera sensors will determine how big the differences between the new IMX and the IMX are in everyday life. Find out how well the Sapphire model performs in this review. March presented in China. Accordingly, the device comes on over while the ultrabook was previously at Dell and currently still at Amazon 2.

You get a well-equipped ultrabook for this. All of this is available for less than euros. Now a few render images from Asia have leaked, which open up some interesting insights. The arrangement of the cameras on the back is particularly worth a look. The official packaging is also emblazoned. The patch brings many new improvements, including a performance update for the graphics unit.

With this, and with the help of some tweaks, the Mi 10 Pro apparently breaks the March rise. The entry contains detailed information as attachments, including the complete manual for the smartphone. The aim was to sound out the reactions of the players. Although the price has not yet been determined, the production costs have allegedly also increased due to the increasing performance and the 5th Playstation version will not be able to be offered again for the price of dollars. The best thing about it: The whole thing is accompanied by a sale, so that all games are reduced and some titles are available for less than 6 euros.

Sale sold out in 55 seconds, delivery problems soon, European start further delayed? The second sale reached this mark after just 55 seconds. However, this also means that a delivery bottleneck in China must be expected in the coming weeks, according to an official partner of Xiaomi. But where, how and when will all the new announcements that are planned for the fair be presented? An overview. Most recently, the only thing missing was the approval of the UK antitrust authorities. This waved through the takeover totaling 2.6 billion. This should even allow 8K recordings, but there are a few restrictions to be observed.

Quite Trump-like, the outrageous claim by the National Security Agency comes without presenting evidence to the public. Because of an outdated tax law, the states are losing billions in tax revenues, the corporations use every loophole. In Paris, almost all countries have now decided to renegotiate the old regulations.

Circ operated in 43 cities in 12 countries across Europe. However, the sensitive data can easily be assigned to real people again. Some of the planned improvements are intended to enrich current OnePlus models as software updates, while other changes relate to future camera hardware. These should originally be supplied with the current Android in January, now delivery is expected to be postponed to February. Other devices such as the Galaxy A30 are also affected. The new console is to be created under the Switch Pro label, but it will not come onto the market until the end of the year at the earliest and may not meet general expectations.

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A release should be imminent soon. We have received new render images in which the visual proximity to the iPhone 8 is combined with some elements of the current 11 series. The Financial Times reports that the security holes allow tracking of user behavior, of all things within a tool that is actually responsible for ensuring privacy.

Since then, the European supervisory authorities have imposed millions of fines on companies, 50 million of which went to the Google account alone - or now the first real photos of the smartphone with 5G modem have supposedly appeared in advance. However, the sensor was previously useless because the function was deactivated. The manufacturer is now making the feature accessible via an app. The truly astonishing thing about the current model, however, is that the manufacturer has taken almost all the criticisms of the predecessor to heart and has improved the Swift 5 sensibly.

Samsung: Android: reset apps

You would now like to pack even more functions into the fitness tracker and improve it in some areas. The site Tizenhelp allegedly has some exclusive information about the plans, and a new report suggests that the battery does not come from Samsung itself, but may be manufactured by competitor LG. Therefore, such Ryzen-based laptops can prove to be very interesting for users who not only use office and Internet applications but also occasionally want to play a game.

In this post you will learn how you can rescue contact details from your mobile phone in case you accidentally deleted them. Important: Note that under All you can also find services that can cause errors in the smartphone if they are deactivated. Samsung Galaxy.

We clarify the question of whether the integrated Vega GPUs offer enough performance for casual gamers. Because apparently the smartphone has a particularly successful image stabilization, almost comparable to the technology in action cams such as the Gopro Hero 8. It is about better working conditions and higher pay for employees, especially in the logistics area.

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According to Amazon, there should be no restrictions for customers. December Redmi launched the K30 in China. However, for the time being only the 4G version, the 5G edition is not due to appear until next year and has not yet appeared at any communications authority. This will and an organization has now filed a lawsuit. This represents a severe loss, especially in the highly competitive Chinese market. In addition, it is probably the second double-digit decline in a row. Estimates from October already amounted to. Although the number is not particularly high given other sales, it is still astonishing given the high price and the many problems.